243 a family meeting

Jang Yeri opened her mouth one more time when everyone had their eyes wide open.

” I know you’re busy. Thankfully, however, Choi Eunju, who is here, has made her very free from street restrictions. I can’t help it when I’m really busy with my work, but at least I’d like you to spend a little more time on us when you’re a little free. You can move or we can move. ”

Nodding is Mev. As I spent quite a long time alone, I was nodding with all my might. There may have been Labea, but the village where there is no one to play with, including the three Goblin sisters, Lee Wanyong, and Kim Yu-ra, will be more boring than expected. Jang Yeri continued looking at such a mev.

” It’s much harder to wait than you think. Especially in today’s situation. ”

The horse has a thorn in it.

In fact, Jang Yeri is right. With Choi Eunju, the distance is no longer an excuse. It wasn’t as good as Raquia, but Garc was also running the tribe quite well, and as much small things were thrown at Lee Wanyong, I could say that I was quite relaxed at night if the situation didn’t break out.

” I’ll do that from now on. I’m sorry.”

It was Choi Seulgi who opened his mouth as soon as I finished talking.

” There are six people here, so it’s best to take one day and do whatever you want for the rest of the day, right? Kim Taesung. We’ll decide the day of the week. Or it’s not bad to meet like this on the remaining days. ”

Everyone seemed quite happy. Baek Ahyeon, who was worried about what if I was uncomfortable, also seemed to be in a pretty good mood. In fact, there have been no set rules so far. When I was in the land of my brothers, I used to come in roughly order, but it was only managed by Mev, the owner of the tribe, and even that, in severe cases, I waited for more than a month if I wasn’t in the village.

It is no wonder that I feel that I have been indifferent. This is because Jeong Ha-yeon and Choi Eunju also looked quite energetic.

They must have been under more stress than Choi Seulgi or Jang Yeri Mev, as they could not argue their opinions properly.

In the meantime, what was really surprising was Choi Seulgi.

This is because it was amazing that they were doing quite well. From the perspective of others, Choi Seulgi was the same, but from Choi Seulgi’s point of view, they are no more than the rocks that rolled in.

As much as he did in his previous life, he felt a little restless because it seemed true that he would make concessions this time. I thought I might have been hoping for a little jealousy.

” Well, I like Friday. ”

” The same goes for me. ”

It was popular on Friday,

” Would Saturday work for me? ”

In the case of Baek Ahyeon, she insisted on Saturday, but as the Great Service was held on Sunday, she seemed to be aiming for the time when Saturday to Sunday passed. Choi Eunju said on Wednesday, “It’s an instant that we can reach some agreement with each other.

Jeong Ha-yeon set the date for Mev, who was standing still, and Mev also looked very satisfied.

The next time I opened my mouth, Mev, it seemed that I had only just realized that this was this position. So to speak, the thesis is dissatisfaction with the large number of bloods. Discussion is the process of resolving it. It seems to have changed a little, but it doesn’t matter.

” Time with Labea is also important! Right, boss?”

” Well

Of course, it is right to save the only posterity. While everyone was nodding, Choi Seulgi murmured curiously alone. A situation in which one can only be a little nervous.

” Who is Raabah? ”

Mev raised his head in a very arrogant manner as he was on top of it. No wonder I was worried because when you were apart, I made this much achievement.

” It’s the fruit of the love between me and Blood. I’m a year old now. Whoo hoo hoo hoo. Blood the only descendant of the clan. ”

” Oh, my…Is that so

Immediately, Choi Seulgi’s expression looking at me crumpled.

” Sigh….”

It looked incredibly absurd to take a big breath. Of course I wouldn’t have expected this. Other women may not have noticed, but Choi Seulgi is definitely angry now. As we have been together for a long time, we can naturally notice a small habit. The evidence is that you keep tapping on the desk with your fingers or touching your hair.

The explanation will be later, but it was likely to suffer quite a lot. However, the content of the meeting itself is good. Mev is currently taking good care of Raabah, but when Mev is not in good condition, everyone has decided to take turns to take care of Raabah, and various other opinions have been poured out.

There was also a case of pregnancy in the distant future, and Jang Yeri’s moving her lips seemed to have something to say.

” If you have any other good suggestions, I’d like you to tell me now. ”

” I don’t think it would be a bad idea to have a meeting like this once a month. “Mr. Taesung.”

Jeong Ha-yeon opened her mouth, and everyone began to nod. It hasn’t been a long time since we’ve been together, but they all seemed to have their own kind of homogeneity, but thanks to that, they seemed to get along quickly.

Although it was a little lacking, each other feels like a family. Jeong Ha-yeon and Choi Eunju seemed even more so, and Choi Seulgi was no exception.

After listening to Raabah’s story, he seemed a little uncomfortable, but the fence of family didn’t feel bad.

