233 Evolution and Goff

Just like a duel under the banner of the Warchief in the glorious lands of Warchief Storm Shadow, there are, of course, laws to test and contest one’s strength in our brother’s lands. Garc frequently bumped into gara of the Goff clan, and Harc frequently bumped into one of the black spear clan’s executives. Other brothers have been constantly bumping into each other to test their strength.

Apart from me, who was in a position to fight a sacred duel for each other’s lives and honor, Goff and I have not fought or deliberately avoided fights because we do not want one clan to have the upper hand of the other.

Perhaps that’s why Black Spear’s expression seemed quite strange.

As Goff’s eyes began to turn red, Black Spear slowly opened his mouth.

“The exact date and location… ”

Goff continued the Black Spear’s words.

“Now! Here! ”

As if it had already been expected, Black Spear was returning other clan members to the castle. He seems to have decided that it would be better not to inform other clan members of the outcome of the fight. I, too, had no reason to cause a disturbance because it was not what I wanted.

“There’s no flag, so I’ll watch the fight between the two Greenskins. Taking each other’s lives is prohibited, and sending deadly attacks on each other is also prohibited. If you think you can endure it to some extent, close your eyes. Also refrain from using unique abilities. If the winners and losers are not decided or if you think the two Greens are too excited, I’ll step in right away. ”

Goff and I nodded at the same time.

The Greenskins around were walking slowly if they wanted to see, but soon they quickly stepped to Black spear and Goff’s rant.

“I never imagined you’d ask me first. Blood Dagger. ”

” I see.”

I smiled at his words and looked at him. Bursting muscles, enormous size, and unknown pressure before that. Everything was a perfect like a war between warriors. Axes to use as a weapon in perfect proximity. But weapons mean nothing to Goff.

‘I want to fight you. ’

What Goff said to me came to mind for no reason. His eyes were getting redder and redder. Naturally, the crackling sound came out of my mouth. I nodded at Goff.

I mean it.

He certainly means it.

It was a little embarrassing to do this where I work, but the terrain will change a little while you’re in a fight anyway. It will give life to the work of breaking the road. Black Spear came out from a distance and was looking at Goff. After a brief sigh, he quietly opened his mouth.

“Let’s start.”

At the same time, Goff flew this way with an expression that he was having fun.

There was no notice.

It feels like a mountain is coming like lightning.

“Oh my god!”

“Kwoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ”

I had no choice but to notice why the guys who were dealing with Goff approached Goff in a daze or looked at him with embarrassed eyes. I can’t find a place to pull myself out. As the distance is narrowed in an instant with its huge size, there is no place to escape.

As I opened my arms as hard as I could, I felt that the road was completely blocked on both sides. The only thing that is approaching is the back of the body. Of course I know that you lose if you fight head-on. Even if you pull it back, it’s natural that you’ll catch up quickly at that speed.

I can see him hammering down the axe. An attack that would kill anyone instantly if they were hit. Looking at the figure, I flew back and pulled out the levatain.


The ground that received Goff’s attack on my behalf was dented and screamed as if a missile had fallen. Fragments splashed and hit the body, but it felt itchy. I could feel that my physical ability had also increased.


” Levatain.”

In an instant the flames came up and began to envelop me. Everything melts around and a huge flame completely devours the surroundings.

Seeing that Black Spear does not stop, this seems to be allowed to go so far.

A huge flame swallows Goff as it is, but flames fly under the pressure of the wind where he swings his axe. Goff is the first person to fight a lot of enemies, but he is the first one to suppress the fire in this way. I bit my lips tightly and rushed at him with my sword.

I’m not stronger than him, but I’m more agile.

Quad dddddddddd

Each other’s axe and sword collide, but I spill the axe in moderation. Goff reached out and naturally brought the sword to his arm, and ridiculously, he was pushing magic into his arm.

I’m trying to get it by hawks.

It’s confidence that I can take it. The knife gets stuck in Goff’s arm, but it doesn’t go all the way. Blood splashes, but Goff’s excited face remains unchanged. Meanwhile, Goff’s axe was coming at my side. After seeing that, he draws a sword and crosses it with Levatain to block the axe.

Naturally, the body bounces to the other side that blocked the attack.


My body falls outside crushing the trees behind me, but of course there is no damage. As soon as I raised my head, I began to see the face of the guy approaching this way. I felt like I had a shot, so I immediately grabbed the sword and started cutting everything down around me. When I sent Goff everything that he cut with his magic in all directions, his advance was slowing down a little bit.

bang!! bang!! Quadd Deuk! bang! Kwadeuk! Kwajik! (Sounds)

As time goes by, various sounds are heard and the surrounding terrain is ruined. The frightened horsemen are seen running away in all directions. Whenever a sword and an axe collide, wind pressure spreads with a tremendous roar. The impact of the horsepower alone was destroying everything around it.


