232 Evolution and Goff.

He spent quite a long time as a top-notch demon weapon expert. I was not dissatisfied with my race or my job, but it’s natural to be happy. I don’t know if it’s because of the influence of the left side of sadness, but I thought I wasn’t able to utilize 100% of the magic that my body had.

For example, I felt like I was releasing a dam overflowing with water little by little. Especially now that emotions continue to flow over.

The emotions that Elisha and Elia, who are next to Japanese and Elves as fragmentary examples, continue to enter my body.

Elisha and Eliane fought constantly and thought that it was very obvious that they would give me strength, and that this vessel would probably not last any longer.

Once again, I focused on the information in my head and smiled.

[1. Woeful weapon expert]

[2. The king of weapons]

[3. Left of sadness and despair]

Again, it was as expected. I expected that I could choose the devil as the next route since I was evaluated as the devil, but I never imagined I would become the devil. In fact, the individual value of the top horse race is by no means higher than the world’s number of flowers possessed by Meb’s High Fairy Queen or Jung Ha-yeon.

Both have crowns on their heads. Meb is a small golden crown, and in the case of Jeong Ha-yeon, it is a laurel-like crown. We cannot confirm whether there is room for further evolution, but it is probably no exaggeration to say that it is at the end of the race.

It is no exaggeration to say that I have risen to this position with job correction, effort, constant training, and luck-using items. Perhaps compared to the path of pure nothing, I thought Garc or Harc would be higher than me.

It is because it has changed a lot from the past, but it was the same that it had no talent.

In my view, Garc and Harc have reached a kind of state. I can’t completely quell my instincts. It was not handled as well as Goff, and if I had to say, the expression “co-prosperity” would be the best.

It is right to look around everything as carefully as you have to choose.

[1. The devil of grief, weapon expert]

[It’s an individual who inherited the power of eight of the original eight sins] You have fulfilled some of the conditions of the seat of sorrow and have been qualified to reign as king of the Ma people. The title of the devil of grief will best represent you living in sorrow. The devil basically has a tremendous magical power that can’t be compared to the top horse race. The power of the devil’s own power, intimidation, will terrorize beings who are inferior to you. Your voice will instill fear in your enemies and awe in your allies. ]

‘ It’s nice.’

It’s so good that it doesn’t need to be said. I expected that the seat of sadness would give me a lot of strength, but it’s even greater. It is usually true that it evolves from the top horse to the devil, but in my case, I would have been given more titles due to the influence of eating the seat of sadness.

It is strange that the current horsepower is sufficient, but it is not expected to be a huge horsepower that cannot be compared to now. Moreover, I couldn’t properly confirm whether the power of the devil’s unique ability, the power of the system, was the inherent ability to get help from the system, but if what is described in the description is not false… Basically, it means that you eat a bonus for your low-class opponent.

Fear for enemies, and awe for allies, was the ability to suit the king.

Deciding was then I calmed down and started looking around.

[2. The king of weapons]

Since we already know information about the highest-class Ma, we will look at the monarch of arms.

[Prince of Arms is the monarch of all weapons] The monarch of these weapons, which is referred to as the dreamland among the ancient warriors, is free to handle all cold weapons. The body and mind, which have been trained for a long time in pursuit of nothing, will not feel afraid of any enemy. The idol of all the warriors. All weapons are freely available. All weapons are judged to be fatal. The probability of successful ownership increases. ]

‘ Shit…’

This, too, had no choice but to contemplate. What I need now in the first place is not magic, but a body. It was heartbreaking not to be immediately affected by the left side of sadness, but considering that it increased the probability of a fatal blow to all weapons, proficiency in all weapons, and success in ownership, the occupation of arms seemed to fit best.

However, it is not without problems.

A job, race, or choice is not an end, but a beginning. If monsters like Garc, Harc, or the Queen of the North get this job, it may be enough to see an end.

However, when I thought about whether I could show proper efficiency with this job, I had no choice but to shake my head a little.

The compatibility with the exchange of weapons of intrinsic capacity is perfect.

However, if you ask if you can live as a purely unmanned person, you have no choice but to shake your head. I think it is impossible to break through the limits of whether it will be strong and find efficiency.

Of course, if this job was simply going through, I might have chosen it without hesitation, but I thought I should be more careful.


In the end, the last thing left is the seat of sadness and despair, where everything is veiled.