” Why don’t we get together when Kim Taesung is not here? ”

” It’s not bad. ”


” Yes.”

It melts quite naturally, perhaps because of its affinity. The simple mev seems to have forgotten his old memories. It is noticeable that the internal evaluation has changed from a bad woman to a woman who can manage.

As the time got a little longer, various rules and regulations began to emerge, and by the time it was almost over, the atmosphere was friendly except for a few, so I was relieved. In the end, Jang Yeri spoke only after a long time until there was nothing more to talk about.

“So that’s the end of the family meeting. I think most of the things that will come out came out. Choi Seulgi and you seem to have met after a long time, so I will prepare a separate room. ”

“Thank you.”

“Others have separate rooms, so you can rest well today. Busy moving starts tomorrow. ”

“Thank you.”

As it was Jang Yeri who held the meeting, it was also Jang Yeri who finished the meeting.

“Boss, see you tomorrow! ”

“Taesung, please tell me if you’re hungry. I’ll be with Ahyeon. ”

“My savior. Have a good night.”

I was able to come out immediately after everyone was hugged by me once, but I remember Choi Eunju looking at me with a particularly heartbreaking expression. When I went up to the room, Choi Seulgi immediately began to open his mouth.

“Kim Taesung.”

Of course, I have no choice but to keep my mouth shut because I’m guilty of something.

“Hey! Can’t you hear me? ”

” Well”

” I didn’t hear you had a kid? ”

“ ……………… ”

” Ha… Kim Taesung is such a trash… Remember what you told me before you died? ”

Of course I remember. I remembered that it was about having a baby in the morning.

“Six wives and one child? You’ve already realized your dream. That’s how I was living. You’re amazing. Isn’t it a lie that you were looking for me? ”

When I was so angry, I thought it was the right answer to bump into my body, so I narrowed the distance slightly, and Choi Seulgi opened his mouth to see if he was full of energy. Fortunately, I felt a little relaxed over time when I saw him playfully pushing me away with his feet.

“Get lost. Don’t touch it. ”

” We can make one too. Don’t you think so?”

” You’re still sly. Ha…How did you get tricked by this punk… I really don’t have any thoughts today, so go to Jang Yeri. ”

” Why”

” Forget it. Just go. I felt like I had something to say… You’re being subtly annoyed, and weren’t you supposed to meet Jang Yeri in the first place? Unlike usual, I waited for you to come back with your hair, clothes, and makeup, but how would it feel if a sly girl suddenly took it away? ”

” Is that all right? ”

“Don’t keep asking. It’s too bad for me too. I’ve been waiting for years, but it doesn’t matter if I wait a few more days now. And… never be openly partial. It’s okay to take care of the kids when they’re not around, but if you keep taking care of them and being nice to them and looking after them, the atmosphere becomes uncomfortable and disturbing. Do you understand? It’s important to be neutral for things like this… Well, I was the only one who knew in my past life, so how could I know. ”

Actually, Choi Seulgi wasn’t the only one who knew, but I kept my mouth shut.

” Well… I know that. ”

” But I’m relieved. ”

” What

” Forget it. You don’t have to know. Just go and see. He might be crying by now. Kick.”

It was time to go outside at Choi Seulgi’s words. Choi Seulgi opened his mouth from behind as he moved his body with a slightly ambiguous expression.

” I don’t think it’s bad. Having a family. Right? ”

I nodded. I certainly don’t feel bad. If I thought Choi Seulgi was the only one who had Choi Seulgi, I was very happy to have such a large family. It was a moment when I could understand why Choi Seulgi was able to take them so rest.

” Yeah, I think it’s good, too. ”

” Hahahaha. Don’t relax. ”

” You take a good rest. See you tomorrow.”

It was Jang Yeri’s bedroom that she moved after simply welcoming Choi Seulgi and Hae-hoo. In fact, Choi Seulgi said he might be crying jokingly, but I thought he couldn’t be crying because of Jang Yeri’s personality.

What made me a little uncomfortable was when there were no maids serving her around Jang Yeri’s room, so I had no choice but to admit that Choi Seulgi was right. He pretended to be calm, but he didn’t feel very good. When I knocked and tapped on the door, I heard a voice immediately.

” I told him not to let anyone in because I wanted to be alone. ”

I carefully opened the door and entered, and I noticed that the luxurious items in the room were broken. Jang Yeri was lying on her stomach in bed, but she could tell that she was depressed even if she looked at it.

Jang Yeri, who was looking at me, stood up in surprise in an instant, and her face was covered with makeup as much as possible, as if she really cried.

It was very sad.

It was my first time seeing Jang Yeri in this shape, so I was a little embarrassed. As I moved slightly, Jang Yeri immediately opened her mouth.

” I don’t feel like being with you today. It will be good for you to spend a happy time with the woman you love so much. ”

After Jang Yeri finished speaking, I could understand everything Choi Seulgi said and why she was so sad.