Sure the AI said it couldn't display stats above 1000 points, but that was only in terms of physical and corporeal output. When it came to damage calculation, tt had absolutely no problem using their high stats to work with.

After dealing with this initial monster, they were attack again by more similar wood constructed monsters of various types.

「Name: Woodheart Wolf – Major rank monster

Level: 220

HP: 205,000,000/205,000,000」

「Name: Woodheart Bear – Major rank monster

Level: 220

HP: 220,000,000/220,000,000」

「Name: Woodheart Serpent – Major rank monster

Level: 200

HP: 190,000,000/190,000,000」

Al of these bonafide majors were one shot by either Draco, Eva or Shuangtian in passing and they did not use divine Energy nor laws to fight. They just stuck to using active skills with low cooldowns and none of them could survive what came next.

Soon, they reached the first miniboss which was a wood construct tiger that was twice the size of an SUV.

「Name: Woodheart Tiger – Colonel rank monster

Level: 240

HP: 490,000,000/490,000,000」

Since it was a Colonel compared to a major, its power and HP were far greater despite only being a few levels higher. Draco remembered having difficulty soloing this thing even with Rank and level suppression on his side back then.

However, now…

The Woodheart Tiger roared and pounced at Shuangtian with speed that no average player could follow even with good stats. Even the currently Rank 5 basic members of Umbra who were all decked out in Epic custom sets would find difficulty soling the Woodheart Tiger.

Of course if they were in a party, they could beat it to death. As for the core members, they certainly might not one shit it but they would only need a few casual blows to display their valor.

For the Evil Trio though…

The Tiger choose Shuangtian as its prey since she was walking in the lead. After all, she was an invincible tank who had insane defense and regeneration. Even Eva, who had the highest raw offensive damage of the three, could not confidently claim to be able to take down her sister wife.

If so, how could this dog tiger accomplish such a thing?

Shuangtian simply threw a punch with connected with the jaw of the Woodheart Tiger and the construct returned to whence it came, from fucking wood splinters.

Amused, the Evil Trio diverged from the dungeons path and headed to the left. Soon, they came to a 'boundary' set by the AI that obviously stated that this was out of bounds, but since Boundless was about realism, the boundary was crafted in the form of seemingly impenetrable wooden trees stacked together.

The Evil Trio shared a look and leapt over the trees without destroying them, which caused them to switch areas. The most direct manifestation of this was that behind the impenetrable trees was now a bright and warm meadowland.

In this meadowland was a great expanse of grass that swayed with the wind and suspiciously bright sunlight that did not scald the skin nor blind the eyes, but felt extremely tame.

Smackdab in the center was a giant tree that pierced into the heavens. It was at least as tall as mount everest and as wide as Manhattan, so even from so far away, it actually looked pretty huge.

Damn bro, about 1/20th of the entire visible horizon in front of them was swallowed up by the tree!

Naturally, this was the World Boss of Cario City, the Tree of Cario!

「Name: The Tree of Cario – General Rank monster (World Boss)

Level: 400

HP: 120,000,000,000,000,000/120,000,000,000,000,000」

Whew lad.

It was a wood and nature element monster, as well as a tree. In exchange for mobility, it had a huge vitality and crazy defense, that was how it usually went.

However, Christ on a dolphin, that was 120 quadrillion HP. Even the Kraken back then had only possessed 900 trillion and it was enough to stump the Evil Trio as well as the core members for a long while.

120 quadrillion was even worse and seemed insurmountable. Not to mention, billions of players had come together in the previous timeline to fight and they barely eked out a victory after more than 99% of them died.

However, the scene would naturally be different since Draco alone had more power than all the billions of players in the previous timeline did combined by over 50 times, much less paired with Eva and Shuangtian.

Draco checked the raid screen.

「World Boss Raid

Raid Target: The Tree of Cario

Raid Target Power: 100%

Raid Target Introduction: This is a unique existence that hovers between being a mortal and Divine. It is the reincarnation of a fallen True God during the Divine Wars of the same name and formed the entire continent of Cario in order to conceal its existence while it recuperates.

Raid Difficulty: Nightmare.

Raid Stage 1 - Woodheart Monsters (100% HP)

Description: Raid Target summons the remaining Woodheart monsters in the exterior dungeon to defend against the assailants.

Raid Stage 2 - Critter Swarm (80% HP)

Description: Raid Target sends out all the various creatures that exist in its boughs to defend it.

Raid Stage 3 - Nature's Defense (60% HP)

Description: Raid Target summons am army of dryads, wood elves, treeants, druids and shamblers to dispose of the attackers.

Raid Stage 4 - Devouring Recuperation (40% HP)

Description: Raid Target panics and digs into the vitality of the surrounding meadowland, draining it to restore HP. It also drains any leftover player and monster corpses.

Raid Stage 5 - Mad Tree (20% HP)

Description: Raid Target releases all roots and vines to strike everything around it crazily, not willing to die a second time. It is at its most dangerous here.」

Draco nodded his head, p[leased that things were still the same. However, this Tree of Cario was likely in the top 5% of World Bosses in the entire main plane, because it had five stages.

