However, how could such a desperate all out attack of a cat match the casual strike of a lion? Draco's Almighty Push was shattered and the golden hand reached his body, slamming him down into the moon with such force that it actually cracked almost half the celestial body.

Alt Eva's face changed greatly as she wanted to move, but Eva stopped her with a slight frown. Alt Draco coughed out three heavy wads of blood and looked dispirited, as if he would die the next second.

Shuangtian majestically came to hover over him like a Goddess, her dragon robe billowing around her in some artificially created breeze. While Draco lay there, he struggled to smile and spoke.

"N-Nice panties..."

Shuangtian heard this and froze, her expression changing greatly as she suddenly closed her legs. But the next moment, he lovely bronze skin almost became white as she opened her mouth and leaked out a huge volume of blood.

Immediately, she fell from the sky and switched back to her normal form, her body shaking and shivering like someone had electrified her.

This naturally shocked Alt Eva and Alt Draco, making the latter wonder if his casual words to mess with his opponent had caused this effect. It couldn't be right? Was she such a prude that seeing her panties caused her such a backlash?

However, Eva simply waved a hand and dragged Shuangtian over to her side, letting the beauty float before her. She sighed and looked at her with an expression of lament.

"Darling Shaung'er, why did you have to go so far? You've completely crippled your recently acquired bloodline and are back to square one."

Hearing this, Alt Eva and Alt Draco couldn't believe it. Suddenly, they thought about something and they seemed to have come to an understanding.

"She was in her General Aspect! That's why she became so potent!" Alt Draco said with a look of enlightenment.

"But she stayed in that form for almost a minute! She's damn lucky to even still be alive, Draco and I never dared to stay in our General Aspects for more than seconds at best." Alt Eva remarked with a shake of her head.

Eva nodded. "Back when we were at less than 99% we theorized that General Aspects were our true forms and staying for more time than necessary would cripple our bloodline from the source."

"She overdid it. Now you have an example of what the consequence are for 'limit breaking' for too long." Eva finished with a casual glance at the now dying Shuangtian.

Alt Eva and Alt Draco had solemn expressions. Even in anime, whenever the main character limit broke out of rage or whatever, they would always pay a price after. It was never free.

This was because of a simple fact: A limit was placed for a reason.

Whether it was by nature or by law or something else, limitations existed because anything beyond that would be excessive and harmful. So if you broke that limit, expect the negative consequences warned about to happen.

Just like the Final Getsuga-Tenshou, you got to enjoy your final form, but expect to lose all your powers after.

Eva sighed and raised her hand. "This fight is over. I'll be going back now, and I have to thank you two for your help."

Alt Draco and Alt Eva nodded with a smile. Eva lifted the group up and hovered over the now severely ruined moon. With themselves as the exception, she turned back time for the whole moon and restored it to perfect state.

Luckily her barrier also obscured and created a psychic illusion to all who looked at it, so no one saw the moon break apart. Otherwise Eva would have to waste time adjusting the memories of billions of people, which, even at 100%, was not a joke.

Alt Draco and Alt Eva felt their eyes lids twitch at the sheer power. If they didn't know that they would soon reach that same power level, they would have directly kowtowed to Eva to lead them to success!

Eva took the group back to the lab in the central country, leaving them exactly where they stood before she came. Eva turned to them with a smile while they also smiled back with a sigh.

"You guys know what to do." Eva prompted.

Alt Draco and Alt Eva shared a look and nodded. Immediately, they sealed all the memories that they had acquired from Eva, as well as everything they experienced up till this point. They sealed it deep within, set to only reveal itself on the day that Eva came to their timeline.

When they opened their eyes, Eva and Shuangtian were gone, leaving these two alts to share a strange look and resume what they were doing before they were stopped, continuing on the same trajectory as before.

As for Eva, she and Shuangtian returned to their time line as Eva dispersed the altered time flow. Before Eva could do anything, suddenly she closed her eyes and seemed to be browsing through something.

She then smiled with a look of interest. She then casually glanced at the giant brain in the tank and smiled. "Thanks for keeping the secret."

Evan then frowned and pondered how to deal with Shuangtian. Currently, she had frozen her in time to stop her deterioration. She could turn back time for Shuangtian alone, but that would only resolve the issue.

What Eva wanted was to seek benefits for Shuangtian among the tragic.

Luckily, she didn't have to wait long as a portal opened beside her, and out came Draco of the main timeline who looked refreshed and chipper. The moment he arrived, he also froze and closed his eyes, digesting something.

When he opened them, he glanced at Eva, then Shuangtian with a look of amusement.

"Well you two time travelers have been busy."

Eva smiled back. "Can't be helped, it was the best idea I had."

Draco acknowledged this and then gazed at Shuangtian with a slightly worried look. "And that about her, what's the best situation?"

