239 a sudden reunion

” You… You… You… You…You, youuuuuuuuuu! ”

I swallowed my saliva at the cry of Choi Seulgi. I thought it would be okay to visit him as soon as I got my face back, but I never imagined that I would meet him like this.

What you see on his face is resentment and anger. He showed a welcoming expression, but as soon as he muttered Choi Seulgi’s name, he disappeared immediately. I reached out my hand to Baek Ahyeon and Choi Eunju as I heard them hurriedly reciting spells next to me. I was told not to intervene. The two quick-witted immediately closed their mouths, and I could hear Choi Seulgi’s very angry voice instead of their orders.

“Kim Taesung, you trash!! ”


Before I can even say I’m sorry, it suddenly strikes me. Seeing Choi Seulgi attacking me with a much faster movement than the Green Goblin guy, I thought that maybe she was really running with the intention of killing me.

Seeing that there was no life, it didn’t seem like it, but it seemed to be dangerous, nevertheless. Choi Seulgi, who suddenly disappeared from sight, appeared behind me, reflexively wagging her tail.

The moment Choi Seulgi thought she had made a mistake because she already knew the power of this body, she avoided my tail like flowing water and raised her hand.

‘ What ’

I knew she had become strong, but she has grown tremendously. The hand that was lifted contained enough magic to kill an average person in an instant, but I felt like I was about to hit her with that hand, so my spine felt a bit chilly. If it wasn’t for magic like that, she wouldn’t be able to harm me.

It was then.


Choi Seulgi was blocked by the wall with the sound of this. Looking back, I saw Jang Ye-ri holding Choi Seulgi’s hand. Perhaps because of the aftermath of the spell, Jang Ye-ri’s hair were flying.

“Your hair is a mess. I think there was some misunderstanding. This is not a monster. ”

Maybe Choi Seulgi thought I was a monster and attacked me. This is because the North is still struggling with the Werewolves. Jang Ye-ri also did not seem to inform the North that she was probably allied with the Greens, as she was officially known as a human, not a Greenskin.

Anyway, it seemed fortunate that Jang Ye-ri mediated in this situation, but looking at Choi Seulgi’s expression, her anger has not been relieved yet.

It was the look on my face when I witnessed a brief date with a lady in the store. I think it’s better to take your time and bring it up after choosing the first step. When I tried to break this strange silence, Jang Ye-ri opened her mouth again one step ahead of me.

“It may sound strange, but this person is my father-in-law. It would be fair to say that he is the husband. Let me explain the details later. ”

“ ………………………………. ”

“ ………………………………………….. ”

There was more silence than before. Father-in-law was right, but it was not something that could be said to a country’s envoy so suddenly. When I was looking at Jang Ye-ri with an absurd face, what I saw in front of me was Choi Seulgi, who was sending a fiery look at me.

“You… you punk! ”

When Choi Seulgi shouted at me, the expressions of the women around me changed a little strangely. The same goes for Jang Ye-ri, who looks at me. She noticed that there was an acquaintance.

Tears were hanging from Choi Seulgi’s eyes, but seeing that made my heart hurt a little. In fact, it is undeniable that I still care about Choi Seulgi. Over time, the feeling of longing faded a little, but it was never that I forgot Choi Seulgi.

I haven’t been looking for it too much because I was busy, but I was very worried whether she could accept Kim Taesung as green skin, not as a human.

There were times when I felt that the road was already different, and after such a break-up, I thought a natural meeting would be better than a forced visit.

But Choi Seulgi was constantly looking for me.

I had to admit that I was a bit wrong because seeing Seulgi Choi wiping away her ever-flowing tears made me realize that it didn’t really matter to her whether she was human or greenskin in the first place.

“Well, uh..uhh…uhhhh…uhhhg. I..You’re a bad guy… ”

Seeing her crying like a child who lost her mother made me heartbroken, so I held Choi Seulgi slightly in my arms after pushing Jang Ye-ri away.

It was awkward because I was much bigger than before, but I could feel the feeling of holding Choi Seulgi before, so the corners of her mouth naturally went up. Seulgi Choi is reaching out to me as if it is not bad.

“You… you son of a…You’re such a bad guy

I hugged Choi Seulgi more tightly because I felt touched when I saw her crying while hugging me, but it seemed that there was quite a lot of magic in tapping my body as if I was whining, so I covered my body with magic.

“I’m sorry.”

I don’t know if I can understand that I haven’t been looking for her, but Choi Seulgi kept nodding.

It was a very welcome reunion, albeit sudden and a little absurd.


It was a long time before Choi Seulgi really did. She was looking at Lee Wanyong in disbelief, and Baek Ahyeon was looking up at me with her trembling eyes. The same goes for Choi Eunju. However, the most embarrassed of them was none other than Jang Ye-ri.

Unlike usual, she seemed to be wearing a very beautiful dress and makeup, but perhaps because of the aftermath of her recent encounter with Seulgi Choi, her hair was a bit messy and she looked very upset.

