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While they faced Axel and the Fire Deity who were now looking down on Kahn and his subordinates like looking at small ants… Rudra had finally decided to join the battle on his own accords.

Currently, only Kahn and Jugram were physically capable to fight the enemy side because other subordinates couldn't participate in a direct confrontation due to the scalding heat that was at least close to 1800 degree celsius.

This was enough to even melt an armor entirely in just a few minutes so at best, all they could do was give support from the sidelines.

As for Jugram and Kahn, the former had immunity against all kinds of fire while the latter could withstand 2000 degrees celcius temperature because of the abilities he acquired from the Magma Drake dungeon boss back in the day in Bromnir Dungeon while Kahn started his journey in Flavot city.

However, now that Rudra was also ready to pitch into the battle… their side was no longer the weaker one.

[Alright, system. Give me his details first.] ordered Kahn.

In just 10 seconds, he was completely surprised to the point he felt like Rudra was no longer in the same league as them.

[Following are the statistics of the subordinate Rudra :

Name : Rudra

Species : Voronir (Variant Basilisk)

Job : None

Rank : Mythical Rank

Level : 483

Strength : 83923

Agility : 64801

Dexterity : 74912

Defense : 81392

Mana : 60291

Following are the skills and abilities of the subordinate :

Lucid Reality (Saint Rank)

Neurotoxin Venom (Saint Rank)

Poison Immunity (Legendary Rank)

Thermal Body (Saint Rank)

Drake Scales (Saint Rank)

Basilisk Scales (Saint Rank)

Dominator's Aura (Saint Rank)

Subordinate Rudra has created a new exclusive bloodline ability.

Corrosive Magma (Legendary Rank) (Passive) :

Allows the subordinate to infuse the corrosive venom of the legendary rank Bjormngandur with the magma stored inside the body.

Compared to normal magma, this Corrosive Magma cannot be defended against even if an enemy has fire immunity and will corrode, disintegrate as well as poison anything it touches, rendering the opponent unable to move or fight as time went by.

Note : This ability will work on an enemy as long as they're not in an ethereal or spectral form.

Bloodlines : Godbeast Basilisk & Draconian Bloodline

Current Bloodline purity : 80% & 20% respectively.] reported the system.

Rudra was a mythical being since the beginning and he had a Basilisk and Draconian Bloodline. Two of the strongest amongst the Godbeast and any other monster species in the entire world.

Kahn could instantly tell that Rudra used Magma Drake and Bjormngandur's innate abilities and somehow managed to merge them using their bloodline as the drake was a creature of magma while the basilisk descendant had a neurotoxin venom.

Since all Rudra did was study and perfect bloodlines he absorbed while freeloading on Kahn who gave him top-grade cores and ores to raise his levels… the result wasn't too surprising for the latter.

Resulting in his stats being way higher than his levels should allow. Even Kahn had to acknowledge that Rudra was now a lot stronger than Omega.

If not for the Gravity Law skills, even Omega was lacking in brute strength and wouldn't survive against the Voronir subordinate if they fought to the death.

[I guess it would be the first time… that we will battle together.] spoke Rudra in Kahn's mind.

"Alright then… Come out!" ordered Kahn to the variant Basilisk subordinate after he heard of Rudra's mega upgrade.


Suddenly, a massive black shadow descended from Kahn's figure and instantly spread for at least 8 kilometers in length.





Every nook and cranny around the destroyed grassland suddenly started shaking under a leaden pressure and soon, a ginormous creature appeared out of this black shadow.


A high-pitched hissing resounded in the 10 kilometer region and right in front of everyone, a massive and simply too long black and red creature appeared while revealing an insurmountable and terrifying aura that even made Axel shudder in fear while the Kagutsuchi's expression turned grim.

Venessa, who also felt like bowing down because of this heavy pressure was flabbergasted on the spot.

"What the hell is this monster?" she asked with a constricted face as if she was looking at her natural archenemy.

A 500 meter tall snake-like creature whose length was at least 8 kilometers while its width was at least 300 meters rose its head proudly.

Even its width was close to 3 football fields combined. Even a mountain would be too easy to wrap around for this terrifying creature.

Two black and long horns, each being at least 10 meters in length, appearing like a crown of a king revealed themselves while two massive eyes, each of which was literally made from magma, were now looking at the enemy side.

Hundreds of black pike-like teeth as its maw revealed the glowing red tongue while a stream of magma ran like a river as the basilisk hissed loudly.

Thousands of cracks were spread across the body of this variant Basilisk that leaked magma while the thick and hard layer of skin was a combination of both Basilisk and Dragon hide.

Kahn could feel that it was another upgrade to Rudra's body after he ate and absorbed Bjormngandur's body and transformed into a completely different creature, even stronger than before.


A massive burst of pitch black and red aura suddenly spread across the 10 kilometers radius as Rudra used his Dominator's Aura skill that affected the minds of opponents and broke their mental fortitude before the battle even began.

Kahn and the crew were accustomed to it but Axel and Kagutsuchi felt as if they were in a pinch already.

"You… you have the bloodline of Dragons and Basilisks… what kind of creature is this?!" asked Kagutsuchi, taking a defensive stance.

Even for a monster who originated from a snake-like species… Rudra was too tall while his blistering hot body covered in the black scales combined using the properties of two different species was way too long.

But Kahn and Rudra had no intentions to make a formal introduction as the former instantly activated the Dimensional Domain for the first time since the battle with the hero's party started, enshrouding 5 kilometers of radius under a pitch black dome.

But at this moment, more than Axel and Kagutsuchi… there was another individual who had her eyes wide open.

Venessa was suddenly hit with a realization and shouted in disbelief…

"Son of a bitch!... It was you!"






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