Chapter 247: Meeting with the Queen of the North

For those who swore allegiance to Chang Je-ri, it was a matter of great importance. He was not only the heir of the Blood Dagger Clan, but also the successor of the eastern metropolis of Gara. However, it seemed that he hadn’t thought about the part where he would be born with horns.

As soon as I finished speaking, Gara’s officials began to dissuade Chang Je-ri.

“You are not allowed to go to the front, Your Majesty. Please…”

“Chief of the Blood Dagger Clan, the noble lord’s words must be heard.”

My position naturally rose to “noble lord”.

Park Han-chul’s eyes showed an attitude of absolute calm. The Greenbelt Clan members had a similar reaction. Cho Seul-gi looked a bit envious as she watched the situation, but it seemed that Chang Je-ri, who seemed determined not to give in to anyone’s will, was beginning to give in to my persuasion and that of my subordinates.

If Chang Je-ri had not heard about the incident in my bedroom last night, he would have rushed to the battlefield.

“My body and the child’s body are also important. But it is the eastern land that we are fighting for, and it is my subordinates and my people who are fighting. If the queen, who should lead from the front, only watches from the back, it would be a shameful act not only for me, but also for the child to be born in the future. I cannot be remembered as an incompetent and cowardly mother.”


I began to wonder why these people were following Chang Je-ri. She was a great queen, but that didn’t mean that I would let her run amok on the battlefield.

I will go to the front, but I will not stand on the battlefield.

It was a barely found common ground, but I was extremely anxious because I didn’t know what would happen. I took a deep breath, but only for a moment.

“How do you want to act?”

When Chang Je-ri opened his mouth while looking at me, everyone’s eyes shifted to me. I was the one who didn’t belong to either the eastern or northern cities. I had the eastern lands to the east, but since I was not human, I was beginning to worry about how to move forward.

“Well… If we can fight underground like we did in Haddon, it wouldn’t be bad… But it seems unlikely.”

Chang Je-ri spoke again while watching my reaction.

“In that case, it’s not a bad idea to reveal our appearance.”


“We are officially announcing the alliance between the eastern countries and our noble city of Gara to the continent.”

“It would only give our enemies an excuse. They will undoubtedly continue their useless propaganda.”

The unnamed person’s words were true. There was no better excuse than fighting monsters, especially when the protagonist was a country with a good reputation. If they heard this news, the western and southern regions would probably go crazy trying to find a justification for moving their troops.

“I don’t care what others say. No matter what they say, they will fight. If I have to play the role of a villain, I might as well play it more convincingly. Isn’t that right? If we become villains the way they want us to, that’s enough. Their words are nothing but nonsense. War is not about the righteous winning. It is the victors who say the right words. Besides… I have to explain to the father of the child, so this is the best way.”

It was useless to reveal our appearance directly to human society. Besides, it was a bit shocking to openly admit that the father of her child was a demon. I shook my head while holding my temples in my hand, agreeing with Chang Je-ri’s words.

“This is something to think about. I should also discuss it with my brothers.

Goff’s and Black Spear’s opinions were also important.

Recently, unlike the east, where there was no conflict with the greenskins, the north was constantly fighting against the aggressive werewolves and orcs of the north. Even if the east would accept us, the north might not.

Since it was a matter of entering a major battle, there was a high possibility that Goff and Black Spear would follow my opinion. However, I couldn’t help but worry about the North’s reaction.

When I looked at Cho Seul-gi, she looked at me with a pensive expression.

“I might be able to arrange a meeting with the Queen of the North. She may not have any special thoughts, but I can’t be sure about the subordinates under her.”

“The East is already prepared.”

Park Han-chul and the members of the Green Belt Clan nodded.

An enemy’s enemy is a friend. As twisted as the North was compared to the West, there was a possibility of cooperation as long as they fought. Whatever their hidden agenda was, the strength of the greenskins in the eastern lands would be a great support to them. Of course, when I thought about those guys shouting their honor in a huge war, my legs started to tremble slightly.

Like me, I want to be on the front lines.

With Elias here, there should be no problem with interpreting, and meeting the Queen of the North again wouldn’t be a bad thing.

“I will accompany Miss Choi Eun-joo to the North. It seems necessary to bring our queen here for a proper discussion. The officials in the North might feel more comfortable, and without Princess So-hye, it might be easier to move around.

