Chapter 251: Fact Violence

“Truly remarkable.”

“Isn’t it?”

It was unlike anything I had seen before.

Standing on the ground and looking down from the icy fortress walls, the sheer power of this fortress became even more apparent. The northern ice mages had combined their magic to build this fortress, and although it was quite cold, it would not crumble easily under most spells. Jung Hayeon had also strengthened it with her roots, making it even stronger. I could now understand why the northern region had abandoned the city so easily.

With their skills, they could build fortresses and cities wherever they wanted.

After that day’s meeting, the northern forces had unhesitatingly abandoned their city to strengthen their forces on the eastern front. The result was this overwhelming fortress. Underneath the fortress, preparations were underway for any unforeseen circumstances, as the forces from the eastern and northern regions had already been organized. The greenskins in the Sibling Lands were to operate independently.

The participants from the Blood Dagger Clan included everyone capable of fighting, except for Kim Yoora and Nicole, of course. As for the defense forces in the Sibling Lands, it had been decided that the Goff Clan ogre, Gara, would oversee them. She, the two-headed ogre, had willingly accepted the heavy responsibility. I remembered how, despite her strong desire to fight, she had eagerly nodded in agreement, swayed by Goff’s voice of trust.

“By the way, what about the knights from the north? Are they okay?”

“Well… considering we’ve been fighting alongside werewolves and orcs for quite some time, it’s only natural for them to feel uncomfortable. But your words seem to have had some effect. In truth, there may be some gratitude on their part.”


“It’s strange to hear them expressing gratitude at all. It doesn’t really fit with their nature,” I thought and gave Choi Seulgi a puzzled look. She immediately spoke up.

“Oh… Well, actually, our queen really hated the idea of retreating from the front lines. It was her unshakable will to fight to the death in the north. So, thanks to all of you, there’s a little bit of dissatisfaction. But there is definitely room for gratitude.”


I had the feeling that I understood what she was saying, even though it was a bit unclear. Although it might have been necessary to retreat, her personality didn’t allow her to run away. Even during the tutorial, she had known about us, but she was still waiting for us. That’s how the Queen of the North was.

“Do you have any other news?”

“Well, you seemed pretty unhappy with me…”


“I never imagined that you would start a family. You seemed to have fallen for the Eastern Queen’s charms. She must have weakened you. It seems you’ve been neglecting your training. I can’t say that you’re a weakling. But from what I see, your cunning has definitely increased. I had hoped for more. Well, why? Do you want to know more?”


There was no need to know. Although I was a little embarrassed because the picture I had imagined didn’t quite fit, it didn’t seem bad.

One thing I found somewhat reassuring was that the northern warriors had accepted us better than expected. In fact, those who had settled in the north seemed to have a tendency to get along with us quite well. Despite the language barrier, they were already sharing food and simple drinks from the supplies. It was hard not to nod in agreement.

Perhaps our clan’s presence among the humans had helped the Greenskins accept the humans better.

Looking down, I saw Hajaku and some northern warriors chatting with Lee Wanyong.

They were sociable people.

Chang Je-ri was appointed as the overall commander of the South-North Alliance’s war. Originally, Han So-hye had been chosen for the position, but it was clear that Chang Je-ri had closer ties to both the Greenskins and the North. From the North’s point of view, lending land to the East was no different.

If they had nominated Han So-hye as the commander, she might have refused. She preferred to be on the front lines of the battle rather than sit back and give orders. So it was only natural that she would give up the position.

“It’s time for the fairies to return, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is. Is it your turn next?”

“No, it’s the East’s turn. But I think the fairies’ reconnaissance might be the last. From what I confirmed when I went out recently, it’s time for them to arrive.”

Each city and clan had their own reconnaissance teams that would periodically go out to monitor the outside world. Seeing Choi Seulgi bring up this topic, it seemed that they had become closer. I was about to reply when Mev came rushing over.


She had come straight here after finishing her task. Seeing her come over and hug me immediately made me laugh. Choi Seulgi was still looking at me suspiciously, but I tried to avoid her gaze as much as possible.


“I have already informed the minotaurs of the grasslands. We’ve confirmed that many humans have gathered there, and they should be arriving here very soon. I’ve also spoken to the plants and Silvern about it. There’s no need for the captain to go.”

“Thank you.”


She held onto my arm as if she didn’t want to let go, and Choi Seulgi’s eyes became sharp again. It was quite difficult to avoid Choi Seulgi’s gaze.

It had been quite a while since the meeting, so I was expecting them to arrive soon, but they moved much faster than I thought. The fact that they entered the grasslands without going through the jungle was also expected. Of course, our forces were also waiting in the jungle, ready to respond to any unforeseen circumstances.

As they approached, the activity below them increased significantly. The news had reached Chang Je-ri’s ears, and Lee Wanyong, Hakajin, the northern warriors, and the people from the east were all buzzing with activity.

“Prepare for battle! Prepare for battle!”

