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Kahn had his dragon claw stabbed in Axel's chest while the latter could only feel a hollow gap inside Kahn's. For the first time in a battle, Kahn was using one of the skills that came under Dimensional Law divine ability.

The whole thing with Kahn torturing and Axel was actually just a big distraction. What Kahn wanted to do was catch Axel off guard and make him do something that wasn't precedent.

Unbeknownst to Axel Lobethrox… Kahn still vividly remembered 2 of the biggest loopholes of Death Absolution divine ability.

One was that the user had to be prepared for and expect death. Dearth Absolution Divine Ability was an active ability that was directly dependent on the user's mind at the time of death.

As long as they thought that Death Absolution was in Active Mode… the user wouldn't die. But if they're killed surprisingly when their mind is distracted… then it wouldn't work at all.

Two, the invulnerability to a particular manner of death didn't last permanently. After a day gap, the received invincibility against a particular method of attack would vanish.

Death Absolution was indeed a divine ability that would make you an immortal in a fight. But after a while, you would be back to normal.

Kahn had his doubts that this divine ability was chosen many times by the heroes of different gods who came in the past. But the Demon God still wasn't dead.

Then it could only mean that it too had flaws and limitations that could be easily overcome by the opponents.

These were the two main reasons why Kahn hadn't chosen this divine ability back when God of Darkness made him choose. And now, using those loopholes, Kahn finally made a decisive strike.

"Do you know Axel, I have a creed." said Kahn as he tightly held Axel's hand that stabbed through his chest.

"An eye for an eye.

A tooth for a tooth.

And…" spoke Kahn.


Before Axel could say another word…

Kahn ripped out a big pulsating red organ from Axel's chest and said in a grim voice.

"A heart for a heart."

Axel had a petrified expression because at this moment, he could feel the life force diminishing in his body as a big and wide hole in his chest could be seen.

Death Absolution hadn't worked and now… he was counting his last moments.

[How did it happen? What did I do wrong?] wondered Axel as his consciousness faded for the last time.

The Hero of Fire…. DIED.

A few minutes passed as everyone let out a sigh of relief because just now… the 50 kilometers wide isolation barrier started scattering, signifying that its user was finally dead.

Kahn on the other hand was sweating profusely as he grunted in exhaustion.

In the final moment when Axel tried to kill Venessa… he purposely appeared in front of her and allowed Axel to stab him in the heart. But at the exact moment…

Kahn used the remaining space force in his body and used the Dimensional Shift skill to send his heart inside the True Dimension.



Kahn deactivated the Asura Mode after the massive hole in his chest regenerated and he brought back his heart to the world of the living.

He had almost reached the limit and soon, he'd be forced to undergo a weakened state after the time ran out. But now… he could have enough strength left to escape.

"Master! His soul is leaving his body." informed Armin.

[Ronin!] quickly ordered Kahn.


An ethereal massive white orb with a bluish hue containing otherworldly energy that was sized as big as a house suddenly became visible to everyone as Ronin appeared close to Axel's corpse and activated the Soul Collector skill that allowed him to snatch away people's souls.

But right before he could completely grasp and cover it under his aura… 5 different colored orbs covered under archaic runes came out of this massive soul and instantly shot themselves towards the sky at the speed of light.

Kahn and the others didn't even get a chance to react before they quickly disappeared into the sky.

"Damn it! Those must be his Divine Abilities that were tied to his soul. I didn't get a chance to capture them." spoke Kahn.

This was one of his main agendas when he asked Ronin to collect this soul.

[The host would be unable to absorb them anyway. Only a Demi-God has the ability to absorb divine abilities from the chosen Heroes.

However, there hasn't been a new Demi-God in the past 10 thousand years.] informed the system.

"Tch! Still… I would've liked to try.

Well… I guess there's no point being greedy since it would've adversely affected my soul in the long run anyway." spoke Kahn to himself.

"Master… I would like this for myself. Only I can absorb it here and given the size and quality… I think I'll be able to level up greatly." spoke Ronin as his own blue and translucent aura enshrouding the soul tightened its grasp.

"It'll do more than it if I am correct. Well… take it. It's yours." spoke Kahn with a thoughtful face. Ronin was the only one capable of absorbing another being's soul and using them to level up. So he was the best choice among their group to use it.

Kahn then quickly activated Ability Absorption divine ability and surprisingly… he was done in just 5 minutes.

But he had no intentions to go through the list for now because time was of the essence.

[Human… I want his body.] spoke Rudra as he slithered from afar and gazed down at Axel's corpse with covetous eyes.

"For what?" asked Kahn.

[Didn't I say that I needed a strong bloodline to mix and balance both of my Draconian and Basilisk bloodlines…

The unique bloodline this Hero of Fire has seems just strong and capable enough to act as a perfect catalyst to bind them together.

And once I'm done with it… I'll be able to take a humanoid form as well.] explained the Voronir subordinate.

"Alright… it's yours. We shouldn't leave behind any traces so it's better this way if you could become useful later." said Kahn as he heaved a sigh.

He directed his palm towards Axel's corpse and used Gravitational Upforce skill to throw Axel into Rudra's massive mouth filled with thousands of pike-like teeth.

Rudra quickly swallowed Axel without a second thought. Although his size was too small in human appearance, Axel's real size was 250 meters tall and the amount of blood he had was enough for Rudra to work with.

Finally, Kahn then looked at the heart in his right palm.

"Arghhh! Alright… let's go." he grunted and got up on his feet. But during his effort… Axel's heart got squashed under Kahn's palm and as soon as his body touched the shining white core inside.


But before Kahn could even react, a massive black aura appeared from the center of his chest and moved towards Axel's heart, instantly engulfing it.

Kahn didn't even understand what was happening but just then, the system suddenly gave him a notification that shook him to his core…

[Divine Key : Flamescion acquired!]