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It was like two worlds were suddenly colliding. Their folds of reality battered, pushed and crashed against one another, their immediate surroundings whining and threatening to be ripped apart from their seams. –

On one side, a world of reflective glass lay. It was difficult to tell down from up and left from right. As though even the air itself had become a reflective surface or the deepest sort of abyss, a weaker mind would find themselves lost and confused, unable to process exactly what it was that they were seeing.

On the other side, there was a raging storm of rumbling thunder and striking lightning. Everything in the wake of these beautiful violet strands of judgment were incinerated to ash and wiped from existence, dancing about the skies like the vicious chords of nature.

Lu'card's expression as well as Ru'cil's flickered. This Talent, how could they not recognize it? There were many Ancestral Beasts on the level of the Dragons, but there was only one they called rival, and that was the Qilin. The rulers of the Dragons were the Fire Dragons… and the rulers of the Qilin…

'Lightning Qilin!'

Lu'card hardly had the time to be shocked before another shocking flame erupted from Ryu's body, dancing with the golden red runes of the Emperor Phoenixes Heavenly Patterns. Their power and strength jumped several times over, dancing with a vigorous light.

'Rage Flames…!'

Ryu's Bloodlines were too mixed and muddled in the views of Ancestral Beasts. They had been able to tell that Ryu had a Dragon Bloodline, but exactly which it was an even if it had an Elemental Alignment at all was completely unknown to them.

But, the idea that…

'Emperor Phoenix!'

Lu'card felt that his understanding of the world was collapsing. A human with the Bloodlines of not just one Ruling Race, but three… He couldn't even wrap his head around it.

The human body wasn't designed to hold even a single Beast Bloodline. Compared to the birthrates of high level cultivators, the birthrates of high level cultivators with beast Bloodlines was even lower than that. The difficulty only multiplied the more beast Bloodlines were in play.

This… Simply didn't make any sense.

Ryu's left arm spread outward. Before Lu'card even had the time to grasp what was right before him, a second saber appeared… No, it wasn't a saber. It was a sword, this one even longer than the original saber. It was the very same gorgeous blade Ryu had brought out to face Ryza.

His aura blazed.

On one side, a black-red flame danced, emitting from the edge of the saber and rising up.

On the other, ice crackled and popped, space itself seeming to freeze over.

The auras they exuded were of the mere Ruler Realm. And yet, the cold and heat they gave off was so potent and palpable that even Cosmic Seed Realm experts looked on with narrowed gazes, wondering just how it was that they would deal with such a thing.

Wynhorn and Jan were both frozen in place, feeling that Ru'cil's attention and aura was locked onto them. They had no choice but to watch on as a flood of junior Dragons slaughtered their way through their cities, their expressions fluctuating wildly.

Humans weren't nearly as in tune with reading and grasping Bloodlines. In fact, even many beasts weren't as sharp as Lu'card who had a natural gift for it. As such, even when Ryu released all his Bloodline Talents during the banquet, outside of registering that he must have some unique Bloodlines, there wasn't much else the Martial Gods and the others could grasp.

Of course, this was mostly due to the fact that those present at the banquet hadn't participated in the war against the Tatsuya and their allies. And, for unknown reasons, even the Holy Wing Clan members had not been present.

Still, this was all to say that many were at a loss for classifying Ryu's Bloodlines. However… What they could see clear as day was a young man wielding both a saber and a sword at the same time, and neither seemed out of place. This was the very first time they were seeing such a thing in their lifetimes.

'Ice Phoenix… Four Ancient Beast Bloodlines…'

Ryu exhaled a long breath. An alternating current of fiery air and freezing flames emitted from his mouth. The Ice Phoenix Martial Form circulated, reinvigorating his body as best he could.

He was familiar with the Spatial Dragon's Spatial World. It was a Domain of mirrors that messed with both illusion and reality. He could take a step to the left and end up on the right. He could take a single step forward and travel a kilometer or he could flicker at his fastest speed and yet not move a single inch. The worst part was that it was all completely random and at the whims of Lu'card.

If Lu'card melded this Domain with his Darkness Pupils, even if Ryu activated <Lines of Fate>, he would find himself struggling very quickly. The synergy between Lu'card's Bloodline and his Heavenly Pupils was too great. With just a few moments, Ryu could think of countless amazing potential abilities, let alone Lu'card who had had these talents at his finger tips for his whole life.

So, he had already decided to go all out. Everything he had, he would give. He could even rely on Ru'cil's Dragon's Might Domain to keep the particulars of his Heavenly Pupils a secret. He could already tell that he was the only one to have noticed that Lu'card had a pair to begin with.

With as much thought as Ryu was putting into everything, he had shut out everything else. All the carnage and destruction that was going down below had little to nothing to do with him. All he wanted to claim were his three questions. After that, he would figure out how to maneuver about this war that would definitely embroil the whole of the martial world.

However, he could have never expected that all of his momentum and preparedness would be deflated with a single sentence.

"You're his descendant…? I see…"