Draco gazed down upon Rina with a strange smile. He stood at the edge of the bed, gazing down at her full breasts which still remained standing due to her tight dress, her flat stomach which was on the cusp of developing abs, her wide hips which were wider that Draco's entire torso and her thick thighs which could easily crush the head of a man in between.

Draco took a deep breath. This was Rina at her peak, when she was at her sexiest. Natasha, Slim Fatty and Bella who were built similarly did not hold a candle to Rina, even if they were all combined.

There was a reason that despite his hatred and rage towards Eva in the previous timeline, he had only chosen Rina as his partner. Now, the Rina of that timeline had been slightly older yet less developed, since the horrific experience during the Great Rape had resulted in a mental illness and eating disorder.

In truth, Draco had been putting off devouring Rina's because of the weird dynamic between him, her and Eva, even if this timeline's Rina didn't know about it. It was clear that even if Eva didn't hate her, she had previously held a lot of resentment and jealousy towards her, but that seemed to have been largely cleansed after she had evolved into Evaterasu.

Rina was blushing deeply as she panted lightly. While she wasn't in heat as strongly as the twins, Rina desired this experience far more than the two, and she just had better control of it after having it for so long.

Draco once again revealed the upper part of his chest, but unlike the Fire and Ice Twins who helplessly laid down for Draco to devour them, Rina raised her voluptuous body like a snake and stretched her hands out.

She placed herself at the edge of the bed and wrapped her arm around Draco's waist, bringing him closer. Like a pampered girl, she placed her head on his stomach and rubbed her face against his abs with a loving expression.

Draco chuckled and gently stroke her silky black hair which was short cropped, just like Eva. This was part of what gave Rina her charm. The combination of her short hair, beautiful face and scarlet eyes made her seem like a demoness who would suck you dry or worse, might just tease you into suffering from major blue balls.

For Draco, she was the former, but for every other man, she was the latter.

After having her fill of expressing her love, she then gently stuck her fingers into the waist of Draco's robes and pulled it down, revealing his nakedness to the world. Well, their only spectators were the stars in the sky, the moon and passing birds at this height.

Rina's eyes glowed when she observed Draco's size, not intimidated or scared in the least, rather she seemed excited. She gently blew upon it and used the tips of her fingers to gently measure it and smiled happily.

Rina then skillfully used the tips of her fingers to stroke the frenulum of Draco's penis, stimulating the special g-spot of the penis itself. This quickly got him hard as he was working at normal male capacity, making Rina satisfied.

She then directly exposed her large and spotless breasts which had a very small areola and tiny, cute nipples. For breasts of this size to be shaped so perfectly but have such a small nipple was actually quite pretty in a sense.

Rina didn't waste time teasing Draco, directly placing his cock into her mouth and sucking on the tip slowly but gently. She only sucked three times before suddenly going all the way down with her tongue placed underneath his cock while she made sure the top was rubbing against the roof of her mouth.

Draco could only throw his head back and squeeze his face as he felt the intensity of Rina's work. She began to go up and down vigorously, not even doing a slow phase to build things up. She just went straight to deep-throating and she didn't even shake or gag despite taking Draco's dick down to what was likely her esophagus.

Draco's eyes widened as he felt Rina's violence, as he wrapped her arms around his waist to make sure he wouldn't fall back, and then upped her tempo once more. Her entire expression was filled with enjoyment and exactly as she squeeze her mouth of suction on Draco's even more.

There were three kinds of blowjobs a man could experience in his life.

The first was the average blowjob. This was done by either inexperienced female partners, or those who did not enjoy the act or did not enjoy doing it with you, so they just went through the motions to get you to cum quickly. This kind would get you to the end most times, but it wasn't really the type worth mentioning when you bragged to your friends.

The second were great blowjobs. These were done by experienced women who knew which part of the mouth to use and which motions/timings to perform to maximize the sensation. It was also done by those who were passionate about dick sucking, enjoying the act or enjoying it with you specifically.

The girls who gave sloppy blowjobs also fell into this category for the effort they put in. For these, even if you don't reach climax before the end, you'd still remember the experience fondly and even wear a gentle expression whenever you'd think back to the experience.

The third were demonic blowjobs. This no longer had to do with experience or affect only. This was when a woman put your cock in her mouth and fully intended to suck the life out of you, by hook or crook. The moment your cock entered her mouth and she began, you knew you had made a terrible mistake, because now it was up to god whether you would survive the experience. It didn't matter whether you were tough or even had the physique of Superman, your life and death cannot be calculated once she begins.

