Her eyes were red with hate and she could barely even see what was before her. Given what she experienced, there were very few ways to come out of such a harrowing experience with most of your mental faculties intact, and that was to have certain bastions.

The first was her desire to see others she disliked experiencing pain, like what she herself experienced and the second was blaming everything on Shangtian. She didn't care if the decision was made by his parents for his benefit, he was the chosen object of her hate, and he would bear it whether he liked it not.

And there it was, the typical Pangu Lineage forcefulness. However, hers was more tempered at least, in some regard. Taming this girl might not be nearly as easy and Draco and Eva thought.

Draco appeared beside Shuangtian and gently rubbed her shoulders, placating her. "There's no need to bother with him, we already gave him a first round of torture until his mind virtually broke and became attached to the system for survival."

Eva also came beside her and gently stroked her head which had been to grow some hair over the past 2 weeks after being largely treated.

"To make sure we can fulfill your wishes, we'll have our friend reassemble his mind for the duration of the transfusion, allowing his true consciousness to experience this one last pain before terminating him, forever."

Hearing this, Shuangtian was greatly placated as she calmed down. Feeling Draco and Eva gently touching her, she slightly blushed - or tried to again - but did not shake them off.

Draco and Eva smiled that this was a good sign. They didn't push it and let go of her, taking her near the pod for the blood reception.

At this time, Amber came over and glanced at Shuangtian nonchalantly. She already knew what this girl would be to Draco, and as you could imagine, she did not like it.

However, this was too crucial to Draco and Eva, so she didn't dare throw a tantrum or play tricks… for now. Amber prepared Shangtian's pod and brought it over using magnetic hovering technology.

As for Shuangtian, Draco gently carried her himself, holding her gently into his chest. This caused Shuangtian to feel all sorts of emotions as he was indirectly buffeted by Draco's pheromones, which he obviously intentionally released.

As for Draco, he was shocked by how heavy she was despite being still below her full potential. It was like her goddamn bones were made of steel, or something. Then again, even if they didn't extract her bloodline, her body would have been refined as a baby by it, so her current physique was not too surprising.

However, it would never be complete without the source.

Draco gently placed her within her pod, and it closed as it began to fill with the translucent nanites. As Shuangtian felt them fill and surround her, she felt like she was being covered on all sides by soft pillow, which was really comfortable.

As for Shaungtian's pod, it was long in operation and ready to go. Before they started though, Amber did some tweaking according to Draco's instructions. Once done, she walked over sexily to report.

"I have added a function to allow us to hear Shangtian's voice directly from his mind through the speakers so we can enjoy his screams. Also, the bloodline transfusion process can be done painlessly to him, like we did when we extract the avatars for Son Wukong, Houyi and Xingtian for Armonia Pendragon, Ilverios and Richard Hertz."

Amber then smiled slightly. "However, we have gone according to your wishes and selected the most painful method of scraping it out, which is approximately 120% worse than what Shuangtian went through as a child per our calculated estimate."

Draco and Eva nodded with satisfaction at that. It seemed everything was poised for an enjoyable experience, so Draco walked over to Shaungtian's pod to monitor her while Eva walked over to Shangtian's own.

Eva smirked when she saw Shangtian open his eyes as he was resuscitated and his mind reassembled for this operation. He seemed to look around in confusion, wondering why he was not in his luxurious bed in the Pangu estate, surrounded by the beauties he forced pressed beneath him to become his bitches over the years.

When his eyes fixed on Eva, he was even more confused for a second before Eva had never allowed him to see her face before, but then his eyes widened with horrors as memories came rushing back.

When he remembered the torture he went through, his very soul shuddered and he almost fell into madness once again. However, he held himself together and forcibly calmed himself down as he spoke.

"Draco, Eva, what's the use of this? You have already exacted your revenge on me and even ruined my mind. Are you not satisfied?"

Eva smiled playfully. "To tell you the truth, and it may come as a shock, we actually are satisfied."

Then Eva paused. "Or rather, its more like we're tired of seeing your shitty face, like a recurring cockroach character in an anime who never dies and generally brings down the story quality when he's around."

"But that won't be a problem anymore. After this last bit of suffering, you can finally be released and die in… well, not peace for sure haha." Eva laughed cruelly.

Shangtian's face changed as he looked around and saw that he was connected to another pd physically through some large tubes. When he saw that the one in the other pod was Ao Shuangtian, his cousin who was glaring at him from within with hatred and schadenfreude, how could he not understand what was about to happen next?

Immediately, he mustered his strength and began to thrash, trying to break out of the pod.


However, his movements were futile, as Draco and Eva had long fortified the pod. Their power was now something that a mere 95% purity Shangtian could not even begin to fathom or match. It was almost cute when you thought about it.

