Seeing Selkhet utterly confused, Innuhkmun laughed and offered an explanation.

"You'll learn more from him later but what you need to understand is the day Kaelresh was born he was taken to a place not of light nor darkness but somewhere in between." She began as she folded her arms behind her back.

"An old witch named Bachruun raised him and taught him the ways of the universal 'singers'. Unfortunately, she has seemingly forgotten to teach him the ways of our people, so I do ask you to forgive his…uncouthness for now, especially since he now your son too." Innuhkmun bowed on Kaelresh's behalf, something which Selkhet didn't dare to receive easily.

"Still, given his unique experience it's safe to say that he is destined to become the strongest 'singer' (AN: Tomegamon equivalent of mage) our people have ever produced. Chosen by Ram-Kha, Garhuun, and Solkara as you could see by the contract markings." His mother gestured to the abnormal marks on Kaelresh's body which everyone had been puzzled about.

"He already controls: lightning, earth, gem/crystal, air, sound, soul/spirit, darkness/void, metal, poison. He can learn by listening to others 'sing' and copy them." Innuhkmun also revealed his greatest secret and the power he had gained at birth that superseded everything that they knew.

Naturally, Garruksun and Selkhet were shocked by this and their bodies trembled. They couldn't help but glance at their naked son-in-law who was scratching his head and piecing together his kilt with his hairy butt up in the air.

Of course, they were rendered speechless and the sense of fear and alienation that appeared disappeared.

Innuhkmun chuckled at this and wasn't surprised. Her son was the True God King of the Tomegamon, and his charisma was something that no one could replicate, even when he did it unintentionally.

"Although his competency depends on the one he listens to, he can also create various combinations with the elements he knows." She calmed them down by revealing the major flaw of his power.

"He's also versed in blood and ritual 'songs' taught to him by Bachruun who I believe is an ancient being, possibly the first ever 'singer' in the universe with powers we can't even begin fathom." Innuhkmun stated with a solemn expression, thinking back to the aura of that old witch that made her feel despair.

Ramesh began to help Kaelresh in the background while Innuhkmun concluded her explanation. "This boy, this son of ours, is going to become an Origin God one day or even greater, maybe an Eternal, not to mention the father to your grand-pups."

After fashioning his kilt and finding his necklace - which had come off during the night somehow - Kaelresh came back on the last sentence. He froze and glanced at his mother who had one of the biggest wolfish grins he'd seen on her face.

"Geez, we are only 50 years old you know! The chances of us having pups this early is insane to say the least! You and dad had one ever other century after all..." Kaelresh complained with an expression of speechlessness.

Without batting an eye, Innuhksun snickered and responded. "After last night, I wouldn't be surprised if you'll be a dad soon heh heh".

Feeling really embarrassed, Kaelresh looked up and away, coughing slightly while rubbing his snout.

"Well, first he needs to bath. The STENCH of mating is heavy on him!" Selkhet commented, coming out of her daze and seemingly accepting the mother-in-law position.

"Then we need to get him coronated as the Crown Prince and start his duties. Not to mention there needs to be a FORMAL ceremony to unite Innuhkmun and Kaelresh as husband and wife. And he needs to officially become part of the military force and gain a station and corresponding rank." She began listing off this and that.

Kaelresh's eyes became lidded with boredom as he had lost interest and he saw that his father-in-law had too. Man, why did women get so crazy about ceremonies and functions?

Wouldn't it be weird if there was a first world society where the women, the keepers of tradition and ceremony began tearing down tradition and ceremony instead?

Ha, such a thing was clearly impossible.

"My love, why don't we let Kael and Mun get ready? They do need to eat, and he needs to bathe. Let's go and make sure the preparations are in order, eh?" Garruksun attempted to change the subject so everyone could get ready.

"Fine…" Selkhet said with exasperation but then turned to Kaelresh.

"Hurry. The ceremony was supposed to start two hours ago." She and Garruksun both started walking away.

"Well, son, you certainly made an impression on your new mother-in-law, hahahaha! She couldn't take her eyes off you for even a couple seconds!" Innuhksun roared with unscrupulous laughter, making Ramesh speechless.

There she goes, his beloved wife and queen was fully in troublemaker mode.

"I must say, I'm proud as well that my little boy has grown so much, heh heh. Your father and I will show up at the ceremony, better go get you and your wife ready!" Innuhksun chuckled as she and Ramesh disappeared from the room.

The servant finally showed up with the food and clothes after all that. Giving the innocent looking servant a sharp glance and sighing, Kaelresh took the food and garments into the room just as Innuhkmun was coming out of the bath.

He casually explained everything that happened without shame. She was shocked, amused, irritated and hungry.

They devoured the delicious food and he took a much needed bath.

And then once they were dressed appropriately, she led him to the place where all this glorified statecraft stuff was to be held.

