Chapter 3968: No One Is Leaving (3)

According to Ying Yuan, everyone was fighting fiercely on the frontline.

Because of the ancient technology, the Junwu Empire was inferior to the Dongsang Kingdom, and the latter had to have taken control of the air. One could only imagine how fierce the battle would be.

At that thought, Feng Wu tightened her grip on the explosive.

Luckily, she had gone to Northern Yan before and met her sixth senior brother.

His Sixth Brother was an expert in refining weapons, and Feng Wu had only been able to make a batch of highly combustible compressed gunpowder bullets with his help.

“I hope I’ve brought enough this time…” Feng Wu thought.

Soon, Feng Wu arrived at the front line.

From afar, she could see the miserable scene through the fighter jet.

It was a battle between intermediate cultivators.

Feng Wu didn’t see the general, nor did she see any Spiritual Overlords or above. Mr Lu, Mr Xu, Elder Helian, and Elder Dongfang weren’t there

However, Feng wu spotted Feng xun and xuan Yl ngnt away!

And her familiar friends!

Feng Wu had been assigned to the same school as them, and many of her friends were of the same level. Right now, they were all fighting.

They were led by Feng Xun and Xuan Yi.

Helian Zehang, Ning Yiqiu, Senior Brother Min, Chen Ziyun, Song Yao, Yang


Right now, they were in a very bad situation!

There were fighter jets in the air and Dongsang cultivators of the same level on the ground.

Feng Xun had been stabbed three times.

Xuan Yi was covered in blood as well.

The others were covered in blood, but they still fought with determination.

Seeing this, Feng Wu felt blood rush to her head.

She still didn’t know where Elder Helian and the others were, but it didn’t take a genius to figure out that they were fighting a difficult battle.

Feng Wu was a little anxious, but she soon calmed down.

Feng Wu had made some rough modifications to the fighter jet, and it was equipped with her specially made high-explosive compressed powder bullets.


Feng Wu decided that she would eliminate the fighter jets that were suppressing the Junwu Empire soldiers first.

Hence, she opened fire in mid-air!

The Dongsang Kingdom’s first fighter jet was destroyed.


The fighter jets immediately realized that something wasn’t right.

But they couldn’t see Feng Wu’s fighter jet, because

Feng Wu had Little Phoenix cover her fighter plane with its stealth ability so that no one could see her.


Feng Wu fired seven more times.

After that, Feng Wu changed direction and moved away from the spot.

As expected, the area where she had been standing was covered by bombs.

The Dongsang Kingdom’s fighter jets panicked.

There were 200 of them in total. Losing seven in one go wasn’t good news, but it wasn’t enough to shock them. However, the enemy was unpredictable, which frightened them the most.

“Captain, what’s going on?”

The 200 fighter jets were divided into groups of 20, making a total of 10 teams. Right now, all the leaders of the ten teams were questioning their captain.

The captain was equally dumbfounded.

While the 200 fighter jets entered the battlefield, the captain’s black one stopped a short distance away and watched the battle.

But he had no idea where that attack came from.

“Do you sense anything?” the captain asked his deputy..