Goff’s cry began to ring throughout the forest of fog. Goff has never learned how to handle an axe separately. Rather than nothing, it is wildness itself. He does what his instincts tell him to do.

I received the axe that was swinging again with my sword. Since we have been asked to refrain from using inherent capabilities, it is most ideal to use a combination of defense-capable sword and levatain.

As soon as I was attacked by him, my foot stuck on the ground. Immediately melt the floor with heat and attack Goff’s legs. The damage keeps piling up and the blood comes out. He has no intention of backing down.

The terrain changes with one ax stroke. The slash I am wielding cuts cleanly, regardless of the surrounding trees or rocks.


He’s smiling. This fight is what’s interesting. The same goes for me. The corners of my mouth began to creep up.

What I felt while fighting is that Goff is much more agile than I thought.

I can only say that it is a foul to be agile with that size.

The fight against the strong was always pleasant, although it was scary. The same is true this time. Although it is not a duel that seems to take each other’s lives, this tension was real. That kind of attack would be fatal if it were to be hit head-on.


My one arm that blocked Goff’s attack is crushed, and Goff’s left leg that received my attack is covered in blood. Nevertheless, the fight does not stop.

Goff’s movement began to look slow, perhaps thanks to his concentration that reached his limit.

‘ It’s here.’

It is a feeling that always appears during battle. Escape the striking axe by half a foot. The aftermath of the magical power remains, but I believe in my body. Stretch the levatain toward Goff’s abdomen. At the same time, one of Goff’s fists flies toward my face.

It can be prevented. It’s a big fist, but I succeed in striking Goff’s fist with the handle of the sword and making it deflect.

Goff’s fist hit the floor with a bang. The chest is exposed, but Goff’s arm is swung this way again. With the sword planted in the ground, he pushes his magic power. Goff’s arm hits the sword, and the sword flies into the air. Goff immediately dodges to the left as he swings his sword. The large trees in the back fall.

We exchanged a few sums in place, but we can’t find a gap. When this focus can be maintained, the situation should be brought to this side.

“Oh my god!”


What I felt when I pulled out Dain’s legacy, shouting out of proportion to Goff’s cry, was a tremendous livelihood, and I immediately began to recede. Same goes for Goff. At the same time, a large hole was drilled where we were standing. As if it were a sinkhole, I had no choice but to look back with a little absurd expression.

Black Spear threw a spear.

At the same time, I felt like my head was a little cold. Looking at us, Black Spear opened his mouth.

“I think that’s enough… ”

” Whoo… Whoo… “Whoa…”

” Krurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… ”

I gasped and Goff gurgled. But it takes only a split second to put his instincts back together.

It wasn’t a win, but I couldn’t help but feel a little depressed. Maybe I’d lose if I kept fighting. From the moment I pulled Dain’s legacy, I entered Time Attack. All the more so in Goff’s case, which is hard to make a big wound. Goff was also looking at his hands and hurt feet as he was thinking. Looking around naturally, a completely devastated landscape came into view as if a large bomb had fallen.

I was aware that there was some mess, but I never imagined it would be this much. It was because the surroundings seemed to have been completely swept away except where I and Goff were standing.

I opened my mouth to Goff.

“Thank you for your sudden request.”

” Crips… Neither do I. It was a good study. The work will be a little faster. ”

The Black Spear Clan’s sorcerers came out and began to approach Goff. It seemed to be trying to heal the wounded places, so I sat there silently, but I was in a situation where my arms and legs were hurt quite badly.

The green light swirled around and slowly began to recover. The sorcerers came out with a little wonder and were looking at Goff, which made them laugh. Funnily enough, what approached me was Shakara, Black Spear’s daughter. I remember being a little embarrassed because I winked last time, but this time again, I felt like I was slowly stroking my arm, so I felt burdened.

As expected, Greenskins are active.

“Are you okay? ”

” It’s okay. Thank you. Shakara.”

For some reason, it would be an illusion to feel that the spear thrown by Black Spear was closer to me.

Anyway, I laughed and Goff smiled as he looked at the surrounding scenery.

” You’ve become stronger.”

” You too.”

I felt quite proud. Compared to when we bumped into each other in the desert, we were able to confirm that we have become stronger. Black Spear nodded, looking at me and Goff smiling at each other. It seems that he was worried that it would spread to an emotional fight. As he got older, he seemed to have increased his useless worries.

“Then let’s go in first. There’s something else we need to do. ”

Goff and Black Spear nodded as I spoke. I quickly moved towards the castle and remembered evolution once again. I could be sure of the fight just now.

[1. An expert on weapons of the devil]

[2. The king of weapons]

[3. Sadness and despair]

The best thing in this situation are three times.

Without hesitation, I immediately remembered three times and couldn’t help but be a little bewildered. This is because a very interesting situation erupted.


What came to my mind was none other than my appearance.