Draco immediately arrived in China and located his prey. The three ladies, Jada, Jade, and Rina were currently huddled together in a room, whispering to each other with looks of dismay on their faces.

"I think it's unlikely for him to look at us any time soon, if ever. Now that e had Eva, those NPC beauties, and now this Pangu girl, his plate is already full." Rina uttered with a depressed look.

"I… well, maybe he might get bored of them and give us attention?" Jada muttered weakly.

Jade shook her head and pulled her legs close to her chest, hugging them tightly.

"There's no need to pretend. We felt it directly, Draco's current power is something beyond what we can fathom. Even if we all take his bloodline, we'll just be random members of his lineage, not necessarily anyone special."

Jade's words caused the faces of Rina and Jada to change, as it directly attacked their insecurities and laid out the truth of the matter flat. The room went silent as each lady was lost in their own thoughts, trying but failing to accept the likely reality before them.

Draco, who was in the void, sighed deeply. He greatly hated their current thoughts and disposition, as it showed that he had truly and severely neglected them in this timeline. He had many things to do,m yes, but they were not too pressing, not anymore.

Rather than gallivant about, he should focus more on those around him who needed and required his presence and care. This notion ran through his entire life, and even held especially true for the Morningstar family and his children.

Because of Lucifer's plan, he had run out of the game for almost 2 weeks to save Shuangtian. That was around 8 weeks in Boundless that Roma, Zaine, and Hikari did not get to see him, nor did Rosella, Loki or Kuro also get to enjoy their childhood with their father.

Draco and Eva needed to develop clones asap and they could now. Any of their current branches could technically condense a clone-like being, but the best one would undoubtedly be to use the Space and Time branches to 'duplicate' themselves chronologically.

Seeing that the girls moped and their thoughts became darker and bleaker, Draco directly stepped into the room with a smile.

"Look at you lot, I don't see you for a few months and you've already overblown my ego for me."

The three women shook greatly, their bodies shifting as they fell into a panic. Looking at Draco who was smiling playfully, their hearts leaped to their throats while their bodies ignited at the same time.

Their thoughts were a jumble and chaos reigned through their minds, not allowing them to do anything but mumble rapid and incoherent nonsense as they tried to formulate a greeting, a rebuke, or a plea… anything really.

Draco's eyes narrowed. "Look at you three. Rina, you always used to tease me wickedly, trying to give me blue balls. Whenever you were around me, you were always willing to cause trouble and create conflict so that I could beat up others for your enjoyment. Why are you acting like this now?"

Draco then turned to the twins. "And you, Jade, you have always been straightforward and frank with me, always able to look me in the eye and say what's on your mind. Your wisdom and calmness have often helped me many times, so why are you acting like this?!"

"And you, Jada, you're the worst of them! You and I have literally rolled on the floor while trying to outbite the other, and you have loaded me with insults that could break the will of any man. Why are you acting shy before me when you always used to raise your nose in my presence?!"

The three of them were directly stunned by Draco's words and admonishments, and they couldn't help but feel awkward and ashamed. That's right, their relationship with Draco had never been that shallow, and he had never done anything to indicate that he would disdain them!

The fact that he could even remember this and say it showed that he still saw them the way he did back then.

They literally had no reason to think the way they did, but their insecurities had struck.

In cultivation novels, they had something called mental demons that cultivators always harped on about. However, an onlooker might see this and feel they were exaggerating. Someone who could through a punch and flatten a mountain dying because he was feeling bad about something? Seemed unrealistic.

However, they were usually just like this, illogical and very obvious, not even trying to hide their presence. Yet they fed off emotions, misunderstandings, and self-reached conclusions without any bearing to grow stronger, propagating itself over and over.

Draco moved over and sat down with them and folded his arms.

"You fellows shouldn't resent me for not answering your feelings sooner. I have made this obvious enough, but Eva is my soulmate, and her wishes and opinions take precedence over anything else to me."

"Despite what others might say or think. I don't think it's wrong for you guys to fall in love with me or desire me, despite knowing I have a partner. The only thing wrong would be trying to solicit my affection actively in order to abandon or betray my partner."

"But you guys never did that. More than anything else, that's why Eva gave you guys this chance. She likes you and feels that your feelings shouldn't be abandoned because of such things."

Draco smiled arrogantly. "I mean, let's be honest, you guys are far from the only ones lusting over me. I know many in our guild, from expert members to basic members, who also dream about me but do not dare approach."

"Yet Eva never even considered them or gave them time of day."