The battle hadn’t started yet, but they were getting ready. It probably wouldn’t start right away.

Given the need to find legitimacy and justification, there was a high chance that proper declarations of war or surrender negotiations would be attempted.

I used magic vision to scan the very long wall. Both the Northern Queen and Chang Je-ri appeared in their respective areas. They would undoubtedly want to greet them.

Several hours later,

The officials from the south and west inevitably appeared.

I saw the holy knights and the guilds and clans under their command approaching with very long halberds. The warriors from the south were also dressed as if they were in the desert, and the flags they held aloft depicting the sun made them look quite relaxed. The king of the south came into view, sitting comfortably on a large chariot. He looked old and unsightly. I thought that he was probably going to slander Chang Je-ri, and my judgment was somewhat distorted.

However, my eyes were naturally drawn to the holy sword. It’s not just me, but Choi Seulgi as well. Soon, the Holy Sword Ha Yuri, who is also under the protection of the Holy Knights, comes into view.

Unlike the others, she was riding on a pure white horse that exuded a holy aura and looked quite comfortable.

What was visible on her face was worry and concern, so we were no fools.

“That damned idiot is cosplaying again.

Choi Seulgi muttered and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Thump! Thump! Snap!

The marching sound of the holy sword and the people from the south was quite threatening, but I didn’t feel tense. At this point, I went under the wall. I wanted to see the face of the Holy Sword again, but if she appeared, things might get complicated.

“I suggest you surrender.”

A voice echoed after a while. It was a very clear voice. It was a voice that sounded like it was offering me a helping hand. I couldn’t help but laugh, as it seemed like she was trying to prepare a speech using voice amplification magic.

The loud voices from the enemy camp grew louder and more fervent, but there was no wavering among our troops. In the midst of this, a loud voice began to rise from the enemy lines.

“Free them!”

“Free them! Free those who are suffering!”

The clamor was incomprehensible and ridiculous. I sent a message to Chang Je-ri.

[Did you hear that?]

[It’s nonsense and not worth answering. I don’t want to waste my mental energy on it. We’ll wait, and if the enemy comes, we’ll fight.]

It seemed that Chang Je-ri had decided to remain silent, but I couldn’t bear it without saying a word.

[I will send someone from our side, so please be prepared. It’s not a greenskin, it’s a human. You should be fine.]

[If that’s your intention.]

I immediately released the greenskin and called him over. He came running to me, a look of awe and reverence in his voice.

“Hehe… B-Blood Dagger, what’s going on?”

“It’s a matter.”


I wanted to see her so badly that I couldn’t bear it.

“You should come see too. Ha… She’s a bad one from our point of view, isn’t she? I mean, she’s half and half, she radiates holiness… Who would think she’s a bad woman? Everywhere you look, it’s clear that we who are with you are the bad ones”.

But the troops remained steadfast.

In the midst of this, a sudden uproar broke out from the enemy camp.

“Liberate them!”

“Liberate them! Free those who are suffering!”

It seemed absurd and groundless. I sent a mental message to Chang Je-ri.

[Did you hear that?]

[Absolutely ridiculous. I have no intention of wasting my energy on this. We’ll wait, and if the enemy comes, we’ll fight.]

It seemed that Chang Je-ri wanted to remain silent, but I couldn’t help but say a word.

[I will send someone from our side, so please be prepared. It’s not a greenskin, it’s a human. You should be fine.]

[If that’s your intention.]

I immediately released the greenskin and called him over. He came running to me, a look of awe and reverence in his voice.

“Hehe… M-Mr. Blood Dagger, what’s going on?”

“It’s a matter.”


“Say a word and come down.”

Lee Wanyong hesitated for a moment, his expression filled with fear. From his point of view, being asked to go up on stage and curse the enemy representative could be quite frightening. But he firmly believed that I would protect him, and with that in mind, he nodded with determination. For now, his safety was the most important thing.

“What… what should I say…”

“Call her a fucking bitch and make her angry.”

“I understand!”

Lee Wanyong’s face brightened considerably. From his perspective, just being on the battlefield would be scary enough. But it seemed like he saw this as an opportunity and climbed onto the stage with a rather serious and confident expression. This was all part of the plan, and if I was right, he would probably be able to make me feel better.

Meanwhile, the enemy camp seemed to be getting more and more excited, and their voices were getting louder. The queen of the east didn’t speak, and neither did the queen of the north. From the enemy’s point of view, a stranger had climbed onto the stage and begun to speak, so they must have been quite confused.

Finding out who he was and what his position was would undoubtedly be of great interest to them. Although he was basically insignificant, he caused quite a stir.

Finally, the magic of voice amplification was cast, and Lee Wanyong began to speak. The words that came out of his mouth were unexpected.

“Raise your heads. You fucking bitch whore!”

With a single, refreshing blow, Lee Wanyong and Choi Seulgi both bowed their heads at the same time.