Hehe, you didn't need to think too much to see that Draco and Eva had suffered a severe blow this time.

After coming back from the Eternal World, these two had been acting as if Earth was only worth garbage, their nose so high in the air that even Boa Hancock would feel threatened.

However, the universe was fair and balanced. If one became too big for their britches, then those britches would squeeze them to death or rip in public and leave their sausage/egg out for display!

Such was the downfall of the Evil Duo.

When they came back, they wisely sealed their power, but instead of developing as usual and working to master their power using Boundless, they had come out to play God.

Throwing the poor hardworking God Serpents into a meat grinder in the name of toughening them up so that they could handle any world problem, even Primordials, was arrogant, foolish and naive.

What the fuck was Boundless for? Wasn't it also a place where one could train their power slowly and build an insurmountable foundation? Was the game Boundless World not the sole reason why they - Draco and Eva - even had the power they had now?!

So what was with letting the God Serpents suffer in real life like this? Not only was this a waste of time when you compared time dilation of Boundless to real time, but it was inefficient and simply barbaric.

As for the Pangu raid, this was something they should have headed themselves with the whole group. If they had come along, the needless deaths and world panic would never have occurred.

It would also have left a far better first impression on Ao Shuangtian had the Evil Duo personally come over for her, rather than sending their lackeys to do the job.

Admittedly, it was fine to be arrogant, assuming of course you had something to back it up, but even that had to be tempered by moderation, wisdom and foresight. For example, even if you have power and are arrogant, it is more than you are confident in yourself, not that you believe everyone else is a dog.

This battle had reminded Eva and Draco that they were nowhere near the invincible status they thought they had reached.

Seriously, they were like monkeys who had traveled from the wilderness to human civilization and had seen technology and tasted progress, so now that they returned to the wilderness, they disdained their fellow monkeys.

They thought that because they had brought back knives or guns from the human world, they were now invincible in the wilderness. My brother, a gun is useless when a tiger is right behind you, or when a snake is hiding in a branch above and pounces when you are unaware.

Likewise, having Eternal power, sealed or not, was not the be-all end-all. Even on Earth, you have to remember that Lucifer and co never had to seal themselves at any power level.

This was because Earth used to have Worldly Energy, which is natural for each world. They only had to seal themselves because Worldly Energy was scarce and the current world was too weak to tolerate high power.

It was like a person who ate normally and lived a normal, healthy life. He could certain kick a football about for the duration of recess and have fun with the boys.

But you want a malnourished person who was basically skin and bones to do the same? His leg would likely shatter just touching the ball.

Not to mention that they gained new and impressive powers after their stint in the Eternal World, but had they ever thought about using that power to help or boost the human race?

No, ever since they landed, they had been using their power to kill or cause mayhem!

Even if they spent as little as 1% of their new powers to change the world for the better, things would be different!

Heck, the current core members could even enjoy a power boost and update to their various powers with the kind of abilities Draco and Eva had!

Yet rather than that, they opted to go and fight the final boss that even their predecessors were helpless to beat, thinking that they were the Chosen of Heaven and could surpass any obstacle before them!

… well, they were, but even Heaven's Chosen needed time to grow!

Just look at their Time/Space ability!

Just how many lives could have been saved in the Pangu raid if they used Time to prevent the deaths and devastation?

Even their fight just now was likely to cause tsunamis around the world and kill countless others, but instead of cleaning up, they were shamefully slinking away with their tails between their legs!


Whatever the case, this event was enough to wake them up and make them reflect on their actions after coming back from the Eternal World.

Now that they knew the direct reason why the Primordials had been so difficult to beat even with Worldly Energy around and Lucifer and co at their full power, Draco and Eva also understood the depths of their ignorance and arrogance.

Origin Energy!

The strange energy thought to be local to Boundless World was actual a real thing confirmed!

After all, Draco and Eva speculated that it existed, but this was their first time feeling it. Since Lucifer and co had never mentioned it to them, it was likely that they did not know what this energy was called, but knew it was likely the reason the Primordials could fight them evenly.

This energy was dangerous to them when they were sealed, but could only fight them just about equally when they were unsealed. So Draco and Eva were directly stuck in the same situation as Lucifer and co.

However, this fact did not depress them, but rather lit the burning flame of motivation. After coming from the Eternal World, they had truly though they had seen through life and death, having surpassed anything this universe could give them.

Still, even unsealed, they could not manage one planet's Primordials. How could they head to the Gerdo Galaxy then to cause trouble? It was likely that they would be either beaten to death or beaten into a sorry state.

