241 various stories

Just looking at the current situation in the East, you can understand that much. In fact, even at this moment, summoners in the West would still be supporting the holy sword. In the first place, those who can move between cities are those equipped with a certain degree of force. In the case of me and Choi Seulgi before, I couldn’t even dream of moving around the city over a long distance. Of course, it will be more and more closed now that the relationship is bad and invisible borders are being established.

” I can’t forget. ”

It is madness that appears to be frozen in the eyes. I wasn’t the only one who changed a little. It wasn’t like I’ve never seen that before as much as I’ve been rolling over for 10 years, but I definitely felt like I’ve changed a little in this area. However, it didn’t look bad whether it was a bean pod. Funny how I felt a little sexy.

Of course, I don’t forget the grudge either. I can’t say that I was stupid, but the grudge that abandoned Choi Seulgi, who was dying at that time, still lingered in my heart. Even if you meet Choi Seulgi again in your life now, it does not mean that your resentment will disappear.

“What is the current state of the North and the West? ”

” I’m holding back right now, but I think it’s going to explode. No, you have to pop it. It’s the same as my previous life. The North and West are on bad terms right now. There are so many things that I don’t have to worry about, there are territorial issues, there are dungeons in the center, and there are many things that are intertwined. Aia’s pretending to be a lover with a son of the South is just to keep the North in check… We’re also supposed to ally with the Queen of the East. The information that there would be an attack from the Queen of the East has also helped to make things worse, but Han Sohye is hesitant because there’s still something that’s taking her… If you’re sure, you can pop it right away. ”

” Well

” Well, in fact, the West will have a lot more bad feelings towards us. Exactly in the West, the North is known as the barbarians, and the East as the slave-riding crazy city… Are you trying to divide the teams because you can’t eat… Rather, the threat is being sent by the Knights of the Holy Family. Thanks to you, we came to the East, so if you think about it, the Holy Sword has allowed us to meet again. Laugh.”

I laughed thinking that it could be seen as that.

“Even if it’s not, we’ll meet one day. I was going to go see you when I finished my work in the East. ”

” I’m good at talking. Hey. Get rid of the tail. ”

Choi Seulgi looked a little sexy earlier, so when I moved my tail, I immediately heard a sharp voice. I immediately removed my tail, but somehow I was able to greet Choi Seulgi with a very disappointed expression.

“Why do you want me to pat you? ”

Choi Seulgi opened her mouth again after blushing. It seemed to change the subject in a hurry.

“East continent, by the way? ”

“Oh, I didn’t tell you. There were Japanese and elves next to the land that used to be beyond the forest of fog. It’s unrealistic that only Koreans and Greenskin were being summoned in the first place. I don’t know why, but the Japanese are acting like a servant to the Elves… Well, it’s roughly settled right now. ”

I just said it roughly, but Choi Seulgi’s expression was more serious than I thought. I could immediately realize the answer.

“You guys found it, too. ”

There’s something up north, too.

“I told you earlier that Han Sohye is hesitant because she’s caught something, right? ”

” Yes.”

” I’m not sure… But.”

” But..?

“A clan that was quite famous in the north went on an expedition to the top of the north, but returned after a few months… to the undead… Since then, little by little, the undead have been descending down the northern mountains. It’s not big enough to cause damage here… It’s the emergence of a new dungeon in the city. Or we’re in the middle of a debate about the possibilities of other continents up in the North… Listening to your story… ”

” It’s not like there’s. No, to be exact, it’s more right to think there’s something. ”

I was a little lost in thought after I opened my mouth. If you think there’s something at the end of the east, it’s natural to think there’s something at the end of the north. Previously, I wondered if Chinese or undead were being summoned to the north, but it made my spine a little chilly to think that it would be true. You don’t have to be Chinese. It would be better if humans had won the war on the continent above the north, but if the undead had won and assumed that all humans were undead, it would not be a nuisance. Not only that. Assuming there’s something in the North, there’s a possibility that there’s something in the West and the South.

” We’re still working on it. Is that why Han Sohye is hesitant to bump into the West, and is the fog of the forest at the end of the East also being lifted? ”

I nodded. Perhaps the snowstorm is also clearing over the mountain range where the north is facing.

“Why… Are you like that, too? ”

“Yeah. I’m getting upset all of a sudden…Really… In my past life… ”

” It could be something different in our lives or something we didn’t know about. The West was the only place we were in. The information I could get was also quiet… ”

Looking at Choi Seulgi biting her nails, I could realize that she cherishes the North just like me. Since they have been together for a long time, it would be natural for them to react like that, but seeing them like that made me feel better.

When I tried to change the subject, wanting to stop talking about the headache, Choi Seul-gi opened her mouth first.