Kaelresh guessed it was good to be the king, but the other crap that came with it was annoying.


Anubesetesh shook his head just as his mind was coming to the coronation event itself. He remembered how grand it was, and he didn't want to experience the emotions that came with those memories right now.

Especially not when he was so close to his goal.

As it stood, he felt that he was only about five days away from his target, and his expansive senses told him that his destination was a little blue planet near the mid point of the galaxy.

Anubesetesh couldn't help but wonder what he would find when he got there.


Meanwhile, the Evil Trio who had no idea about their incoming alien visitor, had completely digested the results of their Rank Up as well as their ascent into True God status. There was naturally no announcement from the AI because they way they achieved this power was external, so it didn't count.

Now that they were done with that, the next thing to deal with was to run a World Boss and test out their power. After all, World Bosses were the peak of mortal power among monsters for players, equivalent in some ways to Titled Gods among NPCs.

Digging through their memories, they decided to capitulate upon something they had saved for a long time.

Remember Cario City? One of the 4 top cities of Sturgehaven? Where their Rank 7 shop and Rank 7 Guild Hall were located, as well as the Rank 7 Castle?

Yeah, there was naturally a reason Draco and Eva had chosen to develop in that city in this timeline. During the previous timeline they had discovered that it held the location to a secret dungeon where if you branched out at a certain point, there was a World Boss area!

The first World Boss the collective playerbase had fought and killed in the previous timeline was precisely that World Boss! The discovery was done by Draco and it was one of the reasons he and Hellscape had stood tall in late game as all the elites had slowly reached up to the peak of Rank 6.

Draco, Eva and Shuangtian shared a look before deciding. This boss was the one they would play with until it died of grievance!

They left the Morningstar Universe after filling up their Source Origins with Divine Energy and appeared in the Aether Palace. Before they left, Draco reminded himself that it was about time to upgrade Vita Kingdom to Vita Empire.

They teleported to Cario City and hovered in the air above it all. The city was far less bustling due to the war and conquest of Cario Continent, but it was still better than everywhere else that had been razed to the ground.

In fact, there were a countable number of kingdoms and empires on the entire continent that had been spared the purge as well as the genocide and Sturgehaven was one of them.

One could see that the people were confused and worried for the future, a direct effect of the sudden change. This made the Evil Trio share a look.

"We should probably plant the seeds of growth on Cario Continent after the World Boss and before the plunder." Eva suggested, which was quickly assent to by Draco and Shuangtian.

The three then disappeared and appeared at the entrance of one of Cario City's top dungeons, the Endless Glade. It was a Nature/Wood type dungeons that feature plant monsters and a lot of ambushes.

It was super annoying and easy to die if one got careless and didn't have a good archer/rogue in their party with tracking/spotting skills, but the drops were great for a normal party. There was a chance for Epic loot if your party managed to perform a flawless run and kill all monsters. Best of all, the chances weren't low at an insane 20%!

This might seem low to some, but remember that this dungeon had no time limit or challenge limit! If you succeeded once and did not get it, you run it endless for as long as you want until you did!

So technically, it was possible to endlessly farm Epic items from here!

Of course, that was easy to say. The requirement were highly stressful as they required caution and perfection, so it took time and created huge amounts of mental fatigue.

There were no players near this dungeon as most had obviously evacuated Cario Continent to hide on other continents to eke out their survival until Umbra eventually came to harvest their lives.

As such, the Evil Trio were easily able to enter without any obstruction or having to form a line with others.

The moment they did so, the world shifted into a lush glade that had trickles of sunlight leaking in from the top. There were small clearings around the huge trees around that allowed one to have some space to move, but the low-light caused one's vision to not be able to go far.

It felt like there were eyes in the edge of the distance that were maliciously glancing over, excitedly waiting for the chance to harm you.

Case in point, a roar occurred and a giant boar made out of wood with yellow orbs for eyes rushed over with malice in its heart.

「Name: Woodheart Boar – Major rank monster

Level: 220

HP: 202,000,000/202,000,000」

That's right, the Endless Glade Dungeon was for Rank 1 level 10 up to Rank 5 level 250, otherwise Rank 6 Draco from the previous timeline wouldn't have anything to do here, especially not solo. While he was a skilled fighter and one of the world's best, the general rule was that players fought monsters who were suffering from Rank and level suppression on them in Parties.

Draco and Eva were just special because they could do that solo, but fighting same level enemies, especially at the higher Ranks, was next to madness.

Of course, this timeline was an entirely different story.

While the boar charged over, Eva simply pointed a finger and fired her Searing Ray skill. In order to test her power, she did not attach a Law to this trike.

Obviously since they were same Rank without any suppression on each other, the boar was easily one shot.

202 million HP meant nothing when their stats were above 500,000 and them multiplied by passives like 10,000% from here, 3,000% from there and so on, as well as the skill itself that had a huge damage multiplier.