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After Kahn and Rudra joined arms and managed to incapacitate Kagutsuchi, the Fire Deity was completely unable to move an inch.

Kahn in his Shura battle mode plunged down Lucifer in its chest and finally activated the Energy Plunderer skill for the first time in a battle.

Energy Plunderer was a Legendary Rank skill he got from the Guardian Dragon which allowed Kahn to create a black wormhole that could absorb mana, world energy, elemental attacks, spells, and various forms of energy sources.

The wormhole would then deconstruct and reconstruct these forms of sources to filter out the purest energy that can be received by Kahn in any desirable form. And at the moment, Kahn could feel his reserves getting filled and his levels rising… enough to make a breakthrough to 2nd stage saint at the spot.

But Kahn willingly halted his progression because he would be unable to fight during that state. As for the enemy…

In the end, Kagutsuchi was a summoned entity purely made of world energy and soul essence that Axel sacrificed to summon him.

This was Kahn's plan all along when he decided to jump into the battle with Jugram. Rudra tagging along was just a cherry on top which made things easier for them as the latter could do a better job at restricting this massive 1 kilometer tall being's body and movements.



The blackhole inside Kagutsuchi's chest exerted a tremendous amount of suction force and started engulfing his body from the inside at a rapid pace as if trying to devour it as fast as it could.


Meanwhile, Rudra hissed loudly and used Lucid Reality on Axel since he was higher leveled, making the hero of fire unable to fight or aid Kagutsuchi in any way.

[Axel! Use your divine weapon!] shouted Kagutsuchi in Axel's head.

However, the recipient didn't even hear the cry for help as he was currently inside a different reality where everything around him looked as if he was in a different world.

"Stop resisting… You're my prey." spoke Rudra, his voice sending tremors across 3 kilometers radius.

Rudra opened his maw and shot a massive stream of corrosive magma on Kagutsuchi's face while Shura kept absorbing and weakening the enemy using Energy Plunderer.

Soon, under Rudra's attacks, Kagutsuchi's face started corroding and turning into ash because of the high temperature of his own body while Kahn used Dragon Strike again to land devastating blows to its legs and arms.


Rudra started targeting the fire deity in his vital spots and chewed off a big chunk of fiery red world energy as if he was eating off a wild animal.

"ARRGHHHHH!!!" screamed the fire deity as for the first time ever since he became a deity, was he thoroughly humiliated and treated like a weakling after being summoned by Axel for the first time in the history of summoned heroes.

Yet, the fire Deity was not only oppressed because of its limited rank, but it also couldn't even fight because all of its skills were useless against Kahn and Rudra. Just a flap from Shura's wings was enough to redirect any summoned attack skills or fire spells.

"No!" bellowed Kagutsuchi as his figure started disappearing and his dark red body was turning transparent because Kahn was draining all of its world energy.

5 more minutes passed and now… after 30 minutes of battle, the Fire Deity completely disappeared, not even leaving a single trace behind.


In a blink of an eye, all the fire surrounding the 20 kilometers region, millions of fire soldiers army also completely disappeared, leaving only a smoldering and charred battlefield.



Axel, who was laying silently on the decimated open ground, started throwing up blood and started choking on the spot from backlash after Kagutsuchi was killed by Rudra, Shura and Kahn.




The sixth white archaic formation shattered but this time… there was no soul left to escape because Axel had sacrificed it to summon the Fire Deity.

3 minutes later, Axel was revived by the Soul Eater divine ability and had recovered to his peak health again.

However, this time… Axel was thoroughly infuriated. He died 6 times already and now, only 2 lives remained. The last being his own and then he would be finished for good.

He had a constricted and incredulous expression as he revealed his killing intent and anger towards the enemies from the opposite side.

[This isn't going to cut it. I can't afford to lose any more lives from here on.

But thanks to my last Divine Ability… there's nothing he or his allies can do to me anymore.

I guess I could risk losing another life to use it to win this battle.] thought Axel with a scornful gaze towards Kahn and Rudra.

"You've forced me to the edge, Salvatore.

Be proud of yourself for forcing me to use it for the first time in a fight." declared Axel loudly, his voice echoing in the 5 kilometers region.

"Bring it on, ye wanker!" taunted Kahn without any fear while all the subordinates had surrounded Axel from 8 different sides, ready to pounce on the Hero of Fire and end this battle.

But even with just 2 lives left… Axel was confident to be able to kill Kahn for some reason.

"It's time I settle the score with you bastards." spoke Axel and soon, a mix of black and white aura appeared around his body and his heart started glowing with a red and yellow light.

In the following moments, the black and white aura started coalescing while the red and yellow aura around his heart suddenly moved across his body and stopped at Axel's left palm.

In front of everyone's gazes, these 4 different auras merged and soon, a big orb of flickering flame consisting of all 4 auras came to be.


A burst of highly dangerous and terrifying aura spread in 20 kilometers region and even someone like Omega and Rudra, both of whom were comparable to a 3rd stage saints felt a sense of dread.

The orb of fire glowed brighter and its multicolored presence emitted an insurmountable pressure.

[It's been close to a thousand years since I last saw it.

Be careful boy… That's the Eternal Flame and the Divine Weapon of Hero of Fire.] spoke Rathnaar in Kahn's mind with a grim voice.

Venessa suddenly spoke with a terrified voice and revealed the name of this divine weapon…