How did most men wish to die? If you asked them this question, you would receive a variety of answers.

Some would answer that they wanted to die in battle, defending their wife and children from enemy forces, successfully saving the day. Others would tell you that their wish is to live out their days peacefully and simply die in their bed, surrounded buy their loving family.

However in the modern day, men who wanted this were scarce.

Most men would tell you that if they had to choose they would love to die by having their head crushed between the thick, soft thighs of a beautiful and sexy woman!

Draco very nearly experienced this amazing death.

He was limiting himself as a human, even suppressing his rebuilt body and passive Control so that he could give Rina a more normal yet meaningful experience, same for the twins.

As such, when Rina suddenly clamped her legs shut as he she climaxed while squeezing his head, Draco felt his skull crack a little.

However, rather than the fear of death, there was a strange feeling of liberation. The soft thighs squeezing him were beautiful to the touch, and to the sight.

Rina had a sweet and lovely smell which was intoxicating along with her arousal and all of this combined to make what should be a terrifying experience and very ambiguous one.

Eventually, Rina came down from her orgasm and realized she was killing Draco, so she hurriedly unclamped him. You could imagine her confused expression when Draco gazed at her with a hint of resentment, as if chastising her for stopping.

In a bid of fury, Draco dug his face deep into her sacred place, using his tongue to push aside the flimsy garment protecting her canal from the forces of evil, and penetrating her wet and sloppy hole with his tongue of justice!

Rina twitched and then shivered from the sudden intense intrusion, but Draco was not done. He immediacy used his tongue to go as deep as he could while rolling it about in her canal, also using his ability to suction her hole.

There were three types of cunnilingus a woman could experience in her life.

The first was the average type, which was done by inexperienced guys who didn't know where to lick or how to lick, as well as guys who disliked the act. The latter were the ones 'forced' to do it for various reasons. There was only a 5% chance to get the female in question to reach climax and it was usually because she was already overly sensitive.

The second was the great type, done by men who loved to go down on women and eat that pussy up, that or experienced fellows who knew where the clitoris and the g-spot were in the vagina, able to mix up the use of their tongue and fingers to bring their partners to a quick and heavy climax. Such fellows were the reason why you - an average bloke - usually got passed up as a sexual partner.

The third was the demonic type, done by men who thought vaginas were the source of their life energy, and so devoted 100% of their power into emptying the canal of its juices while making sure their poor victim was continuing to produce more by stimulating them to death. A woman who survived this experience would learn to fear men, becoming his little slut and unable to let go for the rest of her life.

Right now, as you could imagine, Draco was convincing Rina that he was undoubtedly the third type. Her eyes were wide open and her lips parted, as if she was shocked by something. Her body was completely frozen with her legs raised up in the air and her hands on Draco's head, trying to take the metaphorical leech off her.

She was in partial shock, because unlike Draco who could adapt to the demonic sucking thanks to his willpower, Rina was just a normal girl who liked to cause trouble with her sexy body.

How could she easily withstand such an intense action?

She lasted even shorter than Draco during his turn, suddenly coming to her senses as the surprised sensations exploded in her mind at once, causing her to directly screamed out loudly as her eyes rolled back into her head and her tongue lolled out to the aside.

Draco felt her vagina constrict suddenly and then relax, rapidly switching between the two as the amount of cream within her increased exponentially until it leaked out covering his face and marking him as her property.

Draco chuckled and rose up, wiping his face slowly as he enjoyed the sight of Rina's ahegao face. This kind of expression was rare to see in real life, but he had managed to achieve it with his own effort, not even using any special abilities.

He gave Rina a bit of time to clam down as he refreshed himself and got ready for the next round. Rina herself slowly came down, panting with a red face as she gazed at Draco with such adoration that he even felt a bit shy.

Still, he pulled her up and brought her into a standing position. He pulled Rina into his arms and kissed her heavily, making sure to explore her mouth. Rina kissed back with equivalent force, as if this was the last time she would ever get to be near Draco.

The two remained locked like this for a while, slowly caressing each others bodies and greedily touching the softness - and hardness - that they craved so much at this moment.

Once done, Draco pulled back and smiled. He squeezed both of Rina's soft cheeks that could barely fit in his entire palm and chuckled.

"An ass like this must be enjoyed from behind. What do you say?"

"Whatever you want is what I want in life." Rina replied immediately, no hesitation or complexity in her voice. This was the simple truth about her… and was her entire being at this moment.

Draco nodded with satisfaction. This was the minimum requirement to truly join his family, and was likely why Eva had not only forgiven Rina but also why she had given her this chance. She likely saw herself in Rina, and felt that it would be too cruel to deny someone like her what she craved.

