Even as Inuhkmun continued to squirm, Kaelresh became more unscrupulous and decided to risk it all. Besides, where things had reached, he was riding on the back of a tiger, there was no way to get off!

It was either he completed the taming and marking of this arrogant beauty who was his soulmate or she would flip things over and start pegging him everyday out of fury!

For his sanctity, manliness and peace of mind, Kaelresh would do anything to succeed!

"Hehe, one last question. This thing hitting the inside of your leg, whose is it? Who does it belong to?" Kaelresh questioned as he allowed his donger to slap both sides of her inner thighs like he was beating a drum.

"Y-You! What do you mean by that-- Woah!" She gasped with widened eyes as Kaelresh aimed for the pathway of joy and wealth, penetrating through all barriers to plant his flag on the new horizon!

(Author's Note: I don't think Tomegamon females have hymens the way human females do, so don't worry about it.)

Kaelresh's eyes became red from the softness and wetness, and he could barely retain his mind. After all, just like with Draco and Eva or Draco and Shuangtian, this was a connection of perfection, a soulmate mating sequence ordained by the universe itself.

Even if one or the other had lackluster or normal physiques, for their partner it would feel like they were mating with the best incubus/succubus due to the extra soul connection.

Of course, Kaelresh knew that more than this, he had to completely control his soulmate otherwise the aftermath, would be disastrous for his health. As such, he roared the question: "Who does this pulsating rod belong to?! Tell me Innuhkmun… who do I belong to?!"

Inuhkmun, as you could imagine, was barely keeping a grip on her sanity. The sensations she had never experienced before coupled with her soul connection to her mate caused her to be on cloud nine.

Her tongue was almost lolling and her eyes almost rolled back into her head, so she replied instinctively, from the heart: "Me! It belongs to me! Its all mine, my love!"

Kaelresh was incredibly satisfied by this. He had completed the initial stage of the taming and his future was temporarily saved.

Now, it was time to mark his woman for eternity!

"Correct! Now, let me show you how much of beast I really am!" Kaelresh roared his resolve and began using all the skills imparted to him by the spirits of Tomegamon from ages past.

Poor Inuhkmun was like a small boat in a storm, the slightest mistake and she could capsize, or in this case, become mentally retarded.

Finally, the storm relaxed and light of the next day seeped through the window, illuminating what looked like a battle field. Two naked forms could be seen lying in the middle of it all, resting on a mostly damaged bed while sleeping peacefully.

One of them, a young Tomegamon beauty, stirred having heard nature's call. In trying to get up, she fell due to her wobbly legs.

"Ugh! You really are a beast Kael! I'm going to be sore for days..." She complained, making him chuckle slightly.

"I may be a beast but I'm YOUR beast now. And soon, the entirety of the Tomegamon empire will know it too. Speaking of that, when is the coronation ceremony that was mentioned?" Kaelresh asked with confusion.

Looking at the now damaged calendar on the floor, a notification went off, alerting Innuhkmun to what day and time it was.

Cursing, she tried to get up again while grumbling: "Its today and supposed to be in a few hours, Kael! Dammit, I'm to sore to walk. We need to get ready."

Looking at his struggling wife, (once mating has happened any ceremony is a formality for the Tomegamon people) and noticing some liquids spilling from her, Kaelresh began to get hard again.

Noticing this Innuhkmun, expression changed to fear. She quickly said. "Not now! We have things to do today, and by that, I mean events to attend."

She stated that last part with a pointed glance.

Groaning with frustration, Kaelresh replied. "Ugh! Fine. Here let me help you."

Getting up, he picked her up bridal style then took her to the bathroom and helped her draw up a hot bath admit her blushing and feeble complaints.

Leaving the restroom, Kaelresh entered the bedchamber again, looked around, and chuckled remembering last night.

Thinking of something, he went to the door and opened it only to be met with the smug face of his mother who had kept guard overnight. "How are you feeling son? I see you've recovered heh heh."

Feeling slightly embarrassed, Kaelresh responded. " I feel better mother, thank you. Where are the guar- oh there they are."

Looking slightly down the hall, Kaelresh noticed the two in question. He casually gave them orders. "I need food and drink for the two of us. I also need stuff to wear to the ceremony later."

"Do we look like servants to you?!?!" One of them asked with a dark expression.

Thinking about it, Kaelresh answered sincerely. "Um yeah, you kinda do. Now hurry up we seem to be running late and my mate is hungry."

"I wonder why that is…" The other guard muttered as he rolled his eyes.

"Could it be that you cant satisfy your woman like I did last night to mine? Or is it because you don't have one and are jealous? Now go get the stuff I asked for and stop being such a bitch." Kaelresh fired back while smiling slightly at the two fellows.

The guard who muttered spat blood and pointed at Kaelresh with anger. The second guard was smart and did not want this smoke, so he got up and left to fetch what he needed.

