Draco slowly spread out his aura down to the two helpless and innocent maidens lying on the bed, clutching each other for dear life. Rather than a man about to lay two pretty ladies who wanted him, this scene looked more as if a Demon King had captured two lovely princesses and was about to have his way with them.

In a way, this was also true. At this moment, Draco's eyes were filled with a nefarious light that could not be surprised. Jada and Jade were not technically lolitas because they were slightly taller and the features marked them as women who were short rather than someone who looked young.

However, their personalities also added a layer of cuteness to them which was usually found in lolitas, so it was sort of half and half?

Draco slowly walked forward and as he did, his robe slowly fell off. The upper part came down and revealed his chiseled torso while the rest hung around his lower body.

When he clambered upon the bed, he wedged himself between the two panting beauties deep in heat, and spread each hand out to touch their stomachs.

Just this nonsexual touch made the two close their eyes and release a weird sound, but Draco was only beginning. He rubbed their stomachs and always teased them, making it as if he would go upwards to their breasts one second or he would go down to their vaginal area.

As one could imagine, this acting of edging one who was already in heat was enough to make them go crazy. Immediately, their eyes became red as they entered beast mode.

While Draco laughed with amusement, the two beauties rose up and pushed him down, greedily rubbing his upper torso against their bodies while pulling his palms onto their chests and forbidden areas.

The message was clear, they wanted stimulation! If he didn't give it to them, they might just bite him to death!

Draco finally decided to stop playing around and acceded to their wishes. While the two coiled over him like hungry snakes, he spread his hands over their bodies and began caressing them gently.

They reacted perfectly, not fleeing from his heated touch, but rather digging into it with a hint of desire and shyness mixed together.

Tsk, tsk, passing his hands over their undergarments, Draco could feel how wet and sensitive they were. He also couldn't help but worry given how small their vaginas were compared to those he had been with in the past.

It was almost like Ophie all over again, but that lass was a halfling, and they were genetically built to take bigger cocks because their races were always getting captured and ravaged by orcs.

However, he could not stop things now, not with the state the twins were in. As such, he could only sigh and take the lead once more, pushing them down and using his two hands to pierce deep into their canals, stimulating them further.

Draco didn't need to do much else but be consistent and hit their g-spot. No trace amounts of electricity nor enlarging his fingers through Control. Just the standard movement was enough to get them to climax twice in a short period of time, as their sensitivity was heightened by their own arousal and desire.

When Draco felt they were ready, he unveiled the lower half of his robe, releasing a beast that was alert and ready to battle.

When the two girls saw it, their faces changed greatly as fear colored their faces.

"N-No way Draco! It won't fit!!" Jada screamed as she tried to run.

Draco cruelly grabbed her and dragged her back before him, placing his pipe near her tiny entrance without a care for her fearful expression. After all, they were all scared in the beginning, but towards the end, they would make sounds that would even make succubi feel embarrassed.


Draco unceremoniously shoved it in, going in all the way as Jada was so wet that she was practically dripping. With gods own natural lube, his movement and penetration were so smooth and painless that he felt enraptured.

Jada, however, couldn't easily say the same. She didn't even have time to feel the pain of having her hymen ripped apart, and she could barely feel that. Right now, she was frozen in place as she looked down and saw her abdomen protruding greatly, like there was a cylindrical-shaped pipe within.

Right now, Jada felt like someone had punched her squarely in the gut, and knocked the wind out of her. She was completely breathless and in shock, but that only lasted a short while until she came to her senses and…


Jada screamed as she swore profusely, her eyes becoming bloodshot. Some people had different ways to cope with extreme stimuli, and this was how Jada handled her business.

Draco laughed uproariously, "This is the Jada I know! Lord knows how long I've wanted to tame that vicious tongue!"

Draco then began moving, pulling his cock out to the entrance and then pushing all the way back into Jada's cervix. With his current length only about half of his dick was needed to achieve this, but for Jada, it was like her entire lower body did not even belong to her.

She continued swearing and screaming loudly until her volume began to die down and her words became intermittent. Soon, she began to pant and twitch, her eyes becoming dazed with every thrust and the pain that caused her to make noise turning into something else, something far sweeter.

Due to her wetness, Draco did not encounter any difficulty in pushing into her as her canal released even more lube happily, facilitating his movement with ease. Despite seeing his cock move through her abdomen, Jada was not pressured by the size or the depth.

This allowed Draco to increase his tempo and move faster and faster, causing Jada's weak panting to become louder until she started moaning while drooling slightly, her dazed eyes looking at Draco with incomprehension, irritation, and love.

