After Draco and Eva set everything up, they settled themselves down to experience the long time coming. Shuangtian as a baby was no longer subjected to the cruel process of bloodline transfusion, rather she was rightfully hailed as the Little Princess of the Pangu Lineage.

Her birth directly changed many things. Firstly, the Pangu Lineage's treatment towards their females was greatly elevated, as the clan texts were no longer misinterpreted. Their Progenitor had chosen his reincarnation to be a female, and she was to pair up with Draco and Eva of the enemy Lineages!

When they found this out, they were thoroughly shocked and dismayed. Didn't this mean that they had been fighting the Lucifer Lineage for nothing all these years? Why hadn't the Progenitor said anything before he left?

Seeing this, Litian, the current Clan Head and Shuangtian's father, directly gritted his teeth and made a crazy decision. He called for a truce between the fighting Lineages and a summit between all Clan Heads!

Given that Draco and Eva had also been born in this false reality, it could be understood that the Dante and Akihiko of this world were skeptical but confident. They decided to humour Litian and paid this summit a visit to find out what the Pangu fellows were up to.

At the summit, Litian's revealed what he knew with evidence, shocking everyone.

Oh gosh, the Progenitors had long made up, even forming a team to leave? And not only that, they each left their best bloodline behind which might manifest in this era?

Akihiko and Dante paled. They quickly rushed back home to break into their ancestral grounds, only to find the same instructions there. Lucifer and co had left in the assumption that their descendants would enter and find those instructions. What would they do if they were to learn that their descendants had gone full retard and had sealed those place up for worship?

Seeing this, Akihiko and Dante couldn't help but think about all the lives lost in the conflicts up to now and sigh deeply. Each and every one of them had died in vain.

Well, seeing as this was the Progenitor's rules and they were all on the same page, they had to work together on this. Perhaps the true silver lining about this was that since it came from the Progenitors themselves, even the members who had lost loved ones, could somewhat accept the new reality.

And so, as a result, Shuangtian grew up along with False Draco and False Eva in this fake reality, becoming closer than just friends. They did everything together, and Eva and Shuangtian always fought over Draco, who would placate the two and make sure they never fell out.

They all led quite the idyllic lives. Dante, Akihiko, and Litian became fast friends, and their mothers, Kiyoko, Lilith, and Bingtian (Shuangtian's mother) also began to become close, doing almost everything together.

The three prodigies were soon introduced to the new wave prodigies, Mary who was stupidly cute and idiotic, Nicholas Spencley who was a hooligan along with his three cousins Hector, Edward, and Walter, Kiran, and Juno who had married into the Merlin Lineage of which Walter was holding in one hand while Mary was in the other.

They were accompanied by hired bodyguards in the form of experienced fighters from an underground group, their names were Boyd and Uno.

They also met a bunch of wonderkids called Rina and Astarte in school, one who was the class belle who also fell in love with Draco, and the other was an edgelord with an elder sis who was a loving brocon. He chose to become Draco's shadow after being beaten by him one day on the playground, swearing loyalty forever.

Draco, Eva, and Shuangtian became friends and their group began to enlarge more and more as they met people, almost as if by fate. Soon, Austin became known thanks to a conflict at home that Shuangtian resolved, and the other God Serpents slowly began to pop up in various ways, their lives much cleaner than in reality.

Since the fight at Draco's birth never happened, Lilith was never crippled, allowing her to be the crazy mom she was, while Fyre was the cool aunt that Draco always ran to hide with when he got himself in trouble.

Not to mention that Xela's parents were never killed by Pangu Lineage dogs, meaning she had a family and proper life, along with Krona. Ghostpro never killed his own family due to Orochi's evil influence and Hades bonded with Nidhogg much earlier and did not end up in conflict with his fiance's dad.

Shadowheart never ended up under Maria because he luckily met a young Elle in school and decided she was the path for him.

Apart from small conflicts, the entire group grew in the happiest possible way, and their cheeks were riddled with smile lines despite being so young. Even though a few hiccups happened along the way, most everything turned out fine.

From childhood to their teenage years, to young adulthood, and finally, she hit 21. Shuangtian had been happy all her life and she and Eva had planned to give their collective first time to Draco that night.

They had planned everything down to the last detail, the lights, the atmosphere, the events. They were extremely excited and nervous about it.

When Draco saw this and scratched his head, saying it was too tedious, they also collectively beat him up until he laughed shamelessly and admitted that their plans were perfect.

Just when the two were about to experience the night of their lives, Draco and Eva ended the 'simulation' and collected Shuangtian back. Eva then reversed Time and sent Shuangtian back to the state she was in before she had reversed Time the first time.

However, Shuangtian kept her memories and her old memories returned, so she had the life experiences of two timelines. There was a lot of mental manipulation that occurred over these years, so her head hurt.

