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Kahn finally used the Spirit Replica by infusing many skills, abilities and bloodlines in it after he was finally forced to go all out against Kagutsuchi, the Fire Deity.

One of the 5 doppelgangers of Kahn who were tasked to train in combat skills and techniques while he was increasing his skills in Blacksmithing Craft was in charge of perfecting Spirit Replica.

This new battle form of his didn't just come out of nowhere or was perfected on the spot as the doppelganger who was also Kahn, had experimented with various bloodlines and effects and formed a perfect synergy in this battle mode after many months from going through arduous trial and error.

And finally, Kahn decided to use it against Axel and his summoned Deity to shift the battle in their favor from the get-go.

Unlike Kassandra, Venessa and Axel… Kahn had no way to summon a Deity himself. However, this battle form would also grow in size and different abilities with more powerful skills, abilities and bloodlines he acquired along with the rise in his rank as a Saint. This version was only Prototype 1.0 and there would certainly be many upgrades in the future.

So in a way, this would be one of Kahn's biggest trump cards even when fighting against other Heroes.

[This form… is it one of his divine abilities?] asked Axel.

[No. He had mixed many monster bloodlines including that of some descendants of different Godbeasts, Basilisk and Dragon.

We just need to wait till his form gets deactivated on its own.] forewarned the fire deity.

But little did they know that this form would be active as long as he could provide it with a constant supply of world energy. And because Kahn had Rathnaar's core linked to his soul… he had an endless supply. Thus, he was fully planning to use his hacks to put an end to this battle quickly.

[System, from now on… we will call this form as Shura.] said Kahn.

[Shura Mode name registered.] responded the system.


A burst of shockwave resonated in the battlefield as the massive Shura faced Kagutsuchi in a head-on battle. The spectral Lucifer was as strong as the original one and the 500 small summoned greatswords using Sword Emperor skill attacked the opponent from different sides, stabbing the deity's knees and achilles heels.



Rudra suddenly barged into the 5 kilometers radius as he waltzed in while destroying thousands of fire soldiers, some of whom were 100 meters tall and had different weapons of their own. However, not only did the voronir subordinate have immunity against their fire elemental attacks, his defenses were impenetrable while the magma he spewed from his mouth started corroding thousands of them on the spot.

Kahn performed various attacks and Shura followed his exact combat techniques while stabbing and slashing at vital points of the fire deity who was still 3 and half times bigger than his new battle form.



Shura quickly flapped the Caladrius Wings on its back that granted 4 times flying speed and Kahn evaded a massive beam-like attack from Kagutsuchi.

Jugram was killing thousands of fire soldiers with his skills while Rudra took down 5 of the 100 meter tall generals Kagutsuchi had in his army. Some of them disintegrated after getting struck with Rudra's Corrosive Magma while the rest were just torn into big pieces by the basilisk's massive maw filled with fangs and sharp teeth.



For the first time, Kagutsuchi was shoved backward for at least 500 meters as Lucifer and the deity's greatsword clashed against each other.

The former was only 200 meters long while the deity's greatsword was 800 meters long.

However, even without any buffs… Kahn was already comparable to a peak 2nd stage saint just like Kagutsuchi under the suppression of the Dimensional Domain.

And with the added strength of Shura form, he was thoroughly suppressing the enemy without any trouble at all.


The battle between Shura and Kagutsuchi was now at a standstill because both were equally matched in terms of strength.

[Do it quickly!] ordered Kahn to Rudra who just chewed off an army general's upper torso.

Rudra slithered at a fast pace and approached Kagutsuchi who was fending off Shura's attacks while launching firestorms and fireballs at Kahn while the latter kept flapping his wings and evaded these lethal attacks that launched at him like cannonballs.



Rudra's gigantic 500 meter tall figure finally reached close to Kagutsuchi and quickly bit his left leg from behind and flung it away.



Nearby 3 kilometers of the region was devastated and filled with crevices as the fire deity fell on the ground.

Kahn quickly cast Dragon Strike skill and attacked from the air while Rudra started shooting the corrosive magma from his mouth at the center of Kagutsuchi's chest.

This wasn't a fair fight in any way… rather, Rudra and Kahn were ganging up on the deity who was already suppressed to a great extent.


The dragon strike hit Kagutsuchi and a massive dark red explosion spread across 5 kilometers of the battlefield. The fire army tried to interfere but Jugram, who was now fully buffed up to the level of a 3rd stage saint, jumped in and barricaded them all.

Rudra on the other end swept his tail and swatted away thousands of soldiers, killing them instantly. And finally, a haggard figure of Kagutsuchi was revealed in front of them.

The main target of Kahn's Dragon Strike accompanied with Marauder Skill and

Rudra's corrosive magma… was none other than Axel.

Ever since the fire deity was summoned, Axel stood in the chest of this ethereal being to be protected by the enemy side.

He was already suppressed and couldn't fight because if the summoner died, the Deity would instantly disappear anyway. And this was why Kahn and Rudra were targeting him after they took control of the battlefield.

[Dammit! The magma spewed by that basilisk may not damage me, but it's breaking past my defenses and corroding my body.] cursed Kagutsuchi and got up.

Nonetheless, Rudra charged in again and slithered around the deity's whole body, in just a few seconds, the enemy had their entire body tied by a mythical rank rope.

In the following moments, Shura quickly stabbed Lucifer in the fire deity's chest but barely missed Axel who shifted his position in a nick of time.

But even so, Kahn wasn't disappointed in the slightest as he let out a grin.



Suddenly, a black wormhole appeared at the end of Lucifer's blade that was plunged inside Kagutsuchi's chest.

Both Axel and the Fire Deity had horrified expressions while Kahn let out a devilish smirk because at this moment, he was finally using his Legendary Rank skill in a battle that he got from the Guardian Dragon. Also called as…

Energy Plunderer.