“I will also go to the land of the brothers to inquire about their intentions. Even if they don’t participate, I will join them, so there will be no change in the plan.”

The east, the north, and the land of the brothers were about to come together. It seemed like the best scenario, but I couldn’t help but think that it might lead to unnecessary turmoil. However, obtaining the Holy Sword required taking risks, and this was the safest way.

While lost in unnecessary thoughts, Chang Je-ri spoke slowly, and both I and Choi Seulgi stood up quickly at the sound of her voice.

“We will postpone it for three days. We have to take care of some things too, so we won’t send you too far away.”

“Three days, then? When?”

“You’re in more of a hurry than I am, so wait quietly, okay? I won’t ambush you until the time is right.”


Her happy laughter looked adorable. As I took a step, I held Choi Seulgi’s hand, and she gently held mine in return. It was different from before, a moment that felt strangely unsatisfying, knowing that we could only be separated for a short time.

Together with Mev, Jung Hayeon, Bae Ahyeon and Lee Wanyong, I walked towards the space opened by Choi Eun-joo and could see the land of the elves.

When I looked at Choi Eun-joo, she bowed her head. A pitiful but grateful woman. I greeted her by stroking her hair, and soon Choi Eun-joo was tearing the room apart again, her face flushed.

As soon as we left for the castle in the east, I would go to the north with Choi Seulgi. As someone trusted by the Queen of the North, her presence at the meeting was natural. I felt a little sorry for her since she would have to move around so much. Before she even took a step, Mev opened her mouth.

“Commander, are we going to fight?”

“Not yet…”

“Hmm… I see.”

Not yet.

If the West and the South continued to push towards the North, the North would shift its position and the continent would be split in half, leading to a full-scale war. I didn’t know what the Holy Sword and the Southern King were thinking, but my heart was pounding a little.

“For the Blood Dagger!”

Hark, Hakajin, and the goblin triplets greeted the newcomers, and I responded by raising my hand in greeting. Kim Yoora, Nicole, and Giant Scream Apache were there as well. When Hakajin opened his mouth to speak to me, I could hear his answer immediately.

“Where are Goff and Black Spear?”

“They’re inside.”

Mev greeted the long unseen goblin triplets and Kim Yoora warmly, and Bae Ahyeon entered the meeting room with her followers, looking intimidating. Since Lee Wanyong was with her, they probably wanted to finish the construction of the giant temple as soon as possible.

Jung Hayeon quietly followed me in and decided to wait in front of the door. I immediately went to where Goff and Black Spear were. I didn’t show them the new me. Even I wasn’t used to my tail yet. If Goff and I fought right now, I thought I would have a slight advantage. But when I opened the door, I was surprised to see their changed appearance.


Goff was still an ogre, the only difference being his reddened skin. I wasn’t sure what species he had evolved into, but his muscles seemed even bigger than before, giving the impression that he was the pinnacle of ground creatures. The most striking thing about him was that his eyes were always red. I wondered if he had been tainted by savagery, but Goff looked remarkably calm.

He had also put his evolutionary direction on hold before fighting me. When he saw me, Goff grinned, which I could see in my vision. Surprised by his reaction, I opened my mouth.

“Still not sure. The god of the battlefield says they’re a forgotten race.”

“Great. Such a wonderful appearance.”

“You also have a magnificent appearance.Black Spear. Krrrrr, I never thought you’d grow a tail.”

Black Spear had changed as well. His arms and legs had grown slightly longer, but what was more interesting was that an eerie aura continuously surrounded his hands. It felt as if he had acquired a new profession rather than evolving within his species. Unless a special race like Goff appeared, Black Spear seemed determined to continue growing his profession tree as a troll. He also opened his mouth and looked at me.

“You look in a hurry. Is something wrong?”

He was as sharp as ever.

I might as well get to the point. I opened my mouth again, looking at both of them.

“It’s an important matter. I want your opinion, Goff, Black Spear.”

They answered with serious expressions, as if my question was nothing out of the ordinary.

“The same as you.”

“You are the same as Black Spear.”

There was no need for words. They nodded in response to my question, and I nodded in return, as if possessed by something.

Since the east and the north, along with the land of the brothers, were about to gather for the conference, the scenery here felt quite light.

And three days passed.

The time to face the Queen of the North was approaching.