235 Customizing

When the Savior came into the castle after finishing his work, a very strange atmosphere of silence flowed. The Savior’s people were anxious about whether they had committed a great crime, but the Savior did not look at his believers and people and did not come out of the sacred throne. When the people prayed for a long time and regretted their sins and wrongdoings, the savior, who finally came out of the sacred throne in three days, showed his true self and smiled loudly at the people. – Blood is the New Testament 35:12]

” Whoo… Whoo”

I moved my body overall, but I was definitely satisfied. The specifications of the body have risen beyond description. Apart from the fact that the specs have risen, the expression that it has been optimized would be the best fit.

It’s a body I made, so of course it has to be. When I turned the magic circuit all over my body, a body that was incomparably smoother than before and could contain powerful magic power came in.

There was a large horn, heavy, dull eyes, a body made to fight with a dignified tail, and a race that was very ambiguous to be called the demon, although the base was held by the demon.


I can’t wait to use this body. I started to go out quickly. I wanted to test my tail, so I swung a tail full of magic, and the door that blocked my way was completely shattered.

I’m not used to swinging my tail yet. It was a little long, so I was worried that it would be a target, but it seemed to be much stronger than I thought and suitable for capturing magic.

As the door bounced out, the women of the tribe and the executives looked worried about what was going on. Harkna or the others nodded as soon as they saw me, but in the case of tribal women, even tears were in their eyes.


In particular, Baek A-yeon’s expression is quite impressive. Because I was lying on my stomach like a worship.

“Oh…Savior! ”

“The Savior has returned in his true form! ”

“Oh…Savior! ”

It was just customization, but the atmosphere was quite strange. The believers who followed along also bowed their heads together, and the tribal members were also looking at me with quite a moving expression. I opened my mouth to Choi Eun-joo because I couldn’t confirm exactly how long it took to concentrate.

“How long has it been?”

“Oh! Yes. Honey, you haven’t been out for exactly three days, so I was worried if something was wrong. ”

I never imagined that it would have been three days. I thought I was concentrating, but I was a little surprised because I took a lot more time than I thought. Unusually, I wasn’t hungry, but I thought it was probably the effect of transforming the body. I felt like everyone accepted whether I thought I needed time to transform into a new look, but I had a pretty good time with customization, so I felt a little burdened by their eyes.

“I’m fine, so everyone can do their job. I’ll get ready to go back to the village soon.”

” For the Blood Dagger!”

“For the Blood Dagger!”

In three days, there may have been progress in the construction of the road. I opened my mouth to Hakajin.

“How many survivors are there among the Japanese?”

” I understand that more than half of them are alive. ”

” Pick up some useful guys, heal them, arm them, and send them underground. I hope young warriors can handle it. ”

” Yes, I see.”

In fact, I thought it would be good to take a little time, but I couldn’t wait to test this body. Especially, I feel like I want to test the tail. I went straight down to the basement after I finished talking. The women of the tribe looked disappointed, but the tribal members seemed to have raised the corners of their mouths if they realized that I had become stronger.

Going underground, I saw a lot of bothersome things. When the magical power is released in all directions at once, the surrounding things are completely swept away by a greater magical power than before.


It’s a satisfying body. The power output that exudes magical power has also become stronger than before. A fairly large vacant lot was created in an instant, and it didn’t seem bad to try out the body.

Soon, slowly, the Japanese began to come down from the basement with a nervous expression. The leader seemed to want to see me when he saw me coming down this way, even though he could have let Hark and his men do.

“For the Blood Dagger!”

” Thank you, Hark.”

When I touched his shoulder, he nodded. The number of Japanese is about 100, and I never imagined that there would be so many strong people who can handle young warriors. Everyone looked like they didn’t understand English. There was no translation magic, but there was a translation bracelet, so I opened my mouth to them.

“Hmm… It’s not bad. ”

The representative seems to be the man in front of him who is shaking. Maybe he noticed that I came in here because of my order, but he started to open his mouth.

“Please… Help me. ”

As expected, their main purpose is to survive. I opened my mouth looking at them.

” It’s impossible.”


“I’ll just give you a chance. If you hurt me, I’ll let all of you out. ”

Their faces suddenly brightened, but soon their faces began to turn dull. It’s because they knew it’s impossible. Basically, there is something that a person can feel. They and I are so different. It is, so to speak, a predator and a prey. Those guys know that too.

I opened my mouth again, as I seemed to have been frightened before I even started.

When I concentrated magic in my hands and stretched it out randomly, the basement rang with a roar. Once again, their faces turned blue.

“It’s what you know, magical power. I won’t use it. ”

“That… That”

” Also, I won’t move a step from this place. Let’s not use both legs and arms, and if you hurt them or make them retreat from this place, it’s your victory. ”

This is a very good condition. They were nodding slowly, too. The condition of not using magical power, apart from the other, will probably come to them happily Not using both legs and arms is also the case.

“Won’t I be able to do it?”

Every word a guy said quietly caused a stir and began to spread to them. You can’t win, but if you make them move or hurt them, they win. Of course, it would have been inevitable to change desperately.

I folded my arms as if I wouldn’t use both arms and they were slowly starting to prepare for battle. It felt like I was a raid mob. The warriors, carrying decent shields, came out as if frightened, and the priest and other wizards slowly began to cast spells.

“I can… I can do it! ”

” You can do it!!!”

” Yeah! You can do it. If I could… if I could make a scratch… ”

” You can do it!”

I could hear them screaming like a sore throat. The first thing that comes running is a warrior. It seemed cute to run toward this side with a cringe. I moved towards him with my tail relaxed.

This is because I thought that if I kill too much at once, their motivation may be dampened.

Let’s swing your tail in place with our arms folded against the guy running with the shield out front


His upper body flew away under the shield with a sound. The upper and lower bodies were separated. Even the area hit by the tail disappeared without a shape as if it had been hit by an Auger’s fist.

“Huh… “

It was me, not them. Obviously, they didn’t use all their strength and didn’t use their magical power. Weak guys, but I never imagined it would work this well.


The emotions of fear were buried in the faces of the guys who looked at this side with a tired expression. I was going to fight for a little longer, but when I felt sorry that I had lost my will to fight, I heard a voice again.

“Uh…we’ll all die if we stay here anyway. I’m sure something will happen! ”

” Okay! Let’s try it! ”

There are always grateful guys who bring courage and hope to the party. I smiled at the guys who started responding to what he said, maybe the master of sedition, and soon they jumped at me all at once.

Huge fire magic and arrows are struck with tails. Agile types of prosecutors and assassins approach quickly, but when they get hit by my tail, their arms and legs fly out of shape. The healers immediately cast healing magic on them, but they immediately blew their necks because a priest was spotted in the range of their tails.


His face disappears without shape with the sound of it.

Immediately, the tankers gather three or four magical powers and try to push me away, but it’s not enough.

“Oh my god!”

” Push it away! Push it away!!! ”

” Heal! Heal!!! ”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Help me! Help me! ”

” Priest! Priest!! Tankers, what are you doing! ”

What resonated was a scream, and I was just swinging my tail at them, quietly folded my arms.