Naturally, the more stages a World Boss had, the more powerful it was. Comparing the Kraken who only had two stages, it was clearly just an entry level World Boss yet had been so arrogant.

The raid did not begin until the first attack was made, so Draco and his two beauties discussed whether to stream their battle or not. Draco naturally wanted to so he could pose in front of the playerbase and then make then cough blood in jealousy by fondling his babes, but Eva and Shuangtian were not willing to do such a thing.

As such, Draco was voted out. He could only sulk and miss the days where he could bully Eva freely without repercussion.

It was decided that they would fight first using their stats alone without considering laws, and do so like a proper team. As such, Shuangtian was up from as the main tank while Draco was the close combat damage dealer and Eva was the long range damage dealer.

As for the other roles, they could fill them themselves, like healing and support.

The raid began!

Shuangtian jumped for and appeared before the trunk of the tree in a split second. Not giving the World Boss time to even digest her presence, she threw a potent punch at the bark.


The entire world seemed to shake from the sheer force of Shaungtian's physical power, and the Evil Trio could hear a scream on the level of the soul that sounded like an old man wailing.

This punch was based of Shaungtian's raw strength stat of 510,000 points. Then there was the Barbarian Strength passive skill which increased her unarmed damage by 30,000%!

Her Divine gauntlets, Koraina, given by Aniam from Caelo's universe had a passive called Unlimited Power which increased BOTH strength and her unarmed damage by 15,000%!

Her Dragovestis divine set had a set effect that if 4 pieces were equipped, all damage +500,000%!

So using raw numbers, that was (510,000 x 150) x 300 x 150 x 5000 which was seventeen quadrillion two hundred twelve trillion five hundred billion, or 17,212,500,000,000,000!

Of course, damage was not calculated like this in Boundless, it was far more complex and involved many different things. However, just using this common and raw calculation, Shuangtian's casual punch was enough to take away 15% of this World Boss's total HP!

No skills were used to enhance this and no buffs had been applied!

Of course… sigh, how could things be so easy?

Firstly, lets talk about Rank and level suppression… AGAIN.

But nah, not gonna.

Just reduce Shaungtian's stats by 99% and reduce the final damage value by 30% and do the calculation again.

So (5,100 x150) x 300 x 150 x 5000 ÷ 30 was five trillion seven hundred and thirty-seven billion five hundred million, or 5,737,500,000,000!

And then adding the Tree's defense, its own stats, and the true calculation of Boundless, that came down to about 200 billion thereabouts.

Hateful, hateful, hateful!

Someone had to do something about that bloody Rank and level suppression thing!

Well, there was something they could do, but they were in no rush to go that far. Right now, Shuangtian kept punching freely without even using skills while Eva pointed her finger and fired casual beams of light all over the tree.

Meanwhile, Draco was currently slashing apart the Woodheart monsters that were summoned over from the dungeon regardless of their Ranks. If we were talking about which of them had the most targeted boosts across their skills and equipment, it would obviously be Draco and his sword damage boost.

Holding the two identical Dragorugio swords in either hand, a single lash was enough to kill every monster that appeared before him regardless of level or HP. These monsters were the same Rank as him, making things even worse for them.

Not even minibosses or the dungeon's main boss, a bonafide Rogue Druid Summoner, could withstand a single blow from Draco. After dealing with them, he began carving his face into the trunk of the tree and doodling stuff like 'Draco loves Eva and Shuangtian', 'Eva's pussy juice tastes like ambrosia' and 'Shaungtian's ass is so fat your mom got depressed and committed suicide'.

Naturally, Eva and Shuangtian were embarrassed by this uncouth behavior, but their had to clamp their legs as they fought.

…after all, who else could they blame that such uncouth behavior was exactly what they liked and what turned them on?!

In a matter of seconds, a shockwave erupted from the tree that blew everyone back. This was not something that the tree specifically possessed, but every World Boss had this power that was basically a game mechanic.

So no matter how powerful the Evil trio were, they couldn't resist it. After being blown back without loosing HP or suffering any damage - this was also a mechanic, not due to their defense - the Tree shuddered and switched phases.

The 'animation' came to an end and the Evil Trio could attack once more, and they did so.

Immediately the boughs of the tree shook and hundreds of birds, bees, insects, badgers, lynx, foxes, spiders and more fell out, rushing towards the evil trio.

Draco and Eva frowned as they remembered how annoying this part had been in the previous timeline. These critters were weak, not even having 100 points of HP, but their sheer numbers surpassed trillions!

There was a sea of them that blotted out the sky and brought darkness to the land.

Since he was the one controlling the adds, Draco sighed and waved a hand casually.


「 Active 2 – Freeze: The cold of the moon can only be borne by special ice species like the Jade Rabbit, Ice Phoenix, etc. Any other species subjected to its frost will turn into ice, without a chance to fight back. Summon your Inner Moon out into the real world and allow its pervasive cold to sweep through the battlefield.

Duration: Variable.

Cooldown: Variable.」