Lee Soo, the first disciple of the Mount Hua Sect—

He played the biggest role in the subjugation at this meeting. Because Goo Jong-myung had told them, Mount Hua knew where the Demonic Sect people were.

Lee Soo was waiting with the other disciples, praying for the demons who were nothing more than prey to come down.

The position of being the first disciple of the elder of the Mount Hua Sect made Lee Soo be at ease.

There was also Lee Gu-myung, but he desired more merits, and he discovered Seol-Hwi while moving separately to get achievements.

“Hell? Hehehe. Where did this funny guy come from?”

In any case, it was natural for Lee Soo to laugh at Seol-Hwi’s words. The others around him also laughed.

First disciple, Lee Soo’s skills were at their peak. So even when he moved, no one went ahead.


Lee Soo performed the sect’s footwork. His movement was admirably clear and clean. It was the Five Element Plum Blossom steps.

It was one of Mount Hua’s well known techniques which could be done as sharply and quickly as the petals of plum blossom depending on the situation.

In an instant, an incredible pace of movement happened, and in the blink of an eye, Lee Soo was in front of Seol-Hwi.


However, before Lee Soo could perform his plum blossom sword technique, he noticed something was wrong.

The moment he stood in front of Seol-Hwi—

It felt like he had done something he should not have, like he stepped in the wrong place.

And that was his last thought.


A chill passed by, and Lee Soo’s head was cut down.

It was so fast that few people were even able to notice what happened. In the first place, it was Lee Soo who brought it on himself.

It took him quite some time to realize that he was killed by a pawn of the Demonic Sect.


Lee Soo’s head fell down. Seol-Hwi stopped swinging his sword and looked around.

“W-what is this?”

“Uh? Huh…”

It was only then did everyone actually register what happened.

“First of all, one of them went out of the way and then passed away.”


Chang! Wow!

While they were still dazed, several men surrounded him, drew their swords, and charged at him.

However, this time, they were subdued easily.


Just one move. And that cut the heads of five people alone.

“The five of them who rushed at me were also killed.”


In an instant, the atmosphere turned cold like they were in ice, and that resulted in an abrupt silence.

In the midst of that, Seol-Hwi raised his head.


Now there were those who were frozen in fear and those who did not realize what had happened. Of those, there were those who thought on whether they should attack or not.

“Now everyone dies in my hands.”

He declared briefly.

At those words, there were shouts from the Wudang and Shaolin leaders.

“Kill that guy!”


Everyone who heard that cry rushed at him.


At that moment the sword of Seol-Hwi shone.


Supreme demonic energy shot out and spread around.

And some time passed.

Goo Jong-myung’s expression had crumbled as he took long steps ahead.

“What is this…”

Blood was all around. Among the corpses of about a hundred people, there were warriors belonging to the Mount Hua Sect.

“You came?”

The old man who was examining something in the corpses piled like mountains raised their head.

It was Wudang’s Jin Mu.

He had arrived first and was analyzing the situation.

“W-what is this?”

“This is what the Demonic Sect bastards who were captured did.”

At those words, Goo Jong-myung immediately turned angry.

“It cannot be. The Demonic Sect bastards gathered here should be weak enough to be beaten by a first rate warrior. None of them can actually do this!”

“Is that so?”

Jin Mu slowly raised his body and then smiled.

“But did the kids die then?”

In those eyes the killing intent and anger was clear.

“Leader Jin Mu…”

“Didn’t you say that everything will work out? Didn’t you say that you were communicating with them? But this is how we get treated for trusting you?”

“Leader, Jin Mu. This is a misunderstanding. Those in the Demonic sect coming here aren’t strong…”

“Get yourself together! Elder Goo! They are the Demonic Sect!”


Leader Jin Mu burst into a scream.

“The Demonic Sect! Those guys have been doing the most disgusting things in the past. What I believed in the first place was nothing but a huge mistake! What did I expect when you were interacting with such vile people!”


Confused, Goo Jong-myung kept his mouth shut. Besides, leader Jin Mu was angry.

Countless of his disciples died. No matter how many of them were here, it was difficult to understand this unexpected loss of life.

Also, even more so if the one that did it was from the Demonic Sect.


Goo Jong-myung’s gaze stayed on the side. And a severed head lay there.

Lee Soo…

A promising disciple of Mount Hua sect.

Even this child died.

He was worried about how he would face the sect leader.

“You need to think differently. Elder Goo.”

Someone spoke from behind.

Hae Cho of Shaolin. He spoke in a low voice, and it was stern.

“The Demonic Sect had to be regarded as the most evil. It should be our aim to find their weakness, not cooperation or change.”


“I know that Mount Hua has done a lot of things. You will have to endure great losses, but if it continues like this… the mighty Kangho will be thrown into chaos.”

Goo Jong-myung did not answer.