From her point of view, she thought that today was a day just for her, but Seulgi Choi suddenly came to the mound, so it would be natural for her to be in a bad mood.

“It’s okay if we stay together for a little while. ”

It was not a request, but a tone close to notification. The guys who were looking at me nodded and hurried out, but Jang Ye-ri looked straight at me and opened her mouth.

“Hmm… I have something to tell you, so I hope you’ll be free by evening. It deserves to be congratulated, so you can look forward to it. ”

” I’m sorry.”

After my words, Jang Ye-ri also went out like that. I don’t know what you mean, but it seems that there is something important to announce, and thanks to that, both Choi Seulgi and I remain in the meeting room. It’s been a long time since we met, but maybe it’s because we’ve been together for a long time, so we’re quite familiar. I sneaked over to her and placed my hand on Choi Seulgi’s shoulder, who didn’t want to do eye contact, and Seulgi Choi immediately slapped my hand.

“Don’t touch me, you bad boy… You’re a bad guy… ”

The way she was still wheezing was indicating that she was clearly angry, but it seemed a little warmer than when we first met. A long time ago, when Choi Seulgi was angry, he played this way and released it, so when he reached out his hand once again, Choi Seulgi immediately responded.

“Don’t touch me! It’s disturbing! ”

Nevertheless, he didn’t give up and carelessly touched her shoulder with his arm and brushed her chest with her tail. Choi Seulgi jumped up from her seat as if she was really angry.

“You ignorant bastard! You bastard! Kim Taesung, you bad bastard! Don’t touch my chest! I’ve been looking for you all the time for these years… You bastard… ahh… ahh… you… ”

When I thought about it, I saw Choi Seulgi, who suddenly became sad again, she grabbed my arm and began to cry, I stroked her head, and she immediately calmed down. thought maybe I could understand it roughly. Until now, I couldn’t find him because I turned into a monster’s body, and I’m guessing the reason why I didn’t tell the truth at that time. Choi Seulgi, who had been in his arms for a long time, opened her mouth.

“Kim Taesung. Are you sure you’re back too? ”

” That’s right. In fact, I thought about talking about it when we first met, but I couldn’t because I thought that you might think some crazy orc was talking nonsense. At the time, I didn’t know you were back. ”

” That’s fortunate. It’s really fortunate… I wondered what would I do if I really died, but I’m still alive. not human though. ”

At that, I laughed a little and Choi Seulgi opened her mouth again.

“Anyway, how did it happen? Are you sure you died that day? Why did you come back as a monster? And what about these horns and tails… I like that the face has become a bit more handsome and the body has improved… Isn’t it too dark? (laughs)

It seemed like Choi Seulgi had returned to the old days as if her anger had finally eased. It was quite nice to see the thick swear words and comfortable speech. In fact, it’s been a little hard to hold the weight that doesn’t match, but it’s been quite comfortable to act like I’ve put everything down in a long time. Death probably refers to what happened in the city.

“The words are a bit funny, but right after you died, Seulgi, I died too. And I didn’t do this to look cool, but it’s just for convenience. I was checking everywhere to see how you’re doing. ”

” I shouldn’t have worried about you. Really.”

It seemed like a good thing that I was hearing news of him.

“Anyway, do you know how surprised I was when you said you were in charge? ”

” Oh, my. You must have been nervous. Of course, you were talking about it then. In the past, I thought it was a little strange because it was an orc that I had never seen before, but who knew that Kim Taesung would be the arms dealer. Come to think of it, are green flowers and fairies your girlfriends, too? And the woman from before… And what is it? The Queen of the East, Jang Ye-ri? ”

In fact, I even have children, but I nodded because it was burdensome to say something. I don’t know how Choi Seulgi will react, but for now, they are precious people, so they can’t be kicked out.

“Well, that’s what happened. Since I lived as a green skin, there were a lot of things… Do you hate it? ”

I was a little nervous if it was unacceptable, but Choi Seulgi opened her mouth again after taking a strong breath.

“Forget it. What can I do? Come to think of it, in my previous life, I was a girl who received both men and women… But since you liked me… I’ll give way in this life. If we meet in the next life, we’ll be teachers then. ”

It seems that he has decided to accept it as it has been a little off-the-shelf relationship since before. I swept my chest away for no reason, and Choi Seulgi smiled one more time at the sight.

“What? Were you worried? ”

“A little bit

“Stupid. Kidding… Do you want me to tell you something that you might like? ”

Choi Seulgi smiled and opened her mouth to me, so I turned to Choi Seulgi as if curious. Choi Seulgi didn’t talk right away, but after sneaking her mouth into my ear, she muttered quietly, but her voice sounded so sweet that it made my back shake a little.

“I’m still a virgin. ”

A very small voice. When we made eye contact, Choi Seulgi immediately kissed.