Ryu coughed up a mouthful of blood, his body staggering as he took three heavy steps back.

His back suddenly felt a cold shiver and he instinctively looked into the skies. Without hesitation, a pair of wings appeared to Ryu's back and he vanished into the void.


Just outside the range of the golden moon world, about a dozen kilometers away or so, a mighty pressure descended. It ripped through the skies and collided with the earth, ripping through it and destroying everything within a kilometer range.

Deep within a lofty Sect, several old men and women opened their eyes at once, a coldness suffusing them.

"Someone tried to pry into the core techniques of our Sect?" One of them spoke.

"They failed."

"Yes, but who? I'm not certain that they are dead."

"It's difficult to tell, the connection was suddenly severed. Whoever it was reacted extremely quickly and managed to avoid it by tearing into the void, thus making the connection waver and eventually fail. But that leaves more questions than answers."


A silence fell.

Anyone who could tear through the void was an exceptionally powerful Sky God, but such an existence should also be aware of how foolish it was to use a soul scouring technique to try and pry into a Sect or Clan's secrets. Such memories were protected by the Well of Faith a Sect had accumulated, trying to provoke it wasn't just provoking the current Sky Gods, but also poking their Ancestors as well. So long as a Sect's foundation was intact, this was an impossible task unless you were several levels above any expert a Sect or Clan had ever had. There were even cases of long destroyed Sects still having this protection epochs after their destruction.

That begged the question, though... Who could both be foolish enough to try such a thing and yet still have the power to tear through the void? It didn't seem to make sense. If a powerhouse had chosen to do such a thing, he would have some confidence in doing so. But if such an existence had such confidence... it didn't make sense to target their Sect in the first place, there would be nothing useful.

What made the most sense was that someone who had overestimated themselves had attempted to do something foolish, but then how had they escaped?

"Keep an eye out. Should this person appear again in any meaningful capacity, I will know..."


Ryu stepped out from the void once again, his pupils constricted. It seemed that his ignorance had almost cost him again. One of the reasons Mental Realm Masters were banned was also because of their ability to steal Core Techniques. But after trying to do the same thing, he realized that the protections of the True Martial World were on an entirely different level.

Ryu exhaled a breath. If he hadn't reacted fast enough, he would be dead now.

"The Shadowless Sect...'

The Shadowless Sect was a True Six Star Sect, and given the vague information Ryu had learned about them through the soul search, it was no wonder this young man, or, rather, Aborin, had been able to hide from his initial senses.

The Shadowless Sect was known for their movement and spying techniques, they were very much adept at hiding themselves and escaping. If Ryu hadn't been quick enough back then, Aborin would have slipped through his fingers, he had even been forced to use the time half of his Spacetime Soul Nature, and that was despite the fact he had sneak attacked the latter.

This Sect was probably the worst one Ryu could have chosen to accidentally offend as their prestige and power in the Sixth Heaven was exceptionally high. To think that he would end up in this situation because of one of their relatively normal disciples.

Ryu shook his head. He didn't know what information the Shadowless Sect had managed to gain in that very brief interaction, but he would have to be more careful.

Luckily, the territory of the Shadowless Sect wasn't anywhere near where he needed to be. His current destination was on the outskirts of not a Sect or Clan, but rather a Guild of Alchemists, the Heavenly Dew Pavilion. They were a group of potion makers and they were highly respected in the Sixth Heaven, their only competition in the alchemy front was the Tranquil Hand Pavilion, but their territories were quite far apart.

Although they were classified as a Guild, and were as such less finicky about certain things, they were no doubt dangerous. They were classified as being True Six Star as well, although combat wasn't what they were known for. This ranking was justified due to their current Pavilion Head.

What was more troublesome, though, was the fact they were related to alchemy as well.

It had to be remembered that although the Frost Clan's main enemies came from above the Sixth Heaven, there was no doubt that Sixth Heaven powerhouses participated in their downfall. Since the Frost Clan was so powerful in alchemy, for two Guilds to rise up after their downfall... Ryu wouldn't believe that they had nothing to do with it even if a guillotine hung over his head.

In that case, he would have to be especially careful, especially since he had Flowing Frost's Yin Water with him. If there came a need to concoct pills, depending on what the Favor Alchemy Sky God had left behind, he would have to weigh the consequences.

Ryu wasn't very worried about it, though. Given the fact he held her inheritance, everything should run smoothly. The trouble would come depending on the commotion he would trigger upon opening the Legacy World itself. But those would be good problems to have. The real issue would be if someone got to it before he could.

Ryu shook off his feelings of discomfort easily and chose to keep Aborin alive and bound for now. He didn't want to give the Shadowless Sect anymore information about him, and killing one of their disciples would alert them and give them even more details about who might he be.

For now, he would make his way to the Heavenly Dew Pavilion.