Draco and Eva could only sigh in defeat. Today, their horizons had been broaden by the wickedness of the Pangu Lineage.

Even when Draco saw Loving Aunt beat Shangtian's father to death, and he heard the slanderous words of Lingtian, he wasn't moved much, though Eva was quite annoyed. After all, she knew the events of what happened back then, while Draco had never bothered to learn the intricacies.

After all, he wanted to hear it from the mouth of his dog father himself. Then, pending on his feelings after, he would deal with them accordingly.

Back to the matter at hand, the group began chatting with Shuangtian, but to Draco and Eva's shock, she suddenly and easily manifested the leftover Avatar of Pangu that resided in her bloodline.

This Avatar released pressure that caused the members of Umbra to be suppressed greatly, but eventually let go. However, while they continued to chat with Shuangtian, the Avatar suddenly looked up and stared directly at Draco and Eva.

The moment their eyes met, Draco and Eva felt suppressed, like they were ants looking up to a God.

The Avatar of Pangu seemed to smirk. "Not bad."

Then it disappeared back in Shuangtian's body, no one within the pocket world noticing what had occurred. Not even Ao Shuangtian noticed that her grandpa Pangu had just done the impossible despite being a mere remnant wisp of consciousness.

Draco and Eva in the sky shared a look and felt numb. Well, it seemed like the million dollar question of 'Between them now and the Original 9 at the time of leaving, who was stronger?' had finally been answered.

If a mere remnant wisp was enough to suppress them to this degree, then it was obvious that the power Lucifer and co had before they left was not something the current Draco and Eva could fathom.

This further humbled them. Since Lucifer and co had not returned triumphant from their attempt at revenge in the Gerdo Galaxy, it likely meant that they were not fully successful.

Just what was the base power level at that place…?


Eventually, the group began to file out of the mansion and almost escaped in peace. However, Draco and Eva could see more, especially that the Pangu Lineage members all belonging to the Primogenitor Inheritance, from old to infant, had contributed at least half of their blood essence to power up the golem.

This made the eyes of Draco and Eva narrow, especially when it exploded outward and Loving Aunt explained its history. Apparently this thing was the main reason for the big upset back then.

When Draco and Eva saw the devastation that was wrought by its sheer existence, their faces changed. Immediately, they shielded the outside world, directly changing the events where hundreds of thousands died meaninglessly.

The events within Misery's dome still followed the main timeline, but everything outside was different. Not only that, but Draco and Eva directly displaced the Chinese military and let their members escape easily.

Even before that, they brought back those who had died from the initial blast, and wiped the memories of all those inside Beijing, so none could remember their deaths.

All they now knew was that the Ao family was attacked by rebels and the military were rushing over to save them.

After the core members dealt with the golem through explosive means, Draco and Eva directly suppressed the fallout and let them escape using Tunder's means before reversing some of the damage.

As for the remaining Primogenitor Inheritance members, Draco and Eva directly captured them into a pocket domain with still time, and this included any other members with Pangu blood around the world.

With Draco's spatial ability, no one could hide as he would simply drag you through space and toss you in. Eva directly froze each person in time for a fixed amount of time, which was 20 years.

They'd decide what to do with them in due time.

For now, Draco and Eva overlaid the main pocket world over the real one and replaced the events using a combination of Space and Time Manipulation.

So to Misery and co, who were doing what they did and listening to the news, reality literally changed right before them as everything was calm and peaceful. They also had memories of two timelines, which caused them quite the headache.

Suddenly, Draco and Eva appeared before the core members and summoned them into the meeting room. More than summon, they just pulled them through Space and warped them into their seats, which left the core members absolutely flabbergasted.

Draco and Eva took their seats at the head of the table and smiled.

"You guys had a very successful mission this time, and we're proud to acknowledge your power, cleverness and skill." Draco began with a nod.

"Apart from a few hiccups here and there, you did remarkably well. Especially those who defeated the golem, those who raided the labs of the Pangu and copied their data into drives and those who looted all the gold and wealth." Eva added with satisfaction.

"Don't worry about any fallout from the mission, as we have taken care of it. Now, you guys can decided what you're gonna do next, which is either to return to the Central Country and to Boundless, or you can stay here if you want to play around in China a bit more."

Draco raised a hand to stop the flow to answers. "Before you decide, you also have another choice to make. At our current power level, it is possible for Eva and I to… 'bestow' you with bloodline power. You can even chose which Inheritances you want, or what kind of power you'd like to awaken specifically."

"The choices include anything from my Lucifer Lineage, Eva's Amaterasu Lineage and possibly, Shuangtian's Pangu Lineage once we've brought her up to speed."

"You can make both decisions later. Right now, we will help Shuangtian restore her power while you guys can wait here and discuss as well as plan your next moves carefully." Eva concluded.

In a blink of an eye, she and Draco disappeared, leaving a bunch of speechless and overwhelmed core members who had to now decide their path forward.

As for the Evil Duo themselves, they teleported to where Shuangtian was kept and appeared before her. The girl, who was in the midst of chatting with Austin, was shocked by their sudden appearance.

