240 various stories

In an instant, the tongue was entangled. It’s a funny expression, but it was very natural as I hadn’t put it together once or twice. I felt as if I had found the right partner, so I was very immersed in Choi Seulgi without realizing it.

In fact, it didn’t matter much whether Choi Seulgi was a virgin or not. If I were a person who cared about such things, I wouldn’t have liked Choi Seulgi in the first place. However, there was no way to know why what Choi Seulgi just said was so stimulating.

It’s something I’ve cherished. I’ve talked about it in my previous life, but Choi Seulgi seemed to care a lot.

Of course, Choi Seulgi knows me very well. The touch of gently stroking my thighs gave me slight goosebumps behind my back.

” Sigh… Sigh

Heavy breathing began to be heard in the quiet conference room. After exchanging the kiss I couldn’t stand it anymore and as soon as I touched the clothes that Choi Seulgi was wearing, she suddenly pushed me with her hand.

“That’s it. Sigh

“What? That’s not fair! ”

No wonder there was a slightly loud noise. t was only natural that the judges would be distorted by the subject who was still leaning on this side.

“You said it was your first time. I don’t like it here. ”

“ …………………………… ”

Certainly, when I looked around, the conference room, where only desks and chairs were placed, I didn’t have a relationship in this place before, but I seemed to want to cherish it as it was my first relationship in this life. Even to pay for work in a place like this would be a great disrespect to Jang Ye-ri and the people of Gara. Her face was flushed and she seemed more excited than I was, and I could tell how much Choi Seulgi had endured.

” That’s right.”

Seeing this, I became playful and lifted my tail and wrapped it around Choi Seulgi ‘s thighs, then rode up to Seulgi’s chest and felt Seulgi Choi tremble. As I touched the center of her chest with the tip of my tail, Choi Seulgi let out a heavy breath once more.

” Sigh… Hey… Don’t do it… ”

” What

” Stop it! Don’t do it. Ha… Ah

” I can’t hear you… ”

” Sigh… Don’ I’m really going to get mad. ”

” You can get out of here… ”

” No! I told you not to do it, you punk! You’re such a bad guy! Stop touching me! ”

Choi Seulgi, who moved behind me in an instant, hit me on the back with her palm. When I looked back in surprise, Choi Seulgi continued to spit out rough breath with a red face.

“I don’t know who really wants to do it… Your asshole has been going to meet this girl and that girl, but I’m completely new to it… Do you understand? I didn’t even touch it! I’m not kidding anyone, really… Haha… It doesn’t suit us, but let’s set the mood. huh? ”

I naturally laughed when I saw the cold water right next to me pouring down my throat to see if my throat was burning. Choi Seulgi lightly flew a kick at me as if she thought I was laughing at him, and after I grabbed Choi Seulgi’s leg with my tail once again, I started to sneak around by advancing the tail tip.

“You pervert.”

There was nothing to say. Rather than that, I wanted to play a prank first, so I started stroking Choi Seulgi’s nasal cavity with the end of my tail. Choi Seulgi closed her eyes and was slowly feeling my tail, but there was no direct touch, but seeing her body tremble, she seemed to have reached a light peak.

” Sigh… Sigh… Sigh

I don’t think it was usually this much, but seeing the speed going up very fast, I felt like I’d been holding it in for a really long time.

I looked at Choi Seulgi with a smile, and Choi Seulgi was wiping the secret part with a tissue with a satisfied but dissatisfied expression.

“Pervert. I’m wrong to expect romance from a guy like this. ”

” Why? You liked it. ”

” Yes! That was good. You punk! But still… No… Never mind. Let’s not talk. ”

” This is no count, right? ”

“Yeah, no count… “Yes…”

There was a little chill in the eyes staring at me, but Choi Seulgi’s expression seemed not so bad. Maybe you thought it was just like us. Because I was thinking that, too.

“By the way, the tail is fine. I like that one. ”

” Hahahaha.”

Choi Seulgi blushed and talked, so I stopped laughing. She also raised the corners of her mouth to see if what she said was ridiculous.

Since the uproar passed, Choi Seulgi and I were talking about this life, and I knew how Choi Seulgi had lived, but Choi Seulgi was listening to the story quite interestingly as she had no information about me.

” So you were not a monster, you were a species called Greenskin, and you passed the test of the patriarch, and now you’re the main character of a great tribe that’s worth a hand in the race of Greenskin? ”

” Well, to sum it up roughly, yes. ”

” Wow, Kim Taesung is so successful… ”

” I’m glad I wasn’t born human. In my case… Well… I was lucky, I was desperate, and there were a lot of guys I could trust, and it might sound a little absurd, but I like my current life more than I do when I’m human. I don’t think it would be bad to come to the village some time. ”

” Of course, I have to go. No, I really want to live close together…”

” How’s the North? ”

” Well… Sohye must be a little lonely, but what can she do? As much as she’s capable, won’t she do well on her own? ”

Come to think of it, I knew I followed the Queen of the North, but seeing her call me quite casually, I felt like I had gotten quite close to her. Even in the Village, there were many stories that the northern queens Han Sohye and Choi Seulgi trusted and believed each other, but I thought the story was not wrong.

