Eva watched quietly as Shuangtian digested the information she was receiving. Eventually, the renewed woman took only about 5 minutes to process everything, and this even included the entirety of the details from the previous timeline.

When Shuangtian opened her eyes, a brown light flashed that made Eva feel strange internally. From the gleam in her new sister wife's eyes,she could tell that Shaungtian's mentality had changed significantly after digesting this.

Then again, it wasn't too surprising. The girl had literally spent all her life locked in a room, with only the company of Pangu's spirit to follow her. Even if he told her stories and various things, they would be of his time with the other Original Humans, which was up to the renaissance era.

Just how much of the world could she possibly know?

Now, Eva had given her so many memories that were combined from herself and Draco, and they were done in the third party so they wouldn't affect her mind and personality.

Shuangtian had spent 21 years living Eva's princess-like life in Japan in both timelines, then 7 Boundless years of being a guild master, 5 Boundless years being in a blissful and sweet hidden relationship with Draco, the POV of Eva during that fateful event and Eva's 8 years of torment and breakdown.

She had spent 21 years of Draco's miserable upbringing in both timelines, 2 Boundless years of being a harveey trash struggling to rise up, 5 years of bliss with Eva, the POV of Draco during the fateful event and then Draco's 8 years of unbridled hate.

She also spent the 4 years of Boundless time and the 1 year of real time since they began this timeline and all the crazy events that came with it.

She had gained the experience of different aspects of life and had become far more complete and rounded as a person. She was already quite mature from having suffered and lived in pain all her life, something which made Pangu's spirit sigh with sadness all the time.

However, Eva's idyllic early life allowed her to experience what it was like to grow up as a normal girl.. ,well, not entirely normal. If her lineage had been sensible and normal, she would have been treated just like Eva, so she was able to relate with that the most.

This closed a lot of wounds in her heart and allowed her to feel a lot more peace. The rest just added to her bank of knowledge and experience, which would affect her thinking process going forward in a mostly positive way.

However, Shaungtian's hate for her darling cousin increased when she saw his actions and knew that he won in the previous timeline. Knowing how miserable everyone's fates would be if Shangtian survived, she realized that his death was not just a catharsis for her, but something necessary for the entire human race to progress.

Shuangtian also felt closer to Draco and Eva now that she understood what they had been doing and how they got here. It could be said that by doing this, Eva was fully placing trust in her and whole heartedly welcoming her into not just her family, but into their very souls.

For a heart that had been denied love and affection growing up, Shuangtian had become mostly cold to many things and even as she felt emotions for Draco and Eva, they were just superficial. However, the love that bubbled within her towards Draco and Eva, and her interest and willingness to be a part of the Morningstar family, were from deep within her heart.

Another thing was that Shuangtian could feel Draco's pain and understand the necessity of her Lineage being destroyed. It might not have mattered much since she hated them too, but she might have developed something akin to mental demons later on as her memories blurred and her heart softened.

Strangely enough, people were often willing to forgive their abusers and make excuses for their actions when the abuse stopped and time passed. However, this had hardened her heart, allowing her to understand the logical reason for it, as well as the emotional reason.

Unlike Draco though, Eva showed Shuangtian the full events of what happened when they were born, and her heart ached deeply when she understood the complex storm surrounding Draco's fate and the fate of his lineage.

Like Eva, Shuangtian felt that Draco was being a bit too harsh and that the tidbits he knew should already tell him that something was wrong. But like Eva, Draco already shared his perspective, so she could completely understand.

Eventually, just like Eva, Shuangtian could only sigh deeply and drop the matter.

What Shuangtian gained the most from this though, was context.

She was like a certain bunch of External origins Gods who had been peeping on the life and times of the Evil Duo since day 1, understanding all the complex relationships, stories and characters within this tale called life.

She know knew each core members and every person of significance so far, as intimately as Draco and Eva knew them. She would not feel awkward or distanced from them, and this would allow her to integrate with them much easier.

Shuangtian released a deep breath and then glanced at Eva with gratitude.

"Thanks, Big sis."

When she had first been prompted to call Eva that, there was a strong feel of shyness and unfamiliarity in it. Now though, she said it as naturally and affectionately as possible, like they really had been sisters all their lives.

Eva was moved by this and smiled. "Its no problem, Shuang'er. Are you ready to enter Boundless though?"

Shuangtian pondered and thought about the class details and whatnot she could gain when she 100% her bloodline so she shook her head.

"There's a good chance that I can get us another shot at entering the Fragmented Eternal World when I try for my own Semi-Eternal class. I'd rather wait for that."

Eva realized that this was indeed the case and that this had escaped her mind. "Well then, that's actually pretty great. So, what should we do while we wait for Draco to finish his business?"

Shuangtian was about to speak when she thought about Eva's words and then remembered the specific 'business' Draco was on. She couldn't help but blush deeply, which was a lovely hue on her now lush bronze skin.

After all, both she and Eva had Draco's experience, and that included all his sexual escapades. In other words, both Eva and Shuangtian knew exactly what sex felt like for a man, and specifically for Draco.

Heck, Eva even knew how sex with herself felt and she could even compare herself to the others Draco has been with. This was her confidence too because even though Zaine, Roma and Hikari were all the best Draco had ever tasted, she was still number 1 in terms of overall quality and that was a fact.

Shuangtian also knew all this, not to mention she had Eva's experiences too, meaning that even though her body had never felt it, her mind knew everything about it, what it was like and how it felt. Since Eva's only partner had ever been Draco, she only knew of Draco's prowess.

She couldn't help but wonder what it was like for him to eat up Jada and Jade as well as Rina. Even Shuangtian felt her body heat up when she thought of Rina seductive behavior and curves. Shuangtian was finally feeling the dilemma that Eva always felt, which was an ambiguous feeling towards her own gender due to Draco's experience.

Could it even be that Eva only allowed Rina a co to have a chance just so she could taste them indirectly? Draco wand her were practically always connected when together, so she would automatically 'download' such memories when the time came.

Shuangtian also couldn't help but wonder what her first time would be like and comparing against Draco's various first times, she favored something like what Eva went through. She wanted something romantic, soul stirring and unforgettable, where the pleasure of connection was higher than the pleasure of sensation.

Eva seemed to read Shaungtian's thoughts and smiled. "Since we have nothing to do, why don't we have a small spar?"

Shuangtian was stunned by this. "A spar? How can I be your match?"

If before, Shuangtian would have been excited and blinded by her great power upon recovering her bloodline, but going through Eva memories directly led her to understand the gap between 99% and 100%.

How could she possibly provide a challenge?

Eva laughed. "Don't worry. I will use my ability to control time to pull a version of myself from an alternate timeline when I still had 99% bloodline purity. You can fight her at full power."

Shaungtian's mouth dropped when she heard this. Eva just said it so casually, but did she even understand how broken something like this was? This wasn't just controlling time, this was almost a godly feat of power!

However, Shuangtian could only remain silent when she thought of the things Grandpa Pangu used to tell her.

Heck, Amaterasu had literally switched off the sun, a star miles away from earth, one time out of anger and then revived it with ease. Doing this was not too far off in craziness, was it?