Rina slowly turned around and took very seductive steps towards the bed. When she got there, she placed her hands on her hips and half turned her head to gaze at Draco, a playful smirk on her lips.

Like that, she slowly bent forward and shook her waist left and right, making those two beautiful and fat cheeks jiggle left and right, before fully mounting the bed and spreading her knees apart.

Rina then arched her back perfectly, allowing her cheeks to open and display that sipping wet hole that was sealed tight as it had never been penetrated, as well as another cute little rosebud slightly above that.

Even as she lay there, she swayed her hips left and right slowly, like a hypnotist using their pocket watch to trap a target. This mesmerizing motion, and its entire preceding actions, had been watched by Draco whose expression had gone from amused to severe and grim.

Draco had to admit, if he was a panel of judges, a row of straight 10/10 would be raised for this performance. Both he and his penis were internally sobbing, joyful for being in the world and existing in the same time and space as a bad bitch like this.

When he thought that this pussy belonged to him and him alone, Draco couldn't help but sigh and look up. He was not a praying man, but he simply had to give thanks at this moment.

As such, he walked forward stately, reaching Rina's side and spreading out each hand to solemnly touch and then grab her thick butt. Digging his fingers in and spreading them out, enjoying that bread-like softness.

Right when Rina was comfortably enjoying having her butt being played with, Draco's eyes flashed with evil as he perfectly pierced forward, suddenly penetrating Rina whose wetness made it as easy as putting on a big sized shirt.

She could only gasp and then bite her lip as her hymen was gone faster than she could prepare and the suddenness of it dulled her to the pain, reducing it significantly.

Of course, there was also the fact that she felt like someone had stuck a baseball bat into her stomach, which naturally took precedence over her hymen tearing. Draco did not give her time to acclimate, and began pulling his hips back, causing her vagina to contract.

As much as there was a relief coursing through her, Rina also felt a hint of regret that it was going out, but of course, she was simply deluding herself if she thought that was the case.


With a thick slapping sound, Draco pushed all the way back in, causing Rina to gasp and grip the sheets as she felt full once more, until Draco pulled back and repeated his actions. His best compromise was to move slowly, and this was enough to give Rina's genitals time to come to accept the intruder that was laying waste to it.

Of course, the effect of this was that Rina's tensed expression slowly relaxed, and her furrowed eyebrows also widened. Her tight and difficult expression became loose and her breath became heated as she began to subconsciously pant.

The slapping sounds occurring on the roof of this skyscraper at this time of night was drowned out by the sound of nightlife going on below, and no one but the two on top could hear the lewd and lascivious sounds.

Especially since at a point, Rina began to moan as she began to squeeze Draco's dick within her, not satisfied with just feeling it pushed her walls aside, but wanting to feel every inch of flesh upon it scrape her insides.

Now, it was Draco's turn to wear an expression of difficulty as he began to feel the intensity of Rina's actions wear his willpower down. Rina herself was moaning freely, wearing an expression of lust and enjoyment on her face as she felt her entire body shake with pleasure.

Not to mention, Draco was currently unable to tear his eyes of her perfect arched shape, which highlighted her huge ass cheek which bounced and clapped with every thrust. Every time he pulled out, he dragged out more juice from her canal that would fall to the sheets and the floor when he plugged it back in only to be replaced by more juice.

What sealed the deal was when Rina was close to climax and turned her head to look at him with hearts in her eyes and drool leaking from her mouth. She was intoxicated by the pleasure and by the feeling of his cock in her, and this led to chain reaction.

Draco could only grunt as he began increasing his tempo, smashing deep into Rina with every thrust as he felt his load began to climb the shaft and ready itself for firing. Rina herself began to half scream, half moan as she clenched her toes from the sheer intensity, feeling like she was unable to hold it in anymore as the pleasure shot up from her abdomen and sparked in her brain.

Draco also felt her vagina suddenly clench heavily and knew it was time to let it go. As such, he gave one final, deep thrust and then exploded with his full power, shooting out the totality of his accumulated lust right into Rina's womb, easily passing through the defenseless cervix.

Rina, who was being filled up while cumming herself, could only shake and shudder as she was overwhelmed by the feeling of it all, eventually causing her orgasm to extend and repeat itself for longer.

As such, she collapsed onto the bed tiredly, panting as her vagina spurted out semen and her juices mixed together, staining the sheets with their evil.

This allowed the standing Draco to look upon what he wrought with satisfaction and glee, for he had fully marked his property!