"Before we do anything, let's talk for a bit." Draco prompted with a smile. Shuangtian, who was still fuming, suddenly calmed down and raised an eyebrow with interest, wondering what Draco was on about this time.

He simply snapped a finger and went through the portal he just created. Eva and Shuangtian shared a look before deciding to follow him.

When they came out of the portal, they found themselves floating above a random couple's wedding. near a very affluent events center.

Looking at the happy union going on below, both Eva and Shuangtian were confused. However, Draco kept smiling and spoke without looking at them.

"You know, I might be a sex beast, but that's not entirely all I want. Ever since I was abandoned by my family, all I ever wanted was one of my own. Eva knew this, which was why she graciously allowed me to build my own clan in Boundless."

"However, that is not the same thing. It's possible to materialize them one day, but that's in the far future. Until then, all I have right now is my aunt, you two, and the two who were just added thanks to Eva's grace."

"You two, especially, are my true family and my happiness starts with you."

Draco turned to them and smiled. "I may fuck the shit out of you all the time, Eva, and I may be about to send you to cloud nine through your pussy, Shuangtian, but at the end, my real wish to to show the world you are mine forever... I want to marry you both!"

Immediately, Shuangtian and Eva's hearts began to pound crazily, and their face became flushed. A feeling no man could understand that only women could relate with began to flow through them.

Draco felt their chaotic emotion and nodded with satisfaction. "The whole world... no, the whole universe shall bear witness to the grandest wedding in existence, in which before the organisms of this universe, as well as all the entities above, I will officially make you two mine."

Eva and Shuangtian began to shake. It wasn't just the words, but the joyous atmosphere below reflected in their eyes, not to mention they could feel Draco's utter sincerity and will right now. He wasn't just saying this to paint a bright future, it was what he was actively working towards!

This filled Eva and Shuangtian with unspeakable joy. It wasn't exactly every woman's wish to get married, but those who were significantly in love with their partner hoped to express their bond through such a ceremony at least.

Eva and Shuangtian especially looked forward to such an outcome and Draco's promise filled them with happiness for the future.

"So, Shuangtian, there's no need to rush your decision to have our child. I understand you're probably feeling a lot of pressure due to the power gap, but it's just a temporary setback. You WILL reach 100% bloodline purity, there is no way around that fact."

"No one will nor can take that away from you. I will always be here to fill your womb up with my baby batter, and as long as you're still willing, you can always find me to make sure you make expressions more debaucherous than you can imagine."

Shuangtian blushed but took a sure step forward and broadly hugged Draco. "You handsome bastard, after saying all that, how can I change my mind? Evil playboy."

Draco grinned widely. Shuangtian might be larger than him in terms of size, but she was quite cute in her actions. He hugged her back and pressed his face into her plentiful torpedo tits, motorboating them with a happy expression.

Shuangtian became even more embarrassed by this, but didn't stop Draco. At this moment, she had truly and fully accepted him in her heart and soul, and even if Pangu today said that the fusion between the three bloodlines was no longer necessary, she would still choose to walk through life with this shameless bastard by her side.

Draco released her and then opened a portal by the side. He then nodded to Eva, who had been watching things with a soft smile.

"Eva, prepare her for me."

Eva nodded and pulled Shuangtian by the hand, leading the shy and expectant woman through the portal, which led to the master bedroom of Draco and Eva's castle in the Central State.

As for Draco, he closed the portal and breathed out deeply. For this event, he had to make it special for Shuangtian, who had spent her entire life in the midst of pain. Today, he had to prepare everything to such a perfection that the resulting bliss would be able to overwrite 20 years of suffering.

Draco folded his hands behind his back and teleported to China. There, he overlooked the entire country and saw that nothing was amiss and that even the core members were living good, having come out of the safehouse and walking about publicly while enjoying the scenery in Beijing for themselves.

He then teleported to a random resort in the Bahamas, appearing in a room where Jade and Jade were happily seated together, chatting about something while sipping cocktails. When they saw Draco appear, they showed expressions of joy and rushed over to hug him.

Draco chuckled and caressed their soft heads before taking them away, bringing them back to the safehouse in China. He then informed them about what to do next and told them that they would be given his bloodline soon, but that would have to be after they eventually gave birth to his children.

Jada and Jade definitely had no problem with this, allowing Draco to leave and teleport towards the Central state, on top of a skyscraper. There, Rina was wearing only an apron, cooking herself up some breakfast in the form of pancakes, hash browns and eggs.

Seeing that lovely thick butt made Draco recall his previous actions of violating it, which made him sigh in happiness. Knowing that he could also violate it whenever he wanted in the future also filled him with excitement.