After all, this was a pocket world turned sandbox, so a lot of things had to be improved and made up, like the summit and the various core members as children as well as the young Draco and Eva. They were figments of Shuangtian's imagination, only inputted when necessary into her mind by the Evil Duo.

The only 'real' ones were the Pangu members that Eva and Draco had already created, so they also had to be mentally manipulated to make everything seem real. In a way, it was just like watching a CGI-heavy movie that was being filmed and then watching the end product.

One was a bunch of people talking to the air and making weird movements that looked awkward and clown-like while the other was a finished product that looked and felt complete. Draco and Eva watched the first bit while Shuangtian watched the second bit.

Shuangtian eventually recovered herself and could only look at Draco and Eva silently. There was a lot she wanted to say, but she could only wipe her eyes and mutter in a choked-up voice:

"Thank you."

Draco and Eva smiled tiredly. It hadn't been easy setting everything up and then making things work for 21 years. They experienced every second of every minute of every hour of those 21 years, though time in reality had not shifted.

They had only lived for about 21 years in the previous timeline + Boundless 15 years, and another 21 years in this timeline plus the 4 years in Boundless. Now, their mental and physical ages got another 21 years added on like this.

Fortunately, they had a bloodline, or they would be middle-aged right about now.

Now, after Shuangtian had experienced the joy of her double life, it was time for her to live out "real-time" and eventually give birth. Shuangtian was sent down to be among her family who still existed, and she now had a real affection for them - at least, her close and nuclear family - and wasn't as cold.

Draco and Eva once again watched from above as Shuangtian was taken care of greatly and treated like a treasure, her baby bump growing with each passing month until it became utterly swollen. She was often made to lie down while they fed her all sorts of exotic tonics with special effects that might even cause normal humans to develop special traits.

Draco and Eva were satisfied with this, as that was exactly why they chose to recreate her family to take care of her. Eva had given birth to Lucitera and her father and mother didn't even know, which was a terrible thing.

Draco and Eva had really put in a lot of effort to make sure that their new family member was as pleased and comfortable as possible, which had the effect of raising Shuangtian's favorability with them beyond the max.

Eventually, the 9 months came to pass and Shuangtian was sent to the medical center to give birth. Since Draco and Eva largely knew the process, they didn't panic or worry. They simply watched over her quietly and made sure no one could interfere or sabotage, so it was natural that things went smoothly.

Just like it happened with Eva, there was no traumatic pushing or screaming. Shuangtian simply felt a huge drain on her bloodline source that made her go pale, but it was not as horrifying as what Lucitera had done to Draco and Eva.

After all, Draco had already paid the energy cost beforehand, so the child was overflowing with energy. He just needed some more input from his mother to perfectly balance his genes, so Shuangtian only grunted a little before a brown and black light exploded from her stomach, hovering in the air, and coiling around each other.

The two lights spun rapidly and then merged, forming the body of an infant that was quite large. He floated down into the hands of his mother, who was glowing with love as she heard her baby's first cries.

Shuangtian saw that her baby was almost 45 inches tall and weighed probably over 50 pounds! This was a heck of a large baby, not to mention that he looked smart and powerful just as he lay there. If Shuangtian didn't have a base strength boost from her bloodline, she would not even be able to carry him!

Speaking of bloodline, the moment the baby was born, Shuangtian felt a rumble in her body as her blood boiled, and her power surged.

She had broken through 99% and had reached 100% purity!

While she was busy acclimating and digesting her new power, Draco and Eva stopped Time in the world, freezing the doctors and nurses in place who were shocked by the magnificent birth.

They appeared beside Shuangtian with smiles on their faces and gentleness in their eyes. They were shocked though, when they saw the large and powerful baby in her arms.

He had the Pangu Lineage's bronze skin, though his was slightly paler than most. He had a wave of pitch-black hair that was a bit greasy, as well as greenish-brown eyes that shone with intelligence.

Most newborns looked soft and like putty, but not this fellow. He already looked like he had been hitting the gym, and his body was proportioned perfectly. If he grew up like this, he might end up resembling the world's strongest man by 7 years old.

Heck, Draco swore that this was what Jotaro must have looked like as a baby because Draco could see his son being built like a Joestar by age 17.

The boy glanced at Draco and Eva, first pausing at Draco, seemingly recognizing him as his dad. However, rather than be moved by his handsomeness, there was a hint of disdain in his eyes.

Where are your muscles, old man? How can you take a single blow from me with such lean arms?

However, when the lad saw Eva, his eyes slit up. He immediately flew over to Eva using his psychic ability and hugged Eva happily. Eva was startled by this, but laughed and gently patted the baby.

As for the baby, he turned his head to glance at Draco, a look of provocation and disdain in his eyes.

Old fart, I'm taking your woman. What can you do about it?

Draco's face was extremely gloomy as he stretched out a hand to grab the impudent lad.

"Brat, you're courting death!!"