Draco leaned forward and pushed her into a mating press, causing her hips to raise and her vagina to be angled perfectly to receive his rod, and he made sure it got its fill.

Like this, with his face close to Jada, he smiled and looked into her eyes, absorbing her affection which was spilling over and could not be held back. She raised her hands and wrapped them around Draco's neck, looking like she half wanted to hug and half wanted to strangle him.

Draco's face changed slightly as Jada had been squeezing in what was already a tight passage, only made passable and possible but endless cream. But with her wicked actions, Draco could no longer hold back as easily as before, the stimulation getting to him.

It was impossible to say that he couldn't feel the pleasure, especially when he was not using his bloodline enhancements in any way and was having sex as purely a normal man. Pleasure was pleasure, sensation was sensation.

Once you had the tissues and nerves to experience these things, the results will be the same. For men, it boiled down to two things, willpower and sensitivity. There was nothing like 'sexual stamina' in the truest sense, just these two things.

The more sensitive you were during sex, the more sensation you would feel and the faster you would reach climax. That was why male pornstars often beat themselves off once or twice before a session in order to reduce their sensitivity and last longer.

As for willpower, it played a weak role, because even if you fought with all your power, if your sensitivity was high then you would reach it anyway and once it starts coming out, you couldn't easily push it back in.

Draco had normal sensitivity which was heightened by emotions for the twins and Jada's antics, so despite his iron will, he was quickly approaching climax.

Draco was filled with cruelty as he began thrusting extremely hard, making his movements faster, precise, and filled with vigor as he pounded Jada's canal harder in response to her retaliation.

This left Jada half dead as her mouth was left open, unable to even utter a sword as her consciousness floated in the clouds.

Draco's actions were double-edged swords as it just shortened what little time he had left and once he knew time was up, he slowly began to speed up and push further.

With one final thrust, he pushed all the way to the end and began spurting out his anger, which caused Jada's already glazed-over eyes to directly roll back into her head as she mumbled something incoherent weakly.

He pulled out of Jada, which caused a 'pop' sound as it like like a leak had been unplugged. The next moment his semen poured out of her and covered her legs, which caused the already dazed Jada to raise her lower body as she moaned helplessly.

Immediately, she began to spray out her passion, wetting the bed and some parts of the floor until she fell back down weakly and passed out.

Satisfied with what he wrought, Draco used his bloodline to quickly refresh his body to the point where it was like he had not had sex for over 2 weeks, and then turned to Jade who was trembling as she watched her twin sister get destroyed.

Draco's eyes flashed with evil as his lips curled up. "Don't worry dear Jade, I will be gentler with you…"

Draco uttered these creep-level lines as he reached out to grab Jade into his embrace, putting her directly into a mating press position because he found that this was the best for dealing with the physique of these two beauties.

Just like he said, he was gentler with Jade and did not pierce all the way through, but made like a normal man during a hymen-breaking moment, pushing in slowly and confirming with his partner whether to continue.

After he was in, he began moving slowly while gently caressing Jade's A+ cup breast and rubbing her nipples in order to stimulate her further and reduce the pain.

The cool and quiet Jade did not say much, but mostly used sounds to express her feelings. Even moreso, she stared right into Draco's eyes with a burning silence, and Draco could feel the intensity of her feelings which were no less heated than Jada's.

He couldn't help but smile and gently rub her hair, which made Jade blush. She also began squeezing Draco, but not out of malice like Jada, but rather with an urge to feel him more.

Likewise, Draco did not go full bull mode on her, but rather slowed down his movement so she could feel everything she wanted and more.

Funny enough, this kind of action rather caused more stimulation for them both, as it allowed them to focus on sensation and not just movement. Draco could feel the tightness taking a hold of his cock and rubbing it to the end, while Jade could feel every contour of his penis as it pressed against her cervix.

Eventually, Draco had to submit to fate and increase his tempo slightly as he pushed his hips out, once again releasing his built-up load right into Jade's womb without obstruction.

Jade didn't immediately pass out like Jada, but bit her lip and felt the stimulation of being actively impregnated, something which women seemed to love when done right.

After releasing his load into Jade, Draco slowly pulled out, resulting in another 'pop' as his semen began to pour out. Much like Jada, Jade also climaxed directly from this feeling. Unlike Jada though, she was still mostly awake though slightly dazed and tired.

Draco smiled and brought the two of them into his embrace as he lay down and slept. Jada and Jade instinctively clung to him, and with his semen still leaking from their holes, this created a deeply debaucherous scene.