Funny enough, if you survived afterwards, you would come out a new man. This kind of experience could turn the most staunch incel into a complete simp, a freebird man into a family man and the worst criminal into a hero.

There was no way you could stay the same afterwards and your feelings towards the woman would be complex. There was fear, desire, love, regret, hate and affection.

Draco was currently in the midst of the third type type. It was unknown if Rina was doing it subconsciously due to her endless love and desire or intentionally as punishment for making her wait so long, but she ate up his dick as if a gun was pressed to the head of her loved ones unless she could destroy his cock.

There were huge slurping sounds that would make the face of any listener change. Was that a mouth rubbing a dick or a vacuum cleaner at full power?!

Draco's expression was filled with defeat and regret. Even if he enhanced his prowess with his bloodline, he wouldn't be able to take this much longer, much less when he was in base form. As such, while Rina was still moving her head up and down, even spinning around and placing her tongue in between his urethra, Draco released his first load into her mouth.

Rina's eyes glowed as hearts formed in her eyes. She took in the huge load without even breathing, swallowing it all as it came directly down and into her stomach. She even seemed reluctant when it stopped, sucking on Draco's urethra to pull more out.

Seeing her wicked actions, Draco quickly had to free himself from her death grip and breathe a sigh of relief.

"Look at you. If you continue like this, what will I have left to feed your mouth down there?" Draco chastised with satisfaction and hint of fear.

Hearing this, Rina seemed to snap out of her finger as he rubbed her lovely breasts lasciviously.

"Put them in between and let me send you to heaven, Draco." Rina solicited with desire in her eyes.

Draco couldn't rightly say no to that, could he? He stepped forward and placed his rod on her chest, which was easily enveloped and even swallowed between Rina's large breasts when she put them together.

Rina clasped her hands together on her breasts and began rubbing up and down while looking right into Draco's green eyes. His dick was still lubed up with her saliva and the remnants of his load, so it was easily squeezed betweens her breasts as Rina increased her tempo.

She didn't just rub it up and down together, but moved one breast up and the other breast down, then vice versa. She even smooshed it occasionally, suppressing his cock between that softness, which made Draco grit his teeth.

Rina often changed styles, doing one type pf movement for a while and then shifting when it got repetitive, causing Draco's dick of fell different sensations every other few seconds.

Rina seemed to enjoy his expression of obvious difficulty as he tried to hold back from orgasming too early, and wicked thoughts flowed through her mind. She directly increased her tempo greatly and even used her tongue to stroke the tip of Draco's dick.

Her actions were no different from opening the flood gates of heaven, causing Draco's eyes to become bloodshot as he tried his hardest to swallow back what was coming out, but every man knew that once things got here, it was impossible to go back.

Eventually, he could only cry out silently as he released his second load all over Rina's face and breasts. Even as he came, the damned woman was still rapidly using her breasts to rub his cock and she tried to catch his sperms with her tongue.

A bit of it got in her hair, on her face, and more than 70% of it coated her breasts, making them glisten with a debaucherous light.

Rina seemed intoxicated by the scent and the feeling, and she rubbed the semen on her upper body and even tasted some of it, her expression shifting to one of joy and satisfaction. At this point, even Draco wouldn't believe if this woman wasn't a pure blood succubus, for she was just as bad as Zaine!

Draco could only pant as he refreshed his body back to prime condition and 'reloaded' his ammo. However, he felt like this might be a bit unnecessary because the current Rina was sure to squeeze out every drop from him, no matter how low his sensitivity became.

Sucking in a deep breath, Draco pushed Rina back on the bed. He didn't remove her entire dress, only raising it up long enough for it to be wedged around her abdomen. He then rubbed her lovely thigh and brought fingers up to her very thin red thong.

Draco passed his fingers over her thighs continuously while he zeroed in on her thong with his head, gently passing his tongue over the fabric slowly. He then noticed that there was a thick wetness that was sticky and very sweet.

Draco smiled as this showed how aroused Rina was, enough to soak the material with her juices. He skillfully licked a few more times through the material, enjoying Rina's audible moans as he lay on her back and clutched the pillow at the head of the bed.

He teased her a bit more by pushing his tongue into the fabric, easily penetrating her with it, but not going deep enough to satisfy her craving. Just like this, he focused on rolling his tongue around her entrance, causing Rina's body to tremble with lust and desire.

After sucking him off like that, you could be sure he would be getting revenge by teasing and edging her throughly until she was on the cusp on madness.

Of course, what Draco did not expect that his light teasing would directly cause Rina to climax as she cried out and closed her legs, capturing his head between her voluminous thighs.