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The four-colored big orb of fire flickered in Axel's hand, emitting a threatening aura so intense that even Kahn, Rudra and Jugram who had resistance against the fire element felt like they'd die miserably if hit by this weapon.

"Be careful Kahn… The Legends say that Amaterasu was forged using a fraction of God Hetrax's own soul.

Even though it's not in its peak form because of Axel's rank… it's not something you should face head-on." warned Venessa.

Kahn nodded and asked Rathnaar.

[How did you face and win against it back then?]

[I know how it works but I was too powerful when I faced the Hero of Fire in my era. Back then, I had many long-range attack skills. But you… your strength and range are way too small since you're only a 1st stage saint.

We have no advantage against him.] replied the peak saint's soul.


Before Kahn could asses the situation, Axel appeared 5 kilometers away from him and directed Amaterasu in his direction.


A massive 500 meters wide spherical archaic formation suddenly appeared in front of flickering Amaterasu and started charging itself.

[Kid, run!!] warned Rathnaar while Kahn's survival instinct blessing rang like a siren in his head.




In just a few seconds, Kahn moved 3 kilometers away as a massive and incredibly fast multicolored beam of fire launched itself and covered the distance of 5 kilometers in just 1 second.


However, although Kahn managed to escape in time using Quicksilver skill… his Shura form was too big to move along with and was instantly struck by Amaterasu.



"Aaaarrrr!!" wailed Kahn in pain as soon as Amaterasu's intense flame started burning his 270 meters tall gigantic battle form instantly and in just a few seconds, half of its body was burned and turned to ash without putting up a single resistance.

Kahn then quickly deactivated the spirit replica skill to not suffer from a backlash of the skill getting destroyed… however, his expression turned fearful for the first time since their battle began.

Because his Shura mode wasn't weak in any aspect. It had the defense of a Primordial titan, Invimarak, Dragon and Basilisk. Even Kagutsuchi had a hard time fending off Shura mode and hadn't even managed to break apart the armor made from the guardian Dragon's aura.

But given how quickly Amaterasu engulfed and burned that body as well as how easily it destroyed half of the gigantic figure in just seconds… it didn't take a genius to understand that Kahn would've died instantly if he was hit by Amaterasu.

If not for Quicksilver skill, even Kahn's ashes wouldn't be left.

Just then, Rathnaar spoke in his mind again.

[Boy… your domain can't do anything against Amaterasu. And you can't even touch Axel from this distance.

Based on my estimations… his current range of attack should be 15 kilometers since his body is suppressed by your domain's restrictions on his physical stats.

Also, your subordinates will instantly die if they're struck by Axel's divine weapon.]

[All of you, maintain at least 20 kilometers distance and protect Venessa!] ordered Kahn to his group.


[Dammit!!] cursed Kahn as he tried to evade another Superlaser attack from Axel's Death Star aka Amaterasu.


Although Kahn managed to escape by the slightest distance… his left arm was grazed by the firebeam.

"Aaaaahhhh!!!" screamed Kahn but while suffering the immeasurable pain as the fire instantly burned and ate away his entire arm…


Kahn quickly used Lucifer and cut off his entire left arm up to shoulder without a second thought and he instantly used quicksilver again to create distance.

If he hadn't acted at that very moment… he would be turned into ash right now.

[Armin!] commanded Kahn and in just two seconds, the pathfinder subordinate appeared behind Kahn.

"Stand still." spoke Armin and a blue aura emitted from both of his palms.

The blue aura covered Kahn's left shoulder and soon, it elongated and reformed his cut-off arm in just 10 seconds.

Armin just used his SSS Rank skill called Restoration which allowed him to restore any damaged body parts of a target and bring them back to their previous state 1 minute ago. This ability worked as long as the target wasn't dead.

Kahn clenched his left palm. His gray longcoat was damaged. Although it could repair itself with time, it would take a while.

[Dammit!! His Divine Weapon is too fast, has no restriction on the direction and even if I create a distance… it can still kill me easily no matter how strong my defense is.] thought Kahn.

His gray longcoat was made from the Invimarak skin. The legendary rank monster had impeccable resistance to many known elements, yet it turned to crisps in just a second.

Kahn felt dread after realizing how powerful Axel's divine weapon was. Even a 5th stage saint wouldn't survive after being hit by Amaterasu which wasn't even in its peak form because of the suppression on Axel's body.

At full capacity… Kahn wouldn't even be able to evade any of his attacks.

[I still have some tricks left. But I can't be certain if they'll work.] he thought to himself.

[Kid… I have a plan.] just then, the first emperor chimed in.

[Be quick. Although I can escape on my own… I want to kill that fucker at any cost.] he replied. The thought of running away crossed his mind because he and his group had no way to face Axel's divine weapon. Even the Legendary rank Lucifer would be melted after getting struck by Amaterasu. Yet, Kahn wanted to take the risk to kill Axel for good.

In the following moments, Rathnaar quickly told him a plan he came up with on the spot.

[You think you can manage it?] asked the peak saint.

[If luck is on our side… maybe I will be able to pull it off. Let's give it a shot.] replied Kahn.

[Good. It's time you used them together.] spoke Rathnaar while Kahn on the other end, evaded another attack from Amaterasu.

The ground that was hit with the firebeam was instantly pulverized and a 3 kilometers deep crevice formed in the battlefield.

As soon as Kahn created 10 kilometer distance in the air between him and Axel…


A massive burst of black and violet aura appeared on the battlefield and Axel felt like he was being targeted by a powerful predator.

"Impossible!! Even the imperial family doesn't have something like that…" he spoke in a frightful tone as he looked at a man donning pitch-black armor with glowing violet outlines over some parts.

Because at this moment… Kahn was using one of his biggest cards that he chose to hide till now. And that was…

The Legendary ranked Drakos Armor!