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The battlefield trembled and dozens of kilometers of space was pulverized as Axel used his divine weapon as the main driving force to attack Kahn. The opponent however was ganging up on him while launching a barrage of attacking skills from time to time on all fronts.


Axel barely evaded a Dragon Strike attack and saw the ground below exploding from the impact, he quickly retreated 3 kilometers away and used Amaterasu to attack the Kahn who just made that lethal attack on him.


The 500 meter wide archaic formation charged itself and targeted the man in Drakos Armor.


The superlaser attack from Amaterasu only took 3 seconds before it not only killed Kahn but also destroyed a cliff that stood tall behind him, leaving only a massive circular hole in its body.


The entire cliff collapsed after it was thoroughly poked through without any resistance.

[Phew! That makes the 3rd one.] thought Axel.

In the past 5 minutes, he managed to kill 3 doppelgangers and 13 remained.

[Which one of them is real?...

That armor they're wearing is perfectly masking their existence and I can't use Sage's Eye again to find the real body either.] thought Axel as he looked around for signs to identify the real body.

"Hey, cunt! Your aim sucks.

Why don't you admit defeat already? I feel like I'm bullying a little girl." spoke one of the Kahns hovering above Axel on his left-hand side.

"What did you say, you piece of shit?! Fight me with your real body if you dare?!" exclaimed Axel as he was outraged.

Kahn had been purposely instigating and antagonizing Axel by calling him names. He had already figured out that Axel had the halo of entitlement. So being called incompetent or being compared to a woman because of his misogynistic nature always struck a nerve.


Instead of receiving a reply, the Kahn behind him launched another dark lightning strike. Axel was quickly alerted and used Amaterasu, launching another massive and destructive beam that was enough to turn everything to smithereens within 15 kilometers range.

Another Kahn was pulverized.

However, this offered him no relief because the others were already waiting for an opening.



Axel was hit with another wave of 100 meter long and wide lightning strikes, although he was a 3rd stage saint, he was already suppressed under the Dimensional Domain.

He had no idea that the original Kahn needed to be within 5 kilometers proximity for him to get affected by this domain. And thus, each strike heavily wounded him because his defenses were already halved. Plus lightning and darkness were two of the strongest elements of reality. So they hit even harder than they should've.



After 10 more minutes passed and Axel successfully killed 7 Kahns… he started sweating and his body started becoming heavy for some reason.

[Kid, he's finally getting affected by the soul essence depleting. As I said… he's using a borrowed soul in the end. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been affected at least for an hour.

Keep doing what you're doing. We have him trapped in a cage.] said Rathnaar with a coy smirk.

This was Rathnaar's main plan all along.

The divine weapon ate the soul essence. And even if Axel was using someone else's soul… their soul would be much weaker than a Hero's soul by at least 10 times.

So obviously, the soul essence consumption would be much more since the quality was already subpar than the intended source to use a divine weapon.

And thus, the divine weapon would be the very thing chipping away the borrowed life Axel had.




One after another, Kahns in Drakos Armor started attacking with various attacking skills such as windcutter, lightning, multiple aura blades and Dragon Strike. Making Axel retreat and defend himself again from time to time while Kahn kept mocking and insulting the hero of fire.

"My my… who would've thought Hetrax summoned such a pussy.

Hey, are you even a real Hero? I bet a sissy like you can't even defeat one of my generals on your own.

So why don't go back to whatever shithole you came from, strap up your favorite panties and send the real Hero of Fire here." said a Kahn who hovered 5 kilometers away in front of Axel, his gaze filled with mockery.

"You motherfucker!! I'll kill you and cut you into thousand pieces! And I'll make Venessa watch it when I do it!" shouted Axel and his eyes turned red, filled with bloodlust and killing intent.


Axel was infuriated to the point he wantonly attacked the Kahns in whichever direction he saw them.

Similar scene occurred for a few more minutes and Axel mindlessly attacked his enemies. Although he managed to kill 3 more Kahns in the process, his body started feeling heavier with each attack.



Cracks started forming on the last white archaic formation hovering over his figure which held the soul of a saint.

Finally, because of these outraged attacks… Axel has used up the entire soul essence and as a result, he started losing control over his body because of the backlash he was receiving from Amaterasu.

At this moment, he barely had any soul essence left but his divine weapon was forcefully sucking in the essence.

[Not good! At this rate, I will…]


Before he could take any measures, the last formation shattered and Axel received a huge backlash, losing control over his body and Amaterasu at the same moment.


Axel was shocked but quickly reacted as Kahn suddenly appeared behind him.

"You're dead, you fucker!" shouted Axel and quickly launched Amaterasu floating in his hand at this close range.




But unlike his plans… Kahn was struck by the four-colored flame and couldn't even land the finishing blow on Axel. Instead, he was getting incinerated alive.

In the following seconds, not only the Kahn in front but the other Kahns surrounding him disappeared after the one in front of him turned to small blisters, fading into nothingness.

"No!!" shouted Venessa from afar.

"Ha ha ha!! I finally killed that bastard!" laughed Axel in joy and a sense of relief spread in his body.

With this timed shot… he killed Kahn right before he lost full control over his divine weapon.



Axel could feel that his connection with Amaterasu was severed and the divine weapon no longer responded to him because the soul essence was dried up.

Axel would die soon but he would be revived again so he still had an elated smile on his face.


Just then, a 3 meter tall void crack opened, behind it… was an incredibly strong suction force that quickly pulled in Amaterasu. Before Axel could even move, the eternal flame disappeared from his world.

"No!!" shouted Axel as soon as he realized what was happening.

Because just now… Amaterasu was pulled inside the…

True Dimension.






[[Author : I have been hospitalized for 7 days. Pain crisis in entire back, waist, left leg and the whole right arm. So I won't be able to post any chapters in the meantime since my writing hand is suffering the most from the pain. Sorry for the delay.]]