Knowing that there was still power yet to be obtain, enemies still stronger than them and things they still had yet to learn ignited their adventurer spirit that caused them to become legends in the previous timeline.

Their arrogance was still there, but greatly tempered and restrained. They had basically returned to the Draco and Eva who were yet to enter the Tower and still at 99%.

This act of making foolish decisions and acting big had started ever since they surpassed their Progenitors and reached 100% perfectly.

In light of this, the first thing Draco and Eva did was appear in the prison and stop the fights. Draco used his power to collect all the hatred, indignation and resentment as well as trauma from the God Serpent Inheritors, returning them to their clean state of mind.

Their red eyes became clear and they were baffled by their experiences. They still had the memories and battle experience they gained, but the acts no longer hurt them nor caused them trauma.

Draco directly apologized to them for the tough training and explained their reasoning behind it as well as the fight they just had.

Hearing that even Draco and Eva could be beaten to death, the God Serpent Inheritors became chilled. They did not hold any grudges and rather felt grateful, for imagine if they acted powerful before such foes? They wouldn't even last one blow!

Draco opened a Space Tear that led to China and took the God Serpents, along with Eva, through it. Before he left though, he sent a wave of Destruction Energy through every cell, killing every being kept here.

They were just hidden dangers at this point, and Eva had already raided all their minds for any useful information. It was left to them to settle down and process what they gained.

Soon, they appeared in the safehouse of China, where Draco and Eva had located the others. When Draco and Eva scanned China for any Pangu presence, they were shocked by the fallout.

They directly teleported out and came above China, looking down from the sky with rapidly changing expressions.

This wasn't how things were supposed to go!

They directly read the minds of some army men near the ground and found some information, but not enough since they were blocked from seeing anything. As such, Draco directly waved a hand and isolated Space here, creating a miniature pocket world overlaid over the real one.

Eva then directly froze Time in this pocket world and stretched a palm out, turning it anti clockwise. The events within the pocket world turn back in fast rewind until just before the core members struck.

Then Eva let the actions play in normal speed, allowing the Evil Duo to see the events play in real time. They were shocked by the use of nuclear weapons, as they did not expect Misery and AP to be so crazy!

However, watching the Pangu members scream as they were tortured to death by the fire and radiation, they couldn't help but nod and agree that Misery and AP had good taste.

Their eyes even flashed when they saw how effective the core members were with just Tier 3 Control, making Draco and Eva certain that they had to upgrade their power after dealing with Shuangtian.

However, Draco's face changed greatly when Misery entered the Heavenly Imprisonment Tower and saw the ruined females of their Lineages. He directly created a hundred space barrier around Eva and used all his power to restrain her, but he was blown away in the void and forced to spit blood as Eva's energy raged.

Unlike Draco who wasn't familiar with his Lineage people but still felt close, some of these ladies were Eva's cousins from her childhood as well as some of her aunties!

How could she remain calm when the aunties who used to pamper her as a child had been sneakily kidnapped and reduced to this?!

Luckily, Draco was able to suppress her with much effort. They couldn't afford to heavily interfere with event sin this pocket dimension if they wanted to overlay it with reality and replace events.

Eventually, Misery saw the imprisoned family of Shuangtian and Scathach, as well as Kiran's rage. Draco and Eva watched this cold expressions, making sure to collect every Pangu soul into Draco's Nine Hells.

All the innocent servants and none evil members were sent into Eva's Seven Heavens. It was better to enjoy an idyllic afterlife rather than suffer in this dogshit world anyway.

Eventually, they went down into the bowels of the estate. While that happened, Draco and Eva collected the ruined females away, and wiped the memory of them from Misery and co's mind, which was why they were not part of the escape group, nor were they ever mentioned by the group again.

Eva vowed to personally help them recover, so Draco could only create a pocket-pocket space where they were kept in stopped time.

They saw Austin, and Draco's eyes flashed as he had finally found his final God Serpent. Seeing that Quetzalcoatl was perfectly replicated in Austin, Draco was shocked.

Austin wasn't like Tunder who was so close to Houyi in terms of affinity that they were in perfect sync.

Quetzalcoatl had somehow achieved what Tiamat had tried to do with Elle but, yet Austin was actually a perfect reincarnation!

For all intents and purposes, Austin was Quetzalcoatl and Quetzalcoatl was Austin! There was no barrier between them, just like how Draco was Lucifer and Lucifer was him!

Then, Draco and Eva shaw Shuangtian and her current state, and they could only be rendered silent and speechless.

Just like the core members, they couldn't understand or fathom why this was necessary. Even Draco who had thought his Lineage to be wicked and cruel for sealing him and throwing him away, would have to call them tame in comparison...