Eva was silent for a while, and Draco face changed at he glared at Eva.

"No way, I am not doing that while she is dying! Forget it!"

Eva's face befell as she heard this and hint of craziness appeared in her eyes. "But..."

"No buts! Well, all butts, especially yours, but no still!" Draco interrupted resolutely.

Eva could only suppress the crazy idea she had and sigh deeply.

Are we just going to fix her the normal way then?" She asked unwillingly.

Draco shook his head slowly. "In truth, your idea is pretty good if you ask me. We have often gotten stronger by seeing benefits through turmoil, but she doesn't need that."

Draco rolled his eyes. "The moment she's mentally ready, she can receive my baby batter and reach 100% upon giving birth right away. At that point, she would be at the same relative power level as us, just with far shittier efficiency all around."

"Errr... that's true." Eva muttered speechlessly. She had gotten engrossed in the idea that Shuangtian was at 99% and forgotten that she too would soon become like them.

What was the point of trying to pimp out your sleek sports car-like Mitsubishi to a slightly higher level when you could receive a Pagani as long as you snapped your fingers and waited for delivery?

"Right then, no need to let her stay like this anymore then." Eva stated sheepishly.

She poked her fingers forward like she was grasping a dial, and the n began turning it counter-clockwise. Shaungtian's state rapidly changed, from half dead, to in her General Aspect, to in her battle form, to right before that.

At this point, Eva released her ethereal dial and resumed time for Shuangtian. The voluptuous, tall beauty landed on the ground from her previously floating position and breathed out deeply, extreme amounts of sweat on her forehead.

She lifted her shaky hands and looked at them with shock, not understanding how she was still alive. For even as Eva turned time for her body, she left her memories intact, which meant that the last thing Shuangtian remembered was her entire body rupturing from within and slowly shutting down.

However, she was suddenly fine the next moment, which naturally caused extreme dissonance for her. She lifted her head to see that Draco and Eva were standing near her, looks of concern and worry on their faces at they analyzed her state.

Shuangtian then calmed down and slowly rose to her feet. She signed and nodded to Eva as thanks, realizing that her sister wife must have saved her after she almost ruined herself.

This caused her expression to warp when she thought about everything. It didn't hit her before, but she was truly laughable!

Not only had her bloodline been stolen from her and given to her trash cousin, she ad spent her entire life crippled and in pain. Then when freed by the help of the other prodigies who also had their own difficulties, she rejected a chance to acquire more power because of... propriety!

There were people who would sell every hole on their body as well as their loved ones just for a lick of the bloodline power if they knew what it was, yet she was passing up on becoming more powerful than arguably any being that existed on this planet.

Eva had to use her power to kidnap herself from the past just to give Shuangtian someone to fight. Why couldn't she just fight this Eva herself?

Because the two of them were different types of existences. Shuangtian was at best still a clone, a replica of Pangu created and styled by Lucifer to suit Draco's taste, but Draco and Eva were no longer replicas of Lucifer and Amaterasu, having ascended to become their own beings!

Why was she trailing behind them?!

Not to mention, she had tasted the power of 100% through the General Aspect and understood why Draco and Eva were so gentle to her. Their slightest act could turn her into bloodmist if they weren't careful, which also felt quite embarrassing.

Thinking like this, Shuangtian suddenly craved power. Power to prevent things like what just happened from occurring again, Enough power to stand beside these two powerhouses and even press them down beneath her!

Of course, she only meant that in a matter of playful bullying, so that she could pat their heads since she was taller than them.

Shaungtian's eyes blazed at she rose to her feet and glared at Draco. Looking at his handsome face, perfect body and general features that, quite frankly, ticked all of her own boxes, Shuangtian could only sigh at how stupid she had been.

She wasn't a normal human so why did she subscribe to their morals? Did anyone see Draco and Eva do any of that?These two often did whatever the wanted, not caring about anyone's opinion, which was why it would seem like they were callous or cold.

It was just that they operated using their own moral code which differed from common sense.

"Draco, I want to have your baby!" Shuangtian practically roared her determination, which shook the small lab area.

Eva's face became weird while Draco's blushed deeply and pointed a finger at Shuangtian in fury.

"Y-You pervert!! Hmph!"

Shuangtian was dumbfounded by his repines. My brother, what is this, why are you acting like a maiden who had been told that she was about to be impregnated by a fellow?

Hey wait hold on, that should be my response!

Shuangtian immediately flew into a rage. "Draco, what do you mean by this?!"

Draco simply sniffed arrogantly, folded his arms and looked away. "Can't I react that way when people are lusting after my body? Sigh, it seems like you are just like the others..."

Shuangtian felt like she was going mad. What did he mean by just like the others?! How was she even remotely the same as them?

Eva watched the two from the side with a soft smile.