Austin was as well, but when he saw Draco and Eva, especially the former, his pupils dilated to the extreme. Before he could even consider what he was doing, he fell to one knee with a worshipful expression on his face towards Draco.

"Lord Lucifer, you have finally resurrected!" Austin exclaimed.

Draco smiled and shook his head. "I'm not Lucifer... not exactly at least. I'm Draco, his reincarnated self. However, I have surpassed 'just' being his reincarnation and become my own existence."

Austin was confused for one second and suddenly seemed to understand the next. "Ah, you must have broken through the limit of your blood and become a true being!"

Draco and Eva shared a strange look. "You can… put it that way..."

Even Shuangtian was looking at Austin weirdly finding that the big brother she knew had changed suddenly when Draco appeared. It was as if a repressed personality had been awakened.

"Right, I guess you want to speak to Shuang'er. I'll give you guys space then." Austin said intelligently as he bowed and walked out.

Draco, Eva and Shuangtian couldn't help but share a look altogether. Why did it feel like Austin had changed from a brute to a scholar all of a sudden?

Whatever the case, they were now alone, and it was time to settle their differences. For the first time in both timelines, the true Inheritors of Lucifer, Amaterasu and Pangu stood so close to each other without tearing themselves apart.

If someone told this tale to the Original 9 when they were first born, they would have laughed at the stupidity of the idea. Nevertheless, times change, and people change along with them.

While Draco and Eva observed Shuangtian, the girl similarly observed the Evil Duo. She was shocked by Eva's sheer beauty, and couldn't help but feel a bit suppressed by it. However, like most girls, she also felt uplifted by Eva's beauty, as if being near her would also elevate her own existence.

Then, she was greatly moved by Draco's peerless handsomeness. Locked in that room almost all her life, she had never seen too many people, especially males.

Apart from Austin who was good looking, everyone else who happened to come by had the typical rough Pangu Lineage looks. As such, Shuangtian had come to believe that majority of men looked that way and that Austin was just special because of his uniqueness.

From a young age, she had been comforted by Pangu that she was to spend her life with the Lucifer Lineage inheritor, the only thing keeping her sane was her 'grandfather's' promise that in the future people would come save her once she grew up. As such, she had many fanciful dreams and ideas of what Draco would look and act like.

When she asked Pangu's spirit, he harrumphed and stated that Lucifer was definetely the prettiest bastard he had ever seen. When also asked to share a mental image, he refused, stating that just the thought of that bastard annoyed him.

However, the Pangu spirit knew that Shuangtian and Draco needed to copulate to fulfill their plan, so in order to make her acceptance of Draco easier, he directly hyped his looks but gave her no visual clue.

After all, if that Lucifer bastard had been so pretty, his reincarnation should be just as good, right?

Well, that was the case, as Shuangtian was currently starring stupidly at Draco, her face trying to blush but she did not have enough blood in her body to do so.

Seeing this reaction, Eva's eyes flashed, Rather than feel jealous, she felt great. It was true that her taste was impeccable, so seeing this girls reaction after seeing her man was just to be expected!

Not only that, her bad habit of taking younger sisters kicked in as she began to covet Shuangtian. However, she knew now was not the time, as they needed to help her first.

Draco knew first impression counted, so he directly greeted Shuangtian and introduced himself.

"Hello, my name is Draco, the Inheritor of Lucifer. Next to me is Eva, the Inheritor of Amaterasu. You must be Ao Shuangtian, the Inheritor of Pangu?"

Ao Shuangtian snapped out her daze and felt embarrassed. "Y-Yes, that's right. Nice to meet you."

Tsk tsk, Draco and Eva had to admit that this girl's voice was truly lovely to listen to. If you got her to narrate a story or sing to you, you could probably reach Nirvana, right?

"We are here to take you to our base, where we had Shangtian captured and ready to undergo transfusion. Rather than just take you there we wanted to see for ourselves whether you were ready to have your bloodline and power returned." Eva explained with a smile.

Hearing this, Shaungtian's eyes flashed and a creepy smile appeared on his face. "I'm ready anytime. I just have one simple request; I wish to be able to hear my 'dear' older cousin's screams when what's rightfully mine gets returned to me!"

She then laughed creepily, which would have scared anyone else. However, Draco and Eva were directly delighted by this. They had worried that Shuangtian would be prim and proper, without any mental illnesses or deficiencies, yet it seemed their worries were for naught, the girl had some crazy to her.

She would fit right into their family this way!

"Not a problem, we'll make sure to give him some drugs to make him extra sensitive and mess with his perception of time. Furthermore, we'll record it all, so you can enjoy his agony whenever you wish." Draco promised with a smile as he opened a Space Tear that led to Glorygore labs in the Central Country.

Shuangtian watched with wonder and she was gently lifted along with her bed into the space tear and protected by Draco's power until they appeared right in the lab where the AI was kept.

The moment Shuangtian saw Shangtian lying in a pod with an expression of suffering, a look of hatred appeared on her face.