Looking at Shangtian pitifully begging for his life, everyone in the room revealed smiles. There was nothing more enjoyable than watching a filthy rat like this squeal for life when caught by the evil cat.

"You may begin." Draco pronounced Shangtian fate casually, stepping back slightly.

Amber nodded and initiated the process, which made Shangtian scream profanities and began at the same time.


Before he could reveal any useful information, the nanites pierced through his skin without using metaphorical lube, converging around his bones and then breaking into that too unkindly. Like wicked little robots that had gone rogue, the nanites little eyes flashed with the red light of evil.

They approached Shangtian brown bone marrow and began using the sharpest tools to slowly and dramatically scrape it off, causing severe damage to his foundation that could never be repaired.

This translated into the kind of pain that make Shangtian feel like what Draco and Eva did before was them being kind and naive, like little children who thought they were cruel but were actually just cute.

Shangtian by this time, had not a single coherent thought in his head. His eyes were bloodshot and his body froze as he could not even move anymore. His mouth was open wide in a silent scream, but none of the nanites bothered to enter there because they were bots with dignity and didn't enter the mouth of trash.

He had entered full monkey mode as he howled and screamed continuously. The best part was that this was not transmitted by his mouth or voice so that his throat would become dry, but directly from his mind, which meant that these were authentic howls of agony that would stay fresh for as long as his mind was up.

Eva's eyes curled into crescents as she enjoyed the sound like fine music while Draco simply smiled calmly. However, Eva frowned when she felt Shangtian's mind begin to fracture again and the AI was having difficulty maintaining it.

She then manifested her power and directly forcefully repaired Shangtian's mind to perfection, even strengthening it and fortifying it. Draco was left speechless by this, but could only laugh silently when he saw that Shuangtian was also greatly enjoying the screams, even moreso than Eva.

After all, Eva had enjoyed her first serving a while back, so this was just extra. But for Shuangtian, this was her first taste and she was directly intoxicated completely. She was practically clinging to the edge of her pod, trying to take in the full sigh of her darling cousin being ruined and scraped from inside to collect what was rightfully hers.

Amber was simply recording various things and overseeing the process properly. She didn't much have a fetish for causing pain, but she was not averse to it. She was more interested in the numbers and whether her initial calculated estimates were accurate or not.

Soon, the first chunk of bloodline source was scrapped away and carried over to Shaungtian's pod. She watched curiously as the brow mass was brought into the liquid like nanites she floated in before seeping into her skin.

Unlike with Shangtian, the nanites were incomparably gentle, like a burly father trying to touch his newborn baby. Even the way the bloodline source was return was like the most skilled builder putting up a foundation for a house, using the latest and best techniques to ensure longevity and perfection.

All of this culminated in an intensely pleasurable experience for Shuangtian, to the level where she twitched and actually experienced orgasm for the first time in her life.

For her, it was like she was being bathed in the sweetest fluids of the angels, her everything being elevated past itself. As the nanites continued to work, this intense pleasure persisted, not to mention that wherever they went, the renewed marrow began working.

Pangu blood of the purest quality was continually pumped through her body, causing her weak muscles and organs to explode with power. They had already been refined at birth, so unlike Draco who was destroyed and rebuilt, hers were just empowered.

It was the difference between taking a 1990 broken down sonata and a 2020 sonata to Pimp My Ride. The old one would have to be stripped down to the roots to be pimped, but the new one only need some surface level changes.

Draco watched Shuangtian fill up in real time, his face initially amused before changing greatly. She had already been quite big, at a height of around 5'11, but as her bloodline returned, she directly shot up to 6'4!

Not only that, her muscles filled up and became taut, exploding with power that shook the pod slightly. Shaungtian's hair also flowed out, becoming a long ponytail on its own, its dark brown color stimulating the nerves.

Coupled with her brown eyes and lovely bronze skin, she was the essence of a caramel beauty, even slightly surpassing Zaine and Roma. What shocked Draco, and even Eva who was alerted, was that her body began to fill out stupidly, surpassing both Hikari in terms of chest and Zaine in terms of back while maintaining a slim and fit shape.

Six pack abs formed her abdomen and her arms became toned and muscles, but still looked soft and feminine.

Draco and Eva gulped. Shuangtian looked like that gym babe who caused the entire gym to stop functioning when she entered because of her perfectly toned body and her shape which made even gay men pause and consider changing sides.

As for Shangtian, he directly shriveled up and became like Shuangtian before, becoming a dessicated husk of death and decay,. His was even worse as his body had already been accustomed to the bloodline source for so long.

You'd think that for an enemy like this, everyone would parade his downfall and celebrate his death, but Draco and Eva were busy fawning over Shuangtian, while the girls herself was marveling at her changes. Even Amber and the AI were amazing by the data they were receiving from her and were engrossed by it.

Just like this, Shangtian died painfully, without a single soul even looking or caring about his demise.