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Axel hovered still in the air with a stupefied expression on his face because at this moment, he had lost his soul connection to his divine weapon Amaterasu as soon as Kahn pulled it inside the true dimension.

Divine Weapons were akin to how a novel or a manga Protagonist was often given a Holy Sword to kill the Demon Lord... But now, Kahn stole that Holy Sword from the protagonist instead.

Kahn on the other hand could still see the unending fire of Amaterasu violently burning inside the true dimension after focusing the space force in his eyes.

[What a powerful thing… even the true dimension isn't able to annihilate or extinguish it. Anything else would've been destroyed on the atomic level as soon as it entered inside.] thought Kahn as he looked at Hero of Fire's divine weapon that didn't lose a single bit of its power.

"You bastard!! Give me my weapon back!" shouted Axel in a helpless and infuriated voice.

"Not in a million years." spoke Kahn with a smug grin on his face and grabbed Axel's neck.


Axel, who was already on the verge of death because of using all of his soul essence to use Amaterasu was already weakened to the point of being unable to even put up a resistance, died instantly as Kahn broke his neck with left hand.


His body dropped on the charred ground below while Kahn contemplated the happenings in the last dozen minutes.

During the entire battle, he swapped places with several of his doppelgangers whenever he was about to get hit with Amaterasu's superlaser attacks.

But right when Axel killed a doppelganger that appeared close to him while he was about to lose control over his divine weapon, Kahn used the Invisibility and Phase Shift abilities to completely erase his existence.

And just to make Axel feel assured of his victory, he deactivated all the other doppelgangers to make him carefree and thus, it made Axel let down his guard, thinking that he killed the real Kahn.

The real Kahn however, appeared close to Axel and opened a Dimensional Void crack at his will and pulled the divine weapon away when the latter lost control over it after making that last moment attack.

As for why Kahn pulled away Amaterasu in the true dimension instead of using this chance to kill Axel again?

It was for two main reasons.

One, Amaterasu was the biggest gun Axel had, even the fire deity Kagutsuchi and Blood Titan couldn't be compared to the divine weapon that could pulverize and annihilate everything in its way despite Axel only being able to use 30% of its original power because of his rank.

But even so, a single attack was enough to destroy 15 kilometers of space easily even with such a restriction. Kahn didn't dare imagine what would be the case if Axel was a higher-ranked saint instead.

Second reason being that even if Axel died because of overusing Soul Essence… he'd still be revived and get to use his Divine Weapon. This time… with his original Soul Essence that was many times bigger, purer and potent.

With such a qualitative change, who knew if Kahn would even be able to escape an attack from Amaterasu even with Drakos Armor. At that time, even escaping won't be possible for them unless Kahn chose to abandon Venessa and hide in the true dimension.

But even then, he won't be able to hide for long because he had used Dimensional Cut twice already. His space force reserves were already reduced by 75% at this stage.

However, now things had finally turned in his favor for good.

Axel no longer had any lives left. He had no allies or a Deity to summon and he even lost his divine weapon. One by one… Kahn and his subordinates had taken away every chess piece Axel had.

And now… it was only Axel and himself left for a final bout.

3 minutes later, Axel was revived again, however this time… his head was groggy as if he woke up from a bad dream.

But Kahn didn't wish to give him any time to recover, he still had the dimensional domain active and as soon as Axel flew high in the air… Rudra appeared behind Kahn and cast Lucid Reality on Axel again by looking into his eyes, making him fall under another hypnosis.


Kahn used Dimensional Cut and hacked Axel in two… ending his final life.

"Phew!! I guess it's finally over." said Kahn as he heaved a sigh of relief. The last attack depleted the space force again and Kahn had barely 5% left now.

But now that their enemy was dead, the isolation barrier would soon disappear and they'd be able to leave.

All of them waited for a dozen seconds but still, nothing happened.

"What the… why isn't this barrier disappearing? Shouldn't it be deactivated after the user died?" wondered Kahn.


However, before they could think for longer… a massive red aura burst from the ground, from the place Axel's chopped body fell off to be precise.

"Ha ha ha!!

Did you think it was that easy to kill me?" a malicious and dreary voice filled the surrounding 5 kilometers region as a red flash suddenly appeared in the air again and a 100 meter tall massive red claw launched itself at Kahn.


Kahn appeared one kilometer away and looked at the attacker…

"Why the fuck is he still alive?" asked Kahn with a befuddled voice.

Venessa and his subordinates had a similar expression of bewilderment on their faces.

[All of you, with me!] ordered Kahn and all of them attacked Axel from all directions.

Apart from Rudra who was too big because of his size and Venessa who was still recovering, everyone else attacked Axel from different directions.

Kahn, Jugram, Omega and Oliver activated their respective domains to thoroughly suppress Axel to a point he couldn't even fight back.

Soon, he was turned into mincemeat. But Kahn and the group didn't get to celebrate their victory as just in 10 seconds, Axel was instantly revived and back to his previous state.


Rudra also launched his Corrosive Magma but Axel easily dodged it.

Omega killed him using his Moonlight Armor form again, Jugram tried to suck away his blood, Ceril used Chains of Judgement, Armin tried to drain his life force, Oliver used Sky Domain again while Ronin and Blackwall used their own killer moves to kill Axel.

But to no avail… every time they did so, Axel was revived on the spot, even faster than how Soul Eater divine ability resurrected him.

No one understood why he wasn't dying from Kahn's dragon strike attack either.

Suddenly, Kahn remembered something as he tried to make sense of why Axel wasn't dying at all.

"Motherfucker… this guy is fucking genius. If he ever became a Demi-God… I don't think anyone in the entire world would be able to kill him." spoke Kahn with surprise filled in his voice.

[What do you mean, boy?] asked Rathnaar to Kahn.

[I figured out his last Divine Ability.] replied Kahn.

[Which one is it?] asked the peak saint.

Kahn gave a solemn look towards Axel was resurrected again after being killed by his allies and spoke the name of this terrifying divine ability that made the Hero of Fire nigh invincible at this point…

"Death Absolution."






[[Author : The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.]]