Councilor Damon scoffed. "So what if you did? I only need a few seconds to deal with you both!"

Without allowing the duo to retort and further waste time, Councilor Damon acted. He burst out with raw Knight Energy and used one of the sword techniques unique to the Arthurian sub-Lineage, the Sword Wave!

This medium range attack allowed him to display the full power of his sword techniques without suffering the weakness of a typical sword user, which was the need to get close. Seeing this attack, Walter glowed with 3rd Order Energy as he thrust his lance forward, also using the Chulainn sub-Lineage's special ability, Spear Shadow.

The spear shadow collided with the sword wave, yet it was instantly crushed by it due to the sheer difference in power. A genius was a person able to grow faster than his/her peers at the same level, one who usually displayed power greater than them. Unfortunately, when faced against a member of the older generation, especially with such a high power gap, all matter of tricks were useless.

Nevertheless, the sword wave was definitely weakened, losing about half of its full power. The remaining half was dangerous enough though, yet Juno suddenly punched out with her full ability, creating a fist made of energy.

"Empyrean Juno Fist!"

Her fist collided with the sword wave, both vanishing as a result. Juno posed confidently, feeling quite smug. Baby Kiran's eyes sparkled and he laughed happily while waving his arms.

As for Councilor Damon, he simply glanced at Walter with a '?' expression. Walter's face was red, but he arrogantly raised his head pretending that there was absolutely nothing wrong with his wife's chunnibyou antics.

Councilor Damon decided not to comment and resumed the fight. Walter paired up with Juno were just enough to match him in overall power, but it was clear that the duo were unable to hold out for too long.

Still, he knew that these brats reinforcements would be coming soon, so he had to end things quickly. As such, an evil light flashed in his eyes as he feigned an attack against Juno.

"You wench, it's all your fault we are in this situation! Die!"

He then used his strongest attack to slash at Juno who manifested her best possible defense, while Walter rushed over to assist. However, this was what Councilor Damon had aimed for, as he suddenly switched targets to the baby in Walter's hands!

Seeing the change, the faces of both parents changed in horror. Walter immediately manifested his defense hastily, but his Knight's Ward was broke through easily. Before he could let Kiran be harmed, he resolutely turned his back to the strike and let the sword slash at his back, tearing the flesh open and revealing bones.

Walter spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to his knees, still holding Kiran gently. He was definitely out of commission for the fight, and this made Juno furious.

She roared and exploded with all her energy, rushing towards Councilor Damon and throwing her most powerful punch. However, her opponent simply allowed it to strike his ward, which only caused cracks but couldn't shatter it.

With a sneer, Councilor Damon plunged his sword right into Juno's gut, making sure to rip it to the side and out of her body as he kicked her to the ground, where she landed right beside Walter.

Walter was horrified by this, and despite his injuries, crawled over to his beloved and cradled her as best as he could.

"Juno! Hey, Juno! Don't close your eyes!" Walter shouted in a panic.

Because of his voice and the weirdness of the scene, baby Kiran went from happy to sad, and began crying loudly. Hearing his wails, Juno weakly opened her eyes as blood flowed down the side the her mouth.

"Now look… at what you've… done… handsome…" She muttered weakly.

She reached out a hand and cupped her son;s face, gently caressing the baby. "There, there my love… Mommy is with you…"

Juno's breathed stilled as she muttered her last words weakly. "Mommy will always be with you…"

Walter was stunned. How could this have happened? One moment they were celebrating a bright future together and the next, disaster occurred.

The Buddha Lineage's Clan Head, who was half dead, was forced to do nothing but watch the death of his daughter and wept where he lay impotently. Had he not been ambushed and severely dealt with, he could have stopped this.

Witnessing the outcome of everything, he severely regretted his actions. Why had he taken such an offensive stance? Would it not have been good if he dimply came over to acknowledge his grandson instead?

He could have even used this chance while Juno was in a good mood to patch up their father-daughter relationship that had gone astray. Instead, his interference had led to her death.

He hated himself more than anyone else right now. He wondered what had clouded his mind to do such things, but realized that it was mostly his own upbrinding and the constant whispering of the Elders.

After all, Juno was not their own daughter, so it was easy for them harper about how 'she has defiled the clan's reputation' or 'she should be dragged back for punishment'.

Glancing at the injured Elders who lay around him, the Clan Head solemnly swore internally that the Lineage would go through some serious cleansing when he got back… assuming he would get the chance to.

Right now, the Clan Head knew that he had to rectify things before they reached the deep end. As such, he forcibly suppressed his injuries and walked over to where Juno lay, glaring at Councilor Damon who stopped his attack with hesitation after seeing the Clan Head rise.

After all, the man had earned his position. Were it not for the initial sneak attack, this fight would never have been so smooth. Even if he was injured now, a lean camel was still stronger than a horse.