Draco also gave them a sideward glance. "Besides, you fellows are women. How many men out there have tried to get their crummy hands on you? Especially you, Rina. There are men out there who would pay out sick amounts of money just to see you dance, but do you even give them attention?"

Draco's words made them feel even more shame. However, feelings couldn't be helped, and they also admitted that they felt somewhat entitled to Draco because they knew their relationship with him was so good.

Draco smiled and stopped admonishing them. "However, it's fine. I'm here this time not to berate you, but to answer your feelings."

Hearing this, the three of them directly froze. Their hearts sped up and began beating in their chests like sports car engines, creating a comical auditory experience.

What was it like to seriously want the latest console or PC, and always trying to tell your parents about it but they scoff and refuse? Then one day, they appear beside you and start talking about it as if they were actually going to buy it.

That sense of anticipation, that anxiety, and that hope… it was a cocktail so potent it could kill if left unchecked.

Jada, Jade, and Rina didn't want to assume, they didn't want to believe too easily. Because if it turned out to be a disappointment, they were not sure they could ever rise up from it again.

Draco saw their cute reactions and laughed. "For the longest time, you wanted my attention, my love, and my body. Today, I am here to tell you that I am going to give all that to you, if you still want it of course."

Draco glanced at the three of them individually, showing the seriousness of his promise. Seeing that this was no Joke, the three of them immediately calmed down rather, their eyes flashing with an intense light that would make any normal man scared for his life.

"I do! I want It! I want it all!" Rina shouted with bloodshot eyes, her breathing labored.

"We would do anything… ANYTHING… to have it." Jada and Jade spoke simultaneously, their synchronized voices sounding almost adorably demonic.

Draco's eyes curled into crescents. "I am glad to be the one to obtain the love of you three beauties. Come now, to christen our relationship, I am going to ruin the shit out of your virgin vaginas and make you experience orgasms that could kill any other person."

This directly made the three of them bluish deeply, but they also feel a sense of excitement and anticipation that was not just physical, but spiritual. They had craved this for so long and were finally going to enjoy the reward they worked hard for.

Draco directly held them by the waist and then snapped a finger. A portal opened beside the group that was split in half, one side leading to two different places.

One half was a beach-like island with resort facilities while the other was the top of a skyscraper, overlooking a city at night. Draco walked through the portal, but seemingly split into two when he went through.

On the resort side, it was daytime and they were in a lush cabin that was built with polished wood and had glass doors that faced the sea. The breeze was great and the atmosphere was ambiguous.

This was the place where Draco came out with Jada and Jade in each hand, holding them closer to his chest while they shyly clutched onto him. Like greedy brats, they hungrily took in Draco's warmth and his scent, feeling slightly intoxicated by it.

He then placed the two short beauties onto the bed, enjoying the sight of the fiery Jada and the icy Jade coiled together, their bodies steaming and pulsing with lust as they looked up at him.

They were deeply in heat, and their bodies even began to release sweat as they panted slightly while holding each other's hands. Their soft lips, their cute and watery eyes as well as their slander forms were all for Draco to enjoy, and he was definitely going to enjoy them.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Draco appeared on the top of a large skyscraper with Rina in hand, being carried like a princess. When they reached their destination, he let her down and snapped his fingers. Immediately, the top of the skyscraper became more comfortable and cozy, with various pieces of furniture set up.

Rina looked up to see the beautiful night sky full of stars above her, and her entire body couldn't help but feel floaty. She looked at Draco beside her with a soft look, her eyes conveying a wealth of emotions that had been stifled for almost 3 years.

In the end, she could only sigh and move backward, falling onto the bed slowly as her hair draped around loosely. With Rina's body, her form when lying down was extremely seductive, coupled with the tight cheongsam she was still wearing.

Her scarlet eyes seemed to glow in the night, staring hotly at Draco while waiting for judgment to be met upon her.

Draco walked over slowly and also stood above Rina, allowing his eyes to roam over what was now officially his, and had been kept for him for so long.

Draco had to admit, the wait was likely going to be worth it. He was extremely happy with what he saw, and any man would have already impatiently dove in to enjoy this sumptuous feast.

However, as a seasoned fuckboy, Draco knew that there was an art to it… a process if you must. This would heighten the sensation and perfect the experience, and this was exactly the outcome he was looking for.

As such, whether it was the version of him with Jada and Jade at the resort or the version of him with Rina on the skyscraper, both of them smiled devilishly as they slowly approached their prey with a deeply covetous light in their eyes, making the girls shake slightly as they felt like they were about to be put through a rather unique experience.