244 depression

I took a step closer and sat quietly on the bed. It was already a ruined makeup and hair, but I thought I could see how much effort she put into it from the tears. Jang Yeri tried to turn her back on me and opened her mouth.

” He said he had no intention of hanging out with you. Isn’t it that I can’t even be seen in your eyes anyway. ”

“ ………………………. ”

I thought I might have noticed the subtle bond between Choi Seulgi and myself. She’s right.

There is a reason why Choi Seulgi said he was a little relieved, and that he was relaxed all the time, and that he got along well with other women. No matter how much there was a concept of paying back the light of the past life, Choi Seulgi cannot help but be jealous. Choi Seulgi was confident in his mind about his bond with me and seemed to have half confirmed it. I had no choice but to realize that my eyes stayed quite a lot with Choi Seulgi at family meetings and when I gathered with other women.

To be exact, the eyes were always chasing Choi Seulgi.

When we first met, it was the same when Raabah’s story came out, and it was the same when other topics came out.

‘ Never be openly partial. It’s okay to take care of the kids when they’re not around, but if you keep taking care of them and being nice to them and looking after them, the atmosphere becomes uncomfortable and disturbing. Do you understand? It’s important to be neutral for things like this… Well, I was the only one who knew in my past life, so how could I know. ’

Choi Seulgi’s voice is almost coming to mind. I wasn’t aware of it, but Choi Seulgi and Jang Yeri were aware of it. I thought that was probably why Jang Yeri was so sad. Everyone was probably aware of it except for the tactless Mev. That I’m feeling Choi Seulgi a little more specifically.

It is natural to be sad if you are distracted by other women even though you prepared hard for the news that you are coming. After I sighed, I opened my mouth to Jang Yeri.

“Your beautiful face is a mess. ”

It is true that Jang Yeri is beautiful. It was just that he didn’t care less.

” Hmm. You can stop talking. It’s not because of you that I’m depressed, so you don’t have to care. Anyway, you weren’t even interested in what I was looking like. ”

He said it wasn’t because of me that he was depressed, but he felt like he was expressing his dissatisfaction quite naturally. The eyes glaring at me with their hair messy look a little scary.

” I was watching everything. Your beautiful eyes, your head, your body.”

” It’s a lie! “Crying…”

“ ………………. ”

” I thought you were liking me. It was the same when we first met, and it was the same when we spent the night together. But when I saw you looking at her, I realized that my thoughts were stupid. This is what you say, but your eyes are different. Of course I can see the difference between looking at her and looking at me. ”

“ …………………. ”

” In the first place, I thought it was okay if it wasn’t the first time, and I didn’t expect much from you who had many women, but… It’s so miserable… I feel so miserable like this. ”

He was not his usual self.

” This makeup, this hair, and this clothes prepared to be loved by you are of no use. You don’t look at me. I held this meeting because I was worried that you might find me. If you can’t be the first, you’re satisfied with sharing you. There’s no way you’d know how I feel. I feel very miserable. ”

I never imagined that such a background would be hidden in the fact that I fell down and shared myself day by day over the family meeting. I raised the corners of my mouth slightly.

Jang Yeri is basically proud. Be very strong. She’s always been running up and running and it must have been such pride to support her in her hard times. I thought I might be more stressed out about being in this position.

It is true that Choi Seulgi is precious.

However, Jang Yeri is not precious either.

I began to think about Jang Yeri in my mind. The meeting with her was unintentional and in fact only by necessity, but now it has become very precious. I’m sure I like her.

When I slowly opened my eyes and looked at Jang Yeri, I saw Jang Yeri flinching slightly.

“Is that what you think now. ”

My heart knows best. I definitely like Jang Yeri. I’m not sure, but maybe Jang Yeri is looking at me thinking of Choi Seulgi.

I want to cherish you and protect you. You may think it’s not a big deal, but it’s definitely going to come. Jang Yeri’s pupils, looking into my eyes, began to shake a little. My lips trembled and my shoulders began to tremble a little. Soon, when Jang Ye-ri slowly bowed her head, a subtle sound came out of her mouth.


He’s crying. I’m sure you’ really.

” You are so mean. What a wicked man. ”

I hugged her slightly and she came to me very slowly.

Quite light. Zhang Yeri, who was always firm and free from roughness, arrogant and most apt to be the queen, was not there. I had no choice but to change my thoughts on Jang Yeri a little because of her fragile appearance.