“Anyway, I’ll have to wrap up the story slowly and move on. I’ll be waiting for your lovely girlfriends. How many in total, anyway? And please introduce it roughly. ”

” The name of the green flower I saw last time is Jeong Hayeon. She was originally a human being, but she suddenly changed during the tutorial… I don’t know how it changed. Fairy’s called Mev, and she’s claiming to be the mistress of the tribe… The priest who was here earlier was Baek Ahyeon, and the woman next to him was Choi Eunju, the master of the spider clan. She’s changed her mind a bit and knows me as her husband… Lastly, Jang Yeri, Queen of the East, that’s it. ”

” Damn… Kim Taesung’s skills are good, too. The spider clan and the master… Why are you messing with my mind…? The Queen of the East… And what’s with humans turning into green skin? ”

” It’s long to explain. I’ll tell you later. Time is long. ”

In fact, I lost track of time because I was talking about various things, but it seemed like a lot of time passed. I was told to finish my business by evening, but fortunately, it’s not too late.

” Am I going to join Kim Taesung’s Harem now… It’s absurd. It’s absurd to think about it again. Kim Taesung… Come to think of it, isn’t Fairy a child? Even that ordinary priest just got a little bit older… Did you open your eyes to a strange taste? Hey… Kim Taesung, this is all trash. ”

” It’s not like that. The fair has changed a lot, too. I ate as much as Baek A-yeon could eat.”

” What

” About age. ”

Despite all this, the look of doubt does not disappear. In fact, in the case of Mev, sometimes I am surprised, too. It was hard to see if she was teasing or sincere, but Choi Seulgi’s eyes were quite burdensome. For now, it is right to get out of here quickly.

I felt someone outside, but when I went outside, Lee Wanyong came out and was waiting for Choi Seulgi.

” Hehehe. Blood Dagger and Choi Seulgi were waiting. Did you have a good time? A very handsome man and a fairy cling to each other, so they suit each other very well. ”

He’s a great guy. I’ve already adjusted perfectly. Earlier, when Seulgi Choi returned to his back, he had a face that looked like he was about to urinate, but seeing his now comfortable smile made me think that he was very adaptable. Choi Seulgi also smiled and spoke to Lee Wanyong.

” Thank you, Wanyong. I apologize for my previous mistake. I’m really sorry. ”

In fact, Choi Seulgi seemed to be very grateful to Lee Wanyong, as Lee Wanyong had done a great job in meeting Choi Seulgi and me. She took something out of my arms and handed it to Lee Wanyong, probably something that would be an item or money. At a glance, it seemed like a pretty valuable artifact available in the store.

” It’s okay. Choi Seulgi. I feel pressured. And a mistake… As far as I remember, you were only nice. ”

” Oh, really? But please accept my sincerity. If you refuse… It’s going to be sad. ”

” If you say so, I’d appreciate it. ”

The guy puts what he received from Choi Seulgi in his arms with a smile. n the meantime, he was watching me intently. When I nodded, he smiled happily as if he were relieved. He was still an absurd and smart fellow.

“Then I’ll show you around. Everyone is waiting at the restaurant. ”

Lee Wanyong walks confidently in front of us. Choi Seulgi whispered to me while looking at Lee Wanyong.

“He’s very capable. Where did you get it? ”

” At Gomorrah… ”

As she seemed to like it, Lee Wanyong began to lead us to a large banquet hall, and I moved to the banquet hall one step ahead of Choi Seulgi.

“You’re late, my dear. It was very late. ”

” My savior. ”

Jang Yeri, Baek Ahyeon, and Choi Eunju were not the only ones waiting. For some reason, Mev wearing a golden crown and Jeong Hayeon looking at me with an uneasy expression… It’s been a long time since I’d seen Mev, so I couldn’t help but be glad to see her, but when I opened my arms, Mev, who was flapping right away, came into my arms.

” Captain! Big bite! It’s been so long! “Crying…”

Mev’s expression was a little distorted the moment I saw Choi Seulgi behind me for a while. Come to think of it, Mev seemed to have a little bad feeling for Choi Seulgi.

“Mr. Taesung.”

Jeong Hayeon, who already knows how much I care and like Choi Seulgi, is also glancing at Choi Seulgi. Choi Seulgi opened her mouth while looking at Jeong Hayeon and Mev.

“It’s been a while since I saw a green flower. It’s been a while since I met Fairy too. Nice to meet you.”

There is no reason for them to gather here suddenly. Naturally, when she looked at Choi Eunju, the only person with the ability to move through space, Choi Eunju opened her mouth.

” I was asked to… ”

Perhaps Jang Yeri asked Choi Eunju to bring them. Even Elisha was established as an interpreter, so I had no choice but to notice that Jang Yeri had made up her mind today.

When she turned her eyes, Jang Yeri opened her mouth this way as if it were nothing.

” It’s a family meeting. ”

” What

” It was called a family meeting. My dear.”

The quite sharp atmosphere was too much to call a simple family meeting, but I nodded for now. It was the first time since Jang Yeri that I was sitting in a place where women were gathered in a sudden family meeting, so this seat was a little burdensome.