Kaelresh went back into the room followed by his mother who looked around at the damaged 'battlefield' with shock.

"Damn! My son, she must have been a handful!" Innuhksun couldn't help but exclaim her surprise.

"Oh shes more than that, trust me." Kaelresh responded with a filthy and arrogant smirk.

Suddenly, he felt a hand hit the back of his head, almost sending him flying.

"What was that for!" He questioned while squatting and grabbing the back of his head.

"Haha, you need to be gentler! Trust me, it's much better that way," came words of wisdom from my father who appeared in the room.

"Wow! The first time usually is the most rough, but this is kinda overboard, son." The mature and handsome older Tomegamon remarked as he gazed around.

Kaelresh looked away sheepishly. "Yeah well I have a mate who likes it that way apparently. Anyway, why are you all here?"

"I came to stand guard so you wouldn't be interrupted," replied Innuhksun while folding her arms.

"And I came because today is your coronation, right? You think we would stay in the otherworld and miss this?" answered his father with a proud smile.

"Thank you, mom and dad. I-" Kaelresh was interrupted by a sharp knock on the door.

"Wow they must be fast with service here." He couldn't help but mutter as he moved to open the door.

"Son, that's not-" His father quickly tried to warn as his face changed greatly.

However, he was tackled by his wife who held him down with a playful expression.

"Shh! I want to see the show, Ramesh."

Ramesh, Kaelresh's father, could not help but feel pity for his son. Who asked him to have a mother who was strong-willed and a troublemaker?

There was a second more forceful knock that almost took the door down.

"I'm coming dammit. Whats with the guards here?" Kaelresh grumbled with irritation.

Going to the door and opening it, his gaze fell on a beautiful female about 6'3, long eye lashes, sandy brown fur wearing a floor length dress. It was covered in a dazzling array of colors on the darker side of the spectrum, made with a silk-like material and a gold necklace in the shape of a flying beast with ruby eyes. Her eyes were a gorgeous shade of lavender-blue with pupils the color of onyx.

And she was staring up at Kaelresh with confusion. Her eyes began tracing his contract marks and trailing up to his face. A sort of recognition flashed through her eyes when she saw his abnormality.

She kept sizing him up and down before then her eyes went wide with shock. Following her gaze…

Kaelresh realized…

He was completely naked.

However instead of being embarrassed, he gave her a level headed gaze and asked. "Yes? May I help you? Where is the food and garments I asked for?"

(Author's Note: At this point in time, the universe helped mated Tomegamon become immune to the opposite sex, this changes later when Kaelresh fully becomes Anubesetesh and is the last of his race.)

"Excuse me?" She blinked her eyes and asked with confusion.

"The food and drink for me as well as my mate! Also the garments for the ceremony later! Did that blundering fool of a guard not pass that message along?! Geez its hard-to-find good help these days its seems…" Kaelresh shook his head before noticing another guest, this one not too unwelcome but not expected.

"Ah! So you're finally awake! Can you fight? Want to spar!?!?" Garruksun exclaimed like a happy child finding his best friend outside after they had been gone a while. This also earned him a punch to his midriff from the smaller female.

"Oof! Selkhet, why did you hit me?!" He asked with confusion and unhappiness.

The one called Selkhet was fuming at this point!

Not only had she not found her daughter at the door, she found a brute of a Tomegamon who didn't know what decency meant and he had also treated her as a maid!

And now her own husband wanted to spar with him when there were things to do today that must be done! Also, it was because of this brute that today's schedule was skewed!

Not to mention, why did this beastly young one have her daughter's scent all over him?!

Noticing the changes as well as the dangerous aura coming from his mate, Garruksun understood everything. He calmed down and smiled, trying to diffuse the situation he said:

"Oh right you haven't met Kaelresh yet have you. He's the one I told you about. He's Inuhkmun's mate. Well given the smell, probably better to call him her husband-"


As her anger surged, golden flames began to sprout all around her body causing the hall to heat up when another voice entered the conversation.

"Hello miss priss, long time no see! I see your temper hasn't changed all these years hahaha!" Kaelresh';s mother laughed with amusement.

"Innuhksun! I-Is that you?" Selkhet's rage reduced to a simmer once again as she turned to the voice.

"Yup and this young one next to me who isn't wearing anything is actually my son, so I'd appreciate it if you'd back off. Its not worth your pretty little ass getting beat over, is it?" His mother smirked provocatively.

She always got joy from pressing her best friend's buttons. Then Kaelresh felt a kick hit his midsection tat caused him to bend over.

"And you need to remember you aren't in the middle of nowhere anymore! Go find your kilt in the wreckage you and Innuhkmun created! It will work until proper clothes can be found." Innuksun scolded while folding her arms, causing her son to lower his head.

As for Selkhet, she stood there stupidly, blinking rapidly. She had been throughly stunned by all this stood in shock.



Middle of no where?

By The Spirits, what the HELL was going on!?