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Kahn and the group were terrified at this point. Because the strongest being in the entire Vulcan empire had shown up at the site of battle while looking like he had been in a life and death battle.

Neither Kahn nor any of his subordinates could move a muscle under Havi's tyrannical saint pressure. To him, it felt like drowning at the bottom of the deepest ocean in the world; every second feeling like he had died horribly due to suffocation as Kahn couldn't even breathe at this moment.


Suddenly, Venessa showed up in front of Kahn since she wasn't targeted by Havi.

"Lord Father, hear me out first!" clamored Venessa because she felt like Kahn would die any second.

She widened her arms, acting like a human wall to protect Kahn from the Emperor's rage.

Her indomitable and resolved gaze surprised Havi because he had assumed Kahn and his group to be part of the Church's people because the moment he came here, Venessa was surrounded by many saints.

Havi then instantly lifted off his saint pressure and looked around the battlefield.

On his left… he saw Hector's corpse under a protection barrier that was actually cast by Ceril under Kahn's orders.

Havi clenched his fist tightly, his expression turning that of loss and suffering at the same time.

He had used the forbidden ability of their bloodline in order to kill the four 8th stage saints that included the 3 Holy Champions and the Pope.

By doing so… he had basically thrown away his life to protect his children. Yet, he failed to save his son and was too late.

His gaze then turned to Kahn. Despite his sorry state, his aura was as terrifying and domineering as someone sitting at the epitome of strength should be.

Everything before such a being was nothing but dust.

"You… you're the new Hero of Darkness?" asked Havi as soon as Kahn stood up.


Kahn was instantly taken aback. All the emperor did was just look at him once and already unveiled his real identity.

"These people… none of them are humans. And that Basilisk… there's something strange about it." he spoke with a confused yet curious gaze.

But this wasn't the end either…

"You have another soul inside you… Half-soul of another person."



Just 10 seconds in and Havi already figured out all of Kahn's secrets without even trying.

[Kid… speak the truth. That's the only way we will survive here. Otherwise… he will kill everyone without a second thought.] said Rathnaar in a gloomy voice.

Even the Peak Saint knew how dire this situation was. A single lie and they'd be for sure because the Emperor was a being who could kill Kahn and everyone else just by looking at them.

"Your Majesty… please let me explain." spoke Kahn in a calm tone.

In reality, he was just as terrified as any living being would be. This wasn't a situation he could escape from even with all of his tricks.

"I will hear from my daughter." said Havi in a majestic voice and looked at Venessa.

Venessa then told Havi about the treason by the church. How Axel and the members of the Hero's Party kidnapped them here and killed Victor.

"That much… I know already. They sent me a recording of Axel killing Hector.

But where is that bastard?! I see the corpses of his allies but not him." said Havi in a vengeful voice and enraged expression as if he was about to burst out at any moment.

"That snake ate him." said Kahn as he pointed at Rudra.

[You fucking traitor!!] bellowed Rudra in Kahn's mind.



Venessa walked forth and told Havi about how Kahn and his allies showed up at the crucial moment, saving her life and protecting her all this time while they killed the enemies one by one.

And finally, she told him about the battle between Kahn and Axel, including the details such as Axel's true form, the Blood Titan and Fire Deity Kagutsuchi being summoned by Axel.

How Kahn even risked his life while facing Amaterasu, the divine weapon of Hero of Fire and how he almost got killed when Axel aimed at her heart.



Havi spat a big chunk of blood, his internal organs were already in a dire state and his regeneration abilities weren't working because of the backlash of forcefully using his bloodline.

[Master… I sense the Emperor's life force dwindling.] informed Armin.

"Your majesty… allow my subordinate to heal you." spoke Kahn as he maintained a worried expression.

"Tch! I won't work. I don't need healing… I need life force. And that's not possible." said Havi as he wiped off the blood from his mouth.


Suddenly, a green aura encapsulated Havi's body.

Armin quickly started using Nirvana Armor and Hermes Staff's set effects and converted the life force of all the plant life in the 15 kilometers region and started healing Havi.

Even the Emperor had his eyes wide open because converting life force from other beings and using it to heal someone was completely unheard of. Even the best Healers of the Vulcan empire had to expend their own life force to achieve that feat.


The emperor was no longer bleeding and his life force was becoming stable. Armin on the other hand was sweating profusely because he was using all of his mana, life force and the external life force absorbed from the plant life to rejuvenate Havi's body.

And finally… Havi was out of danger. The emperor could feel that the backlash of the bloodline was gone for now.

He looked at Armin and Kahn, nodding at them as a way to show his thanks.

"There's something I must do first." said Havi and a small yellow orb coalesced over his left forefinger.

Before they could even react, he appeared in front of Venessa and pushed that orb towards her forehead.

"AAAHHHHRRRRGG!!" shouted Venessa in agonizing pain as she grabbed her head and fell on the ground, wriggling as if she was suffering immense physical and mental pain.

[What the fuck?! Does he plan to kill us?!] wondered Kahn with an ashen face, almost feeling as if this was going to be his last moment.

However, Havi showed no hostility towards Kahn and looked at Venessa as if he too was hurting to see his daughter suffer in pain.

Five minutes later, Venessa stopped screaming… but as soon as she stood up, she gazed at Havi and a stream of tears dropped from her eyes.

"Why?... Why didn't you tell me?" she questioned her father.

"I… I had no choice. It was the only way." said Havi, his face full of regret and guilt.

"For my sake… for the empire's sake…" spoke Venessa as the grief welled up in her heart showed on her face as she continued crying…

"You chose to suffer alone."