Given the situation, it was difficult to refute anything, but a thought came to his mind nonetheless.


Their words of cooperation were always used for their own interest.

“…I understand. I will definitely apologize to both you elders for what happened today and pay you back if needed. But for now, look into the situation more clearly, and then talk to me again.”

Goo Jong-myung looked at the two men and bowed. And then he walked down the mountain without another word.


His face was full of anger.

“It is raining so much today.”

There was something strange about the expression of the Black Demon Warlord Gu Dae-yeom as he was looking out the window.

Even if he smiled like he was in a good mood, he soon looked depressed.

“Didn’t you say that the other day, it would rain?”

The lieutenant next to him spoke cautiously.

The Warlord who often had mood swings, was not an easy person to assist.

“Right. In bad weather like this, something always happens. For better or for worse.”

The Warlord nodded. Then he turned around and smiled.

“I like that. When there is an incident which needs to be resolved, we can focus on it.”


The lieutenant lowered his head for a moment.

The words of the Warlord came.

The recent power struggle between the disciples of the Heavenly Demon was unusual. It started with two masters in recluse who suddenly came to support the Fourth Disciple.

The scene which was happening behind everyone’s backs was exposed, and then everyone began to pour all their effort into recruiting.

And unsurprisingly, the eighth warlord was the major priority. Just the other day, news broke out that two warlords had responded to the advice of the disciples. The ones who did not move like mountains until then had finally moved.

The Black Demon Warlord had rejected them once before, so no message was sent again.

But he knew.

Sooner or later they will start putting up offers again. And the words would be closer to a threat this time.

Because, in a trade that he did not know, better conditions might come out if swords are pointed.

“But, is there no news yet?”

“Ah, you mean from the vassal of the Fourth Disciple?”

The lieutenant quickly nodded.

“It seems to be taking time. The elder of the sects, it cannot be easy to bring the head for that man.”

“I guess so.”

“And even if the head is brought, I would like to object to it.”

Gu Dae-yeom looked away.


“Isn’t the Fourth Disciple one with a bad fate? If someone like that can die at any time, it isn’t known who will take over. I don’t know what the warriors were thinking by taking his side, there are just too many unknowns around him.”

It was said that those who had previously formed or were promising could take over the power. In that case, their position will be small, and in the end, they might not even be one.


The Black Demon Warlord did not respond. Instead, he stayed silent and looked out the window.

A little time passed.

“We have a guest.”

He heard a sound from outside and asked who it was.

“The Fourth Disciple’s vassal is here.”

This was an unexpected person who came at an unexpected time.

Seol-Hwi walked to the chair shown to him. And as soon as he sat down, Gu Dae-yeom said,

“Right. Did you bring the head?”

At his words, Seol-Hwi pushed the wooden box in the hand ahead. Go Dae-yeom, who was looking at it, opened the box.


“This is?”

Gu dae-yeom looked down into the box and asked with excitement. It was because he did not know all the faces of the elders of the Nine Great Sects.

But Seol-Hwi could not meet his expectations.

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring the head of the elder.”


There was silence and then a smile.

The other person was here despite not bringing the right results. It meant there was something he was confident about, so he was curious.

“Then, who is the owner of this head?”

“Jeok Myung, captain of Black Moon Troops.”

“Jeok Myung? If it is Black Moon… Supreme Pavilion Lord’s men?”



Gu Dae-yeom sighed. And then looking into the eyes of Seol-Hwi, he continued,

“Why did you bring his head instead of an elder?”

“After thinking about it, I thought his head would be enough.”

“Enough? Haha, hahaha.”

Gu Dae-yeom laughed at Seol-Hwi’s absurd words. It was a bad answer.


No one would do this in any normal situation, and he continued to talk,

“Talk… isn’t the head a sufficient reason for telling the other disciples about the current situation?”

“I don’t know about the other disciples, but… at least it seems to be a fine justification for the Black Demon Warlord to show his loyalty.”

“You are playing with words again.”

He chuckled.

This guy’s conversation was unpleasant, but also interesting.

Because he could not stop talking.

“Right, I will listen. Why did you bring his head?”

Seol-Hwi thought.

It was what he thought of countless times before he came here.

Was it possible to convince him only by bringing the head of Goo Jong-myung?

The theory had to be that. And the system was saying that too.

However, judging from the many experiences he had up until this point, the system before him was not absolute.

It was obviously great at telling him what to do, but there was also something which was not perfect about it.

The hearts of people, their emotions.

Was it not possible that Songhwa was saved because Seol-Hwi touched the heart of Yupae?

Seol-Hwi concentrated on that point.

If his thoughts were not wrong, then even if it was not the head of an elder, he could still convince the Warlord.

It was not an answer given by the system but one he created.

That was the reason why he brought the head of Jeok Myung.

“Then I will tell you.”

Seol-Hwi calmly raised his head.