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A bustling city full of people was filled with noises of the populace going about their lives. Shopkeepers and merchants shouted to sell their wares while taverns and restaurants were full of customers.



Just then, the entirety of this city started shaking as tremors filled the surrounding, instantly vibrating all that existed in this settlement; even the tall towers and stone fortresses in the vicinity were no exception.

"What the hell is happening?!" clamored thousands of people at the same time as they ran out to the open areas.


An insurmountable pressure filled with majesty and dominance suddenly filled the surroundings and millions of people were instantly forced to kneel on the ground under a heavily oppressive aura.

"There!" said a dwarf as he pointed towards the sky.


A high-pitched shriek of a massive bird-like creature spread and resounded in the entire city as a ginormous with majestic wings that spanned 4 kilometers on each side suddenly appeared over 5 kilometers high in the sky.

It passed at the speed of lightning while a single flap of its wings created hurricanes and almost the entire city was filled with strong gusts of winds that sent thousands of people flying here and there.

Like a natural calamity, this two-headed monster appeared and disappeared in matter of seconds but almost devastated 20 kilometers of the region with the strong winds that it left in its wake.

Yet in the eyes of this 8 kilometers tall creature, none of it mattered because it was in a hurry to reach a particular place in the Vulcan.

Over 40 minutes ago, Havi had finished his battle with four of the eighth stage saints, namely the 3 Holy Champions and the Pope himself. And now, he was rushing towards the Eastern Grasslands from the Northern Plains, to the other side of the empire just to save his daughter despite suffering from the backlash of forcefully using his bloodline.

Yet he did not care for his pitiful stage but for his daughter who was at the mercy of the Hero of Fire.


"Only brute strength! No technique!" spoke Kahn as he punched Axel in the face, sending him crashing against a mountain peak.

The whole peak cracked into hundreds of massive boulders and crumbled like a house of cards.



Axel coughed out a chunk of blood after his pitiful and bloodied figure was revealed.

"Where did you learn to fight? Or a farm?!" berated Kahn and his figure suddenly appeared in front of Axel.


Kahn raised his leg high and stomped on Axel's left shin, instantly breaking all the bones.

"Arrrrgggggghhjjjj!!!" screamed the Hero of Fire because of the unbearable pain.

In the past 10 minutes, Kahn was thoroughly torturing Axel as he broke the latter's arms and legs one by one, his fingers and toenails were ripped by Kahn's claws and the right collarbone was also shattered.

And each time, Kahn would antagonize Axel with slanders like a vindictive person as if he carried a great hatred towards Axel.

But Axel couldn't even fight back as his own body wouldn't listen to his commands because of the neurotoxin venom.

Axel had immunity from Rudra's Corrosive Magma which was an upgraded version of Bjormngandur's venom. But it didn't mean that Kahn couldn't use it to weaken Axel. And hence… Without killing him, Kahn was torturing him greatly by breaking his bones and body one by one.

"You think everyone is at your mercy, don't you?" spoke Kahn with a disdainful voice.

He then quickly grabbed Axel's head and both their figures flickered. The next moment, both of them appeared in front of Venessa who was surrounded by Kahn's subordinates a few kilometers away on the ground below.

"Apologize!" said Kahn as he tightened his claw around Axel's head, making the latter bleed profusely from his forehead.

"I… I… am sorry." said Axel as he mustered all the strength in his body. Now he understood why Kahn was so furious with him.

Kahn had been torturing him instead of killing him. Axel often tortured women and girls after he raped them and finally after he had his fill, he ate them. But For the first time in his life… Axel was on the receiving end.

Axel had trampled on Venessa's pride as a woman when he said that he'd make her a sex slave and a plaything. And Kahn treated her as his friend. So he was exacting revenge in her stead instead.

"Kill off this piece of shit! He doesn't deserve any forgiveness from me." said Venessa as she looked down on Axel's lacerating figure, her gaze filled with contempt and fury.

"You fucking slut!" bellowed Axel in rage.

Suddenly, his right arm finally responded to his command during this rageful state and without even wasting a second, Axel attacked Venessa.



But before Venessa could even react in time… Axel's claw had stabbed into something.

But instead of Venessa… Axel's claw had stabbed Kahn who appeared in front of her at the last moment. And the place his claw had stabbed through was…

Kahn's heart.

"Ha ha ha!!" laughed Axel as soon as Kahn's figure slumped and his expression turned grim, as if being on the verge of death.

"Die, you fucker! Didn't I say you can't kill me!..." shouted Axel as he rejoiced. Finally, out of pure luck… he managed to land a killing blow on Kahn and now the latter was as good as dead.

But instead of losing the light in his eyes, Kahn pulled Axel closer by grabbing his right shoulder.


But this time… it was Kahn who stabbed Axel in his chest.

Suddenly, Axel realized that his claw had indeed pierced through Kahn's chest but there was no friction from inside his body. In other words… he couldn't feel Kahn's heart at all.

"You know Axel… there's a saying that we often tell our enemies in the world I came from." he spoke in a soft and kind tone.

Kahn then changed his expression, letting out a devious grin and spoke in a benign and gentle voice…

"Eat shit, motherfucker!!"