Come to think of it, she didn’t talk about me with the Queen of the North. I carefully opened my mouth.

” What about the Queen of the North? Is it strong

“Well… At first glance, you seem to have gotten stronger too, but what if… You were originally strong in your previous life, but I raised you quite a bit… To be honest, I just disclosed the location of the dungeon or what I originally knew or heard about, but my talent It’s terrifying. Probably stronger than the Queen of the North before. I think this is what being a genius is.

I slowly began to spout my magic. Because I wanted her to measure the difference between me and the Queen of the North at all. Choi Seulgi smiled at the sight.

“There’s no point in showing off that kind of power. I think you have better physical specifications. But if the two fight, I’ll bet on Han Sohye. ”

” Is that so? ”

It was the same in the first fight. Obviously, physically, I had the upper hand, but at some point, I suddenly turned upside down. The Queen of the North was walking on a similar path to Garac, but she is a warrior who is incomparably strong. It is difficult to simply push it with physical specifications. When I thought about the Queen of the North, Choi Seulgi opened her mouth as if it were funny.

” Come to think of it, you’re the ork that Han Sohye always talked about, right? ”

“ ……………………………………… ”

I think I’ve talked about myself before. I seemed to know that in quite a detail, too.

” We talked about the tutorial from time to time… Kids these days don’t have guts and are weak. I think the orc was much better than the humans. There are no guys who can be called men. I have no one to fight with…”

” Well

” I want to fight again. That’s about it… ”

Choi Seulgi’s last words could not be overlooked. I felt like my eyes were a little red. I wasn’t the only one who wanted to fight again. It’s bound to make you feel better. Recognized by someone who thought he was a real strongman. Although it was ridiculously broken, I seemed to leave a strange impression on her.

” That’s funny.”

Are you really different? It goes without saying that you have become stronger, and it feels like the person himself has changed. ”

For Choi Seulgi, my current reaction seemed to be very interesting. If you think about Kim Taesung before, of course, you will have such a reaction. In the past, she was certainly more accepting than resisting, so it’s no wonder she thinks so.

“I think there’s also an effect of becoming a monster. Should I say fighting spirit? It’s like instinct. You don’t like it? ”

” No. I like it. This kind of Kim Tae-sung is not bad either. Rather, it should be a little sexy. Laugh”

“Are you really planning on coming to the village?

“What? You don’t like it? Is that what you want to say? ”

” That’s not what I meant. ”

When I shook my head to both sides, Choi Seulgi seemed to know what it meant. He glanced at me with a strange expression.

“It’s about the Holy Sword, isn’t it? ”

” That’s right.”

” Yeah, she shouldn’t be left alive. ”

Choi Seulgi raised the corners of her mouth a little dreary. I felt that Choi Seulgi’s grudge against her was stronger than the grudge I had against the Holy Sword.

Choi Seulgi avenged both her murderers who killed us and the guys who ruined her own life before she went to the North. All that’s left is Ha Yuri, the Holy Sword. No, to be exact, it’s all west. Unlike me, who was originally a little hopeless, Choi Seulgi, a fairly promising small patient, was well aware that she defined the entire west as her enemy.

Choi Seulgi swallowed once and opened her mouth.

” It was always cosplay. ”

“ …………………………………….. ”

” Holy Sword was a cosplay from the beginning, Kim Taesung. You know it roughly, right? ”

I’ve heard a lot of information, but it’s probably not as much as Choi Seulgi. At best, it was only one step away from the illegal business run by Jang Kiyoung. I nodded roughly, and Choi Seulgi continued again.

“She’s right that the teacher of the Holy Sword died a little earlier than we knew. I wasn’t able to do a proper investigation at the time, but the sound coming through the back door… I heard it’s because of the reform. Can you imagine what’s going on? ”

” I thought that might have happened, but… ”

“There’s no way they’d know. What feels is simply hard to live. It’s safe in the city. This is a dangerous place, so it is right that a strong guild protects us. In this sense, the Holy Sword is a hero who cares for the poor and for the lower class of the city and is a leader worth following. Let’s pay taxes and fill the city. Then it will be safe. ”

It was an idea that me and Choi Seulgi had before.

“She has a pretty face and acts like an angel. Everyone’s idol. You’ve been tricked once… Huh? But you know… If only she were an angel… Would you have let us live like that? Would they have left us alone, making a living in the gutter, and making a penny or two to the dogs in the back alley… I used to be stupid, but I know now that I’m in the same position as the manager of the city… How much she’s done. Sissy year. Even the North, which is much worse than the West, wasn’t as bad as Aia before. ”

Choi Seulgi was calmly continuing her speech.