” You are also precious to me. As you say, I’m a bad person. ”

” Yes, you are a very trashy man. He’s a really bad guy. He may be tactless and look back. He’s a bad guy who doesn’t care about others and doesn’t care about his makeup and hair. ”

It broke my heart to say this, but I laughed.

” But I like you. I can’t stand being hurt like this because I like you. I know very well that I cannot monopolize you. have an understanding. Nevertheless, I like you. ”

” I like you, too. And you’re more beautiful when you smile, so I hope you’ll just straighten your face. ”

It was a little cheesy expression, but Jang Yeri smiled. My face was so messed up, but I thought it was probably the prettiest look I’ve ever seen of Jang Yeri. She closed her eyes when she moved her face close to kiss her slightly.

Although it was a light kiss, Jang Yeri’s face was redder than ever.

“Wait a minute. ”

Jang Yeri suddenly stands up from her seat and runs outside in a hurry. I sat down and spent a little time wondering if my anger was still relieved, but Jang Yeri came back into the room with a completely new look after a while.

” Hahahaha. ”

” Don’t laugh. ”

White skin and red lips. The smudged and messed up eyeliner was also clearly drawn. I didn’t know much about makeup, but it was very beautiful. Maybe that’s what it looked like from the beginning. The hair also seemed to have added volume to the long-stretched hair, which was making Jang Yeri’s appearance even more beautiful.

Same with the dress that was half torn. It was a very revealing dress, and I felt like I could see how much effort was put into it.

” It’s beautiful. ”

I nodded.

” Is that true. ”

When I nodded once again, Jang Yeri laughed once again.

I’m back to my usual Jang Yeri.

He was always confident. When I took Jang Yeri’s hand and slightly pushed myself to the bed, she murmured with a smile.

“Your elaborate make-up is ruined again. But I don’t feel as bad as before. It was for you in the first place. It doesn’t matter how your heart goes. Hurry up and covet me. ”

It’s not a man if you don’t get excited. Quietly kisses and the saliva intertwines with the saliva. The process of her being naked in a pretty dress is very quick. Underwear also looked very revealing, but Jang Yeri was showing her whole body quite proudly.

The dresses and underwear that I would have taken a lot of time to choose were entirely for me. She smiled quietly as my hand continued to move.

I don’t know why, but somehow I felt like she was becoming more and more special.

” Yes, this is yours, too. ”

A strong kiss ruined the lipstick she put on again, but she laughed.

Time passes and each other covets each other. This is the process of making love.

She groaned several times in time for my movements and I began to cherish her more and more as if to live up to her expectations. She held me in her arms with great satisfaction when I finally gave her the feeling that was in me.

” I am yours. And you’re mine, too. Thank you very much for accepting my child. ”

” Neither do I. I’m sorry.”

” You don’t need to say sorry. You are the king of this family. No king makes a rash apology. You look good in a confident way. That’s what you look like I love. ”

I felt like I had become a wise wife in a short time. When I laughed, Jang Yeri opened her mouth as if she had decided something.

“And… ”

” And”

” I have something to tell you. I wasn’t sure until just now, but seeing you now gives me courage. The human mind is so crafty. ”

Saying this made me very curious about what Jang Yeri was trying to say. As I looked at Jang Yeri as if curious, Jang Yeri quietly opened her mouth.

“The fruit of my love with you has been born. You and my child. ”

” What

It was the same for Mev, but it was quite surprising this time as well. Jang Yeri, who finished speaking and looked at me anxiously, seemed worried that I might not like it. Perhaps it’s natural to be so anxious because you’ve been intentionally trying to avoid pregnancy.

But I laughed.

There is no way not to be happy.

” I see. I see. Haha. How long has it been? More than that, why… ”

” I didn’t want to be known as the ring of the covenant. I wanted to reveal it to you on a special day. Today has become the special day… ”

No wonder I’m in a good mood.

“I’m relieved to see you. I want you to treat me well. ”

I opened my mouth, stroking Jang Yeri’s stomach for nothing.

“Of course.”

On the day of the new family, there was another family. As Choi Seulgi said, I don’t feel bad. More things to protect makes life heavy. By accepting them as a family, the weight of my life has become very heavy. And it became heavy once again by hearing the new news.

But I laughed.

This weight is a weight that can only make you feel good.

It can be burdensome and hard, and there are many things to think about, but it is a pleasant weight.

Jang Yeri also smiled as she looked at her mouth that was up without realizing it.

It was a very pleasant day.