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Venessa was completely baffled at this moment after she noticed a familiar black dome that suddenly appeared across the battlefield as she stood away from its perimeter.

A revelation hit her mind like a wrecking ball because this scene was similar to the events of one and half years ago.

Back then, a group of supporters suddenly appeared and helped her with information and strategy to take the second prince and her other half-brother aka Rogis Hos Sigfreed for his actions against the human race.

During those times, Venessa thought a 5th stage saint was supporting her to become Empress because only those beings could use a domain of their own.

And now… it turned out that it was Kahn all along. A chosen Hero whose existence she didn't even know of before.

Venessa tried to run her brain at full speed and after recounting the old events… she reached a final conclusion…

Kahn did it for Throk and himself. He was bold enough to take down an empire's prince just to make his own life easier and create a perfect cover-up for his background in their empire.

However, she no longer had any qualms about it because whether Kahn did it for his own sake or not… he was now battling for her sake against powerful entities.

"Axel… that domain." spoke Kagutsuchi in a grim voice.

"What?" asked the Hero of Fire.

"That's related to Space Law. If I'm not wrong… then he has unlocked the Dimensional Law divine ability.

Although nobody knows what that divine ability can do… We shouldn't step inside his domain carelessly.

Anything made by the first God in existence, the God of Space; shouldn't be looked down upon." warned the Fire Deity to Axel.

"No need to worry. We can still kill them without even entering his domain." snickered Axel.

However, at this moment, Kahn and Rudra who were inside the Dimensional Domain nodded at each other and quickly made their move.


In just a blink of an eye, Kahn suddenly appeared 3 kilometers away from the ginormous body of this summoned deity and without getting a chance to react, both Axel and Kagutsuchi were now covered inside the Dimensional Domain.

"What the hell?! How can his domain move so suddenly?" shouted Axel.

Because unlike others, Kahn's Dimensional Domain moved along with his body and he could instantly cast it just with a thought. This was an advantage even Omega, Jugram and Oliver didn't have with their respective domains.

As soon as Axel, Kagutsuchi and his army were encapsulated by the black domain that spread over 5 kilometers radius, all of them felt like their total strength becoming half of their original limits.

This was the main effect of Dimensional Domain during a fight. Any enemy brought inside it will have all of their physical stats including the mana capacity reduced by 50%.

Even if someone was a 4th stage saint, they'd still be brought to the level of a 2nd stage saint while fighting against Kahn inside this domain.

Kahn hadn't used the Dimensional Domain till this point for two reasons… One, he was being cautious because Venessa would definitely remember it. Two, he did not want to give away one of his biggest cheats to the enemy side.



Rudra's massive serpentine body slithered on this burning battlefield, completely unaffected by the extensive heat that had turned the 15 kilometers region into an incinerated and melting open ground.


Jugram turned into his real Diablos form again and summoned his massive giantswords made of world energy, directly starting a wanton massacre of the millions of soldiers.

He wasn't just a random monster but a massive warrior with battle experience, fighting skills and a clear mind while facing millions of these fire soldiers.

[Dammit! Why the hell is my strength reduced to half?] cursed Kagutsuchi.

By logic, he should've had the strength of a peak 4th stage saint now but suddenly, he was barely at peak 2nd stage.

Axel on the other hand felt like he was no better than an intermediate second stage saint, losing his battle strength instantly and now, he was even weaker than Kahn in terms of physical strength.

"Bring it on, bastard! Give us your best shot!" bellowed Axel as he challenged Kahn without a hint of fear in his eyes.


"With pleasure." spoke Kahn and soon… a mixed burst of black and red world energy erupted like a volcano from his body and soon, an ethereal form of himself that was around 90 meters tall.

This spectral form of his only had the upper torso above his waist and Kahn stood below it. Soon, this form started growing 6 horns on its head.

The first pair of two on the forehead belonged to True Demons, the ones behind were Dragon Horns and finally, the longest horns behind his head that looked similar to Rudra's horns belonged to the Basilisks.



Spectral Kahn's entire body turned rock hard similar to the Mountain Titan and then, numerous scales of basilisks and dragons started appearing on its skin while two large red wings of legendary rank monster bird aka Caladrius spread from the back.

The claws on its hand were similar to Skoll and Hati. On top of it… Kahn granted it this form Invimarak skin, Dragon Physique, Bjormngandur's Eyes that could cast Lucid Reality.

Kahn then granted it Titan Transformation that rose the size of this spectral form by 30 times and the total height became 270 meters, even bigger than Axel's true form.

"What form of power is this?"

Venessa asked with her mouth agape in shock. Axel and Kagutsuchi however, had an indignant expressions.

Kahn had finally used the Spirit Replica skill that he absorbed from Vilgax back in Verlassen and was unlocked after Kahn became a saint.

And finally… the entire form started covering itself in a purple layer of Samurai-like helmet, armor made of the Guardian Dragon's aura while a Dragon head appeared in the center of the chest armor.

A spectral form of 200 meter long Lucifer suddenly appeared in its right hand while 500 small replicas of his greatsword, each being 10 meters long appeared and floated behind this massive figure.

Kahn, who now had his own version of a summoned warrior deity then shouted with a tyrannical voice filled with absolute killing intent…

"Bankai… Kokujō Tengen Myo'o!!"