However, now was not the time to indulge himself in such pleasures, tempting as it was. He would get his fill from Shuangtian, whose body perfection even surpassed Rina before him.

Rina sensed Draco's presence and turned around with a smile. She shook her ass temptingly, as if wanting to fulfill the male fantasy of inseminating one's wife while she was cooking and helpless.

It took all of Draco's will to resist her and focus on eating Rina's cooking with her while chatting. Funny enough, this made Rina happier than having sex, and he could feel it from her joy.

Remember brothers, even if your woman is a freak and a nympho, she's still a normal woman at the end of the day, and treating her like such will mean more to her in the end.

THAT is the secret recipe to keeping a bad bitch.

Draco took Rina back to China and also left her at the safehouse while informing her that she would be receiving his bloodline after she gave birth to their offspring. Draco then left and appeared in front of the castle, his expression solemn.

He walked through the front which was still protected and maintained by the Sanguigno Brothers. It had to be said that Supernatural came through on his request to find partners for his boys, as each of them had a babe by their side, and their smiles were infectious.

What did a qualified leader enjoy most? The success of his underlings.

Draco nodded at them and greeted those he knew by name, especially Brian, the slightly retarded river who only got excited when in life threatening danger rather than feeling fear.

Obviously, Akainu and Sanji were not here, but Cherry and June were still around. As for Keith, he was posted up in the office and unable to be reached at this time.

Cherry came to inquire about Akainu, to which Draco informed her of his current status with a smile. He also noticed that Cherry was carrying a baby bump, meaning that Akainu had chosen the family path as well.

As for June, she was also on the 'family path', but it wasn't entirely up to her. Right now, she could afford to use a Virtua Helmets to login as there was not much pressure on her, after all none of Draco's children had even slightly reached the age where they were interested in that, much less capable of doing it with her.

Right now, she was mostly receiving training by various skilled parties, all funded by the Morningstar Family, on how to be the best living incubation chamber and stress relief. This would have also originally been Cherry's fate, but she was lucky Akainu had taken a fancy to her, not to mention that she herself was smart.

As for June, she was a good example that sometimes the apple would fall far from the tree, seeing as she was as smart as the most common bimbo.

Eventually, Draco came before his door, and he could tell that more than just the area, the entire floor was empty and devoid of life. Behind the door too was obscured from his Control and mind, Eva using her own power to block it.

Draco was understandably nervous. Today, nothing more had been asked of him as a man than to perform for Shuangtian so well that it could cleanse her hidden pain from 20 years of pain.

Draco had healed many scars with his dick, from Hikari to Roma, to Zaine and more.

But this... if those ones were on Hard difficulty, then behind this door awaited Nightmare difficulty!

Nevertheless, Draco could not falter at this time, the reputation he had built as a sex demon was riding on this. Not to mention he even had Eva to help him, so there was no way he would admit defeat.

Hmph, unlike with Rina and the Fire and Ice Twins where he was lenient on them considering their state, this time he would bring the full prowess and benefits his bloodline gave to his sexual prowess.

Without further delay, Draco unhesitatingly pushed the door open, welcoming him to the scene and stage Eva had carefully set up.

Today, their room was covered in blue and pink lights, with hints of red within. The lights shifted in intensity, from bright to subdued, giving the room a very... amorous feel, especially since the tempo of the light shift - as well as the nature of it - seemed to match with the nature of a vagina that was widening and constricting in pace with being penetrated slowly.

Draco's nose twitched and he smelled the scent of nature, no perfume or embellished scent. It was as if he had returned to the era of cavemen, who used to mate right into the soft grass, hidden within the shadows of giant trees while nature bore witness to their consummation.

The bed which was usually open was shut tight with curtains, preventing Draco from even seeing the shadow and outline of the figure within. This allowed his imagination to run wild, and a certain unstoppable curiosity as well as hunger began to awaken within him.

As Draco began to walk forward, he noticed that a powerful force had dissolved his attire, slowly acting along with his pace until he was left butt naked standing right in front of the curtains of the bed.

This was clearly Eva's work and it was extremely cleverly done. Anyone else who walked through that space would have likely been reduced to a puddle of blood, but Draco could easily withstand the corrosive forces and more.

As Draco stood in front of the curtain, his senses were still blocked. He could not even hear a word from within, making him wonder just what was hidden behind the curtains. What would he see, his two beauties posed and waiting for him or some eldritch horror waiting to devour him?

Knowing Eva, this was entirely possible...

Anyway, Draco finally reached out and grabbed each side of the curtains, majestically pulling them apart as he gazed into the specially prepared scene for him.

When his eyes fixed on the sight before him, Draco couldn't help but feel blood course through his body, filling up a certain organ until it stood at full mast.