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Kahn finally equipped the newly upgraded Drakos Armor that was now reforged with the guardian dragon's body parts. Before, Kahn was warned by Throk not to use it casually because the dragon's aura would alert a lot of people. However, Kahn was saving it for the last battle till this point.

But after hearing Rathnaar's plan… Kahn had no choice but to use it without having another option.

[System, give me the details on new effects and buffs.] ordered Kahn.

[Following are the bonus effects and bloodline buffs to the reforged Drakos Armor :

Dragon Armor (Legendary Rank) (Upgradable) :

Physical Defense while wearing this armor has risen by 70% and Agility has increased by 55%.

Reformation (Saint Rank) (Upgradable) :

Using the host's mana, world energy and draconian bloodline as a source, the armor will be able to repair itself over time once it has been broken. This bloodline effect will be active as long as the host is still alive.

The Attack, Defense and Agility of the armor effects will increase with the rank and levels of the host.

Dragon's Momentum (Saint Rank) (Upgradable) :

Strength stats while using any weapon made of dragon species, including the host's sword Lucifer will be increased by 60% and Dexterity will be enhanced by 56%.

Note : The armor and weapons can be upgraded using materials belonging to the Draconian species body parts and to increase their buffs and rank of the skills, the host must absorb more Draconian bloodline.

The host can activate Dragon Physique and Dragon's Sovereignty indefinitely while using the Drakos Armor.

It will provide an additional 30% increase in all of the host's physical and magical stats.

Current Draconian Bloodline purity : 35%] reported the system.

Kahn instantly noticed that the word 'Drake' was replaced with 'Dragon' this time after the armor set was reforged. And this increase in stats and buffs the Drakos Armor was offering also rose by at least twice.

He understood that it was due to the rise in rank of the armor as well as his increase in draconian bloodline purity.


A sonic boom resonated in the surrounding 1 kilometer radius after the bloodline effect kicked in and Kahn's appearance under the black armor with violet outlines changed.

The next moment Kahn opened his eye… even Axel and Venessa who saw it from afar, felt like Kahn was no longer a human.

His black hair turned white and grew shoulder-length while his human eyes now transformed into vertically slanted red eyes of a dragon. His entire skin turned faded violet while the armor kept leaking a tyrannical dragon aura.

Kahn then quickly activated Dragon's Physique skill that gave him 3 times boost in all physical stats for 20 minutes. But since he was equipping the new Drakos Armor, it had no time restriction anymore as Kahn received a special treatment of owning a legendary rank armor and weapon while having a bloodline that resonated with and amplified the armor's bonus effects.

At this moment, the guardian dragon's aura had become one with Kahn because of the bloodline which was triggered after he activated the Dragon Physique.

Dragon's Sovereignty was currently useless to him since Axel wasn't a mindless monster and was higher leveled than him.

"Alright… this should do. I'm at least close to an intermediate 3rd stage saint with all these buffs." spoke Kahn and returned to the present moment.

This whole report took only half a second in his mind and now, Kahn was ready.


Just then, Axel recovered from his fearful state and broke free from the dragon's aura and attacked Kahn with Amaterasu again.


However… this time, Kahn easily escaped and turned out to be unscathed from Amaterasu's fire beam and appeared 5 kilometers away in the sky.

"You can't run from me forever, Salvatore. You'll die very soon." spoke Axel as he was agitated for some reason.

[Stick to my plan, kid. He doesn't even realize that he's making a big mistake at the moment.] said Rathnaar.

[I know. So sit tight… it's gonna be a wild ride.] responded Kahn and the next second…



15 Doppelgangers looking identical to Kahn while having a Drakos Armor and Lucifer of their own appeared beside him in succession. All of them had 50% of Kahn's physical stats and abilities.

If this was before he came to the Vulcan empire… Kahn wouldn't even be able to use these many doppelgangers at once. But during his training period for Blacksmithing and Artificing skills… his mind had become many times stronger and he no longer had any problems controlling each of them.

Axel had an ashen expression while Venessa was flabbergasted after seeing that there were a total of 16 Kahns present.

With their numbers and stats… it was like 8 first stage saints on his side. But Kahn had no plans of attacking Axel because the chances of him dying were bigger than Kahn killing Axel even with the help of his doppelgangers.

However… Axel didn't know that. And this was Kahn's plan.

Without needing any form of orders or communication, the 16 Kahns quickly spread and surrounded Axel from different directions, making the original body unable to track as they all exuded the identical aura.

The real Kahn had chosen to limit his aura to match with others so nobody could even tell a difference. Forget Axel, even his own subordinates couldn't tell which Kahn was the real one.

All of them started charging the Dark Lightning Strike, one of Kahn's strongest attack skills at once and revealed their killing intent.

"Fight me by yourself, you bastard!!" Axel shouted as he tried to antagonize Kahn.

But in reality… Axel was mortified after this maneuver because he was being besieged from all sides.

Amaterasu could destroy or pulverize everything in its wake… but it had the restriction of a single direction attack. It couldn't split in different directions or parts to attack all fronts.


All Kahns attacked using Lucifer at the same time at Axel from a distance of 2 to 3 kilometers away.


The lightning bolts assisted with darkness turned the entire battlefield blinding white as they struck in Axel's direction.




Axel's body catapulted on the ground after being zapped by the dark lightning strike and getting heavily injured.

At the last moment, he used Amaterasu and killed one Kahn. However, that turned out to be a fake one.

[He doesn't even realize it. The one to cause his downfall won't be me…] thought the real Kahn acting and attacking Axel just like others.

[But Axel himself.]