The Clan Head knelt beside Juno and touched her body. He then chanted some Buddhist mantras as Juno's corpse began to glow in a lovely golden color, shrinking rapidly as it turned into a small golden marble with Sanskrit writings all over it.

Walter was shocked by this and glared at the Clan Head with hatred. "It's all your fault! After causing her to die, now you have even ruined her corpse!"

The Clan Head shook his head. "You're right, I am responsible for her death, and unfortunately I can't heal her. I have condensed Juno's remaining essence and soul into this sarira. I heard her final words, that she will always be with her son, and as her father, it is my duty to make her wishes come true."

The Clan Head then took the sarira and placed it on baby Kiran's chest. A mirage of a smaller sarira manifested which was taken over by Juno's own, making the crying Kiran suddenly laugh and feel comforted.

Walter saw this and was silent. "Thank you."

The Clan Head shook his head. "It is too early to thank me. That fellow is only holding back because he fears my final retaliation, but that means I'll have to take your son away and protect him in our Lineage. You should understand why."

Walter's brows furrowed greatly, but he loosened them. "Please… father-in-law… I'm counting on you."

The Clan Head gazed at Walter with a complicated look and sighed. He then took Kiran in his arms and gathered the fainted Buddha Elders. He then left while carrying them all using the sheer force of his own power.

Councilor Damon's eyes flashed many times as he watched them leave, but ultimately decided to do nothing. Looking down and seeing Walter there glaring at him with abject hatred, he sneered and prepared to cripple or kill the fellow to weed out the roots.

However, at this time, he felt the aura of Sebastian and Julian, two fellow Councilors, nearby. The next moment, a relatively young looking Sebastian appeared with his typical buff body that looked like The Rock along with his bald head, and a mature looking man who had handsome features and a gallant look even as he wore plate armor in public.

He was Councilor Julian, the father of the current Councilor David. The two of them saw the scene on the beach and their faces changed greatly.

"Damon, what have you done?!" Julian roared as he lifted his saber in readiness to cut Damon in half.

"Julian, stop!" Sebastian roared, making the other councilor pause in surprise.

"But Sebastian, you see what I see, don't you? How are we supposed to explain to Lady Scathach?" Julian asked with confusion.

Sebastian glanced at Julian with a smile. "We'll let her decide by bringing him back to her."

Sebastian then turned to Damon and glared coldly. "Are you going to come peacefully, or do we have to make this ugly?"

Damon's expression was severe as he considered his options. Seeing that he was not submitting in the first instance, Sebastian smiled coldly.

"If you run or make things difficult, we'll have to present your precious son Damien to Scathach instead. Do you want that to happen?"

Damon trembled at the thought and gritted his teeth. Eventually, he lowered his head and submitted, allowing the two Councilors to chain him and take him away along with the four injured youths.


"This is rubbish! How can the Council overlook such crimes? Are you planning to become accomplices to the act?!" Misery roared as he pointed at the fellows before him.

Of the 9 Councilors, only Sebastian was still present in the current era. The previous roster - which were current in this flashback - were the parents or uncles of the current ones.

Meridia, the mother of Meredith, frowned and spoke coldly. "Watch your tongue, fledgling! You speak to the Council of Elders!"

"I speak to the Council of your father! Rather than think about your goddamn ego, take a moment to consider how the rest of the Lineage will view the Council if you go through with this!" Misery was unrelenting.

His words made most of the Councilors become grave. It was not due to the youth's impudence, but due to logic within that they all subconsciously acknowledged.

However, what could they do? There was an external party influencing the outcome.

"I am the one who pushed for the decision. Rather than impudently insult your Elders, I dare you to take your issues to me face to face." Stated a cold voice as a young man the same age as Misery emerged from the entrance of the council room, his hands behind his back.

It was a fellow with bronze skin and a well built frame, standing at around 6"2. He was not very handsome - if at all - with hard ridges on his face and messy black hair, but his brown eyes were filled with disdain and malice to all things.

Misery turned to see who it was and then turned back to the Council.

"Who is this retard?"

The various Councilors were aged, but they almost couldn't stifle their laughter. The fellow being referred to as a retard immediately became furious and his body exploded with bloodline power.

"How dare you?! Die!!"

Without caring for the fact that he was in someone else's home, he directly roared and tried to murder Misery on the spot. His 'victim' was so shocked by this level of callousness and arrogance, that his response was delayed by a few seconds.

However, despite this, no one in the room panicked. That was because, silently seated in the purple chair at the end was an existence that none of them dared to ignore, even though they also refused to acknowledge her.

"How insolent, daring to attack my grandson in front of me." A majestic voice that radiated endless power and allure spoke.

A single finger was pointed at the external party and a huge shockwave was released, hitting the assailant in the chest and making him spit blood as he flew back and crashed into the wall, denting it.

Before he could get up, the finger pointed many more times at him, sending out continuous shockwave crashing into the body of the assailant, making him scream in agony while all watched quietly.