There was no clan name or occupational name written on it. But for some reason, I’m attracted. I immediately began to recall the explanation.

[3. Left of sadness and despair]

[It’s an individual who inherited the power of eight of the original eight sins] So far, the appearance of the species has borrowed the highest level of the horse race, but by having a lot of power you are able to recreate a whole new form. This individual, also called sadness and despair, is a mythological individual that has no form that only comes into the story. The power of sin given only to eligible individuals will continue to strengthen you. ]

I had no choice but to feel quite vague. However, it was very attractive to recreate a completely new form. I don’t know how to do it, but I thought I might be able to wear things like wings and tails.

It is an evolution that goes beyond the limits of the species.

In bad words, it is a mutation, in good words, the emergence of a completely new individual. It was very unfortunate that more information could not be obtained. In common sense, the devil of grief is the right choice. However, when I thought about the possibility of this sadness left, I kept hesitating to choose No. 1.

As she continued to agonize with a serious expression, Elia began to be a little self-conscious. Elisha also looks very anxious.

In Elisha’s case, it’s probably to think about what I’m thinking about Eliane, but it’s completely different.

Jeong Ha-yeon was the first person to talk to.

“Taesung, do you have any concerns?”

” Hmm… Never mind.”

Immediately, Baek A-yeon’s voice was heard.

“My Savior… If you think the treatment of those filthy, arrogant cuties is too lenient, then feel free to… Just give me an order. Take them to the underground interrogation room right now. I will perform the ritual of purification mercilessly. ”

Elia shudders at Baek A-yeon’s words. Choi Eun-joo was also looking at me with a worried look on her face.

I was bound to be more and more troubled. It’s a decision between 1 and 3 rather than 2. It didn’t seem bad to do a test rather than just leave it to luck.

“I’ll go outside for a second. You don’t have to follow me. ”


Everyone nodded, so I began to go out slowly without any burden. As I continued to walk, Khark, other tribal officials, and young warriors began to be seen. The destination is the Goff Clan and the Black Spear Clan.

Of course, I didn’t move because I was bored, nor did I move to get counseling.

Because I thought it was best to test what I lacked now.

Having a fight with a similar opponent.

That’s what I need now.

Garc and Harc are also strong, but not yet strong enough to surpass me. Choi Eun-Joo may not be bad, but fighting the wizard type is too much to fully test his power.

As I continued to walk, I began to see Goff and the Black Spear Clan logging through the foggy forest or beating the devil.

“A lot of blood is here!”

” A lot of blood is here! ”

The ogre and the trolls are looking at me and shouting. Of course, Goff and Black Spear would have noticed I was here.

“Where is Goff?”

When I opened my mouth to the slightly visible Auger, he nodded inexorably and pointed his finger forward. Maybe he’s leading the way up there. As I continued to walk, something began to get exciting. I thought it was an inevitable instinct.

It is not right to show such speculation in the presence of his tribe members, but my eyes are turning red little by little without realizing it. Just imagining you bumping into him makes you breathe a little bit.


It was clear that he was probably the warrior who would tell me most clearly what I lacked. It’s not the first time Goff and I have clashed. It is still remembered that during the examination of the chief of the large tribe, he hit his body to become strong while crossing the desert.

Of course, it wasn’t a sacred duel fighting for my life, but nevertheless, his and my expressions were quite serious. It is natural that we were able to gauge each other’s power to some extent. At the time, there was a strong feeling that I was clearly superior.

And when I reunited with Goff for the first time in a very long time, I probably thought Goff had the upper hand over me.

But now it’s hard to measure. You can be weaker or stronger than me. I thought it would probably change a little depending on the sangseong or the condition of the day, but the fact that the most appropriate person to fight me at this time remains unchanged.

As I walked more and more, I began to see Goff and Black Spear. Goff and Black Spear, who was looking at me with happy faces, were also smiling as if they felt something from my appearance.

“What’s going on? A lot of blood. ”

He also seemed to know what I was coming for, but seeing him talk like this, he seemed to have improved a little.

I waved my hand at Goff as if it were nothing. This is because if you do it seriously, things can get bigger.

As Black Spear looked at me with a strange expression, I opened my mouth to Goff.

“Will you fight under my brother’s flag?”

Gough smiled, showing his fangs.

“Of course.”

It’s been a long time.