Shuangtian knew that this was probably for the best. As such, she nodded in agreement. The young woman was also curious to find out how she stacked up against Eva at the same power level, as well as her own prowess with her bloodline.

She might not have had it for most of her waking life, but its level of integration was far higher. Not only that, but she also had some combat experience thanks to the memories Eva gave her as well as methods to use her bloodline efficiently.

As such, Shuangtian was not too worried or scared. Rather, she felt a bubbling excitement at the prospect of being able to 'stretch' her legs after being bed ridden for so long.

Eva smiled, and snapped her fingers. Immediately, the area around them began to warp as Time flowed backwards rapidly, to a period of time when Draco and Eva were in this room and had yet to give birth to Lucitera.

Shuangtian watched this with shock and awe, her eyes shining as she imagined the power she could gain once her bloodline purity became 100%.

Soon, Eva stopped the flow of Time and then ratified it for this short area. However, she had to consciously hold it all the time which was a strain on her mind and energy, but energy was not a problem and her mind could maintain this for around 24 hours if she went all out.

What was interesting was the reaction of this alternate Draco and Eva. They looked at current Eva and Shuangtian with shock at first, then unparalleled interest!

Alternate Eva's eyes flashed. "You... you're me... but from an alternate timeline? Future or past?"

This timeline's Eva smiled. "Future, about 3-4 months away."

Alternate Draco looked at Eva's belly and breathed lightly. "Since your stomach is flat, you must've given birth already. Whew, thank god it was a success."

Alternate Eva also noticed that, and looked down to her own protruding belly which still held the yet to be born Lucitera.

Alternate Draco turned to Shuangtian who was still generally dumbfounded by what she was seeing. "And who is this? A new ally?"

"Shuangtian is Shangtian's cousin, more importantly she's the true inheritor of Pangu. Her bloodline was stripped cruelly upon birth and given to that dog. According to Lucifer, we were all supposed to be pals upon birth. Later on, Draco was supposed to sire a child with each of us, so they could marry in the future." Eva explained casually.

The Alternate Evil Duo were flabbergasted by this revelation as they did not yet have this info.

Eva realized that explaining everything verbally was just a waste of time, so snapped her fingers and directly sent the relevant context to make the fight happen. Unlike Shuangtian, these alternate timeline fellows didn't need to close their eyes to digest, instantly grasping everything in mere seconds.

It was clear that the two alternates were visibly excited to see that their future was bright and everything would be a success. After all, despite their confidence, a lot of things had been obscure and bleak during this time, the most worrying question being whether Eva would survive the birth. That was followed by whether the child would be normal or god tier, whether the child would be a loving baby or a cold deity-like being, and whether they would ever reach 100%.

All these questions had been answered and things were good, so how could they be sad?

Alternate Eva's eyes gleamed. "So you want me to fight her? I don't mind but what about Lucitera?"

Eva pondered this. "Hmm, you're right, making you fight seriously could pose a risk to the baby. Fine, then what about you Draco, are you up for the challenge?"

Alternate Draco puffed out his chest and laughed uproariously. "Hahaha, of course, beating up girls is my favorite hobby!"

Alternate Eva, Eva, and Shuangtian all rolled their eyes at the same time with an amused smile. Alternate Draco cricked his neck and looked around.

"So do we fight here?" he asked with a raise eyebrow.

"No, not here. Let me take us somewhere more appropriate." Eva replied calmly.

Immediately, she covered the group in the white outline of her psychic energy, using the ability of Apportation to teleport them off planet and onto the moon. Before the group could even have any difficult, Eva created a massive psychic energy barrier around the moon that kept out the harsh elements of space.

This shocked the group inside, as Eva had virtually created an artificial atmosphere in here!

As for things like air and gravity, Eva could easily simulate them using her powerful psychic energy. Now that she was on the moon and not Earth, she could undo her seal and release her full power, which would make even the hardiest space being flee when they sensed her presence over 400 billion light years away.

"You may begin at any time." Eva prompted with a smile.

Alternate Draco inspected the barrier around them and shook his head. He then covered himself in a blue outline and flew in the sky, using his own psychic ability.

Shuangtian rose to the challenge and generated wind beneath her feet and floated in the air. Unlike Eva who had to collect oxygen from earth for this barrier, Shuangtian could generate (not just manipulate) any of the four elements including any element she came across.

With the wind on her side, she generated two axes from her bloodline which were Xingtian Divine Axes that AP himself always used! However, Shuangtian's were more complete and radiated more power.

Alt Draco saw this and knew not to take his foe lightly. For all intents and purposes he was basically fighting someone as powerful as Alt Eva, which was going to be an arduous battle for sure.

As such, he directly transformed into his Horned Demon True Body and summoned the Source of Hell, molding it into the shape of two swords in either hand. This was Alt Draco at a level of power and seriousness he hardly ever showed, after all, throughout their lives in this timeline, Alt Draco and Alt Eva had truly gone all out very few times.

He then waved his sword about and then rushed toward Shuangtian, who also roared out and rushed at Alt Draco. The two met in the middle of a gigantic clash that caused a great shockwave that cratered a large portion of the moon's surface.

The two then began swinging their weapons right in front of each other, their hand movements so fast that only blurry lines could be seen of their limbs. It was as if someone had fastforwarded a normal clash of weapons between two people.

The sounds of their weapons crashing together alone was sharp enough to make the ears of a person bleed to death. Alt Draco wore an expression of casual amusement while Shuangtian had a ferocious and battle hungry look on her face.

The two eventually clashed once more and then began a weapons struggle as the two axes and two swords pushed against each other. This went on for long enough that Alt Draco suddenly shifted his position, teleporting behind Shuangtian using Apportation while she was engrossed in the clash.

This sudden action allowed Alt Draco free reign to slash at her back, aiming to end this fight at once. However, he was shocked to see his sword simply make a 'clang' sound and bounce off her body, not even harming her clothes.

Shuangtian was shocked by this and quickly turned around. After all, while wasn't a complete newbie thanks to the memories Eva had shared, fact of the matter was, the she had viewed them in third person so as to not change her personality and mind too much.

In other words, it was just like watching 3D shows of people fighting in high intensity combat. Sure, you'll learn a few tricks and understand the do-s and don't-s, but that alone wouldn't provide you with the muscle memory, making one prone to many, if not all, rookie mistakes.

If Shuangtian had already become a master on par with Draco and Eva themselves, Eva would never have bothered to do this.

Alt Draco understood that Shuangtian was nothing like that shit Shangtian. In fact, Alt Draco even wondered how they verified his bloodline purity was at 95%, because the gap between Shuangtian and Shangtian was massive.

Shangtian would have had to fully concentrate to block a slash from him at this level of power, but for Shuangtian, she passively had enough defense to be totally unscathed by the surprise attack.

The gap was enormous.

Shuangtian was furious that she had been easily played and roared. Immediately, she exploded with a brown light as her strength and speed were increased to a crazy amount. Before Alt Draco could even blink, she appeared before him, her axes swinging down at his head.

Alt Draco's face changed greatly as he brought his swords up and mustered all his power to defend. He even used Control to increase his physical strength, but nothing could have prepared him for the oncoming blow.

The moment the axes struck the swords, they shattered and sent Alt Draco flying like a meteor, crashing into the surface of the moon and digging a deep crater into it.