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The Emperor's proclamation that Kahn's actions of killing Axel, the Hero of Fire had doomed their empire resounded in the surroundings.

Kahn and the group had dumbfounded expressions on their countenances. Even Rudra in his ginormous Voronir aka variant Basilisk form had his eyes wide open.

"By now… Kagutsuchi must've told Hetrax about you and all the other gods should already know about you killing the Hero of Fire. But based on what you two told me…

Kagutsuchi has no idea that you fought Axel to save Venessa." he explained.

"Currently, your identity is unknown to everyone among the living and all the empires, as well as gods, would assume that the new Hero of Darkness is following his predecessor's footsteps." he spoke in an authoritative tone.

"We will fake your death as Kahn Salvatore. A body would be arranged and all the blame will fall on the battle between Hero of Fire and Hero of Darkness.

The news will say that the Pope got involved but he too died during the battle." he said hastily.

"What the…"

Kahn couldn't get the full picture of what Havi was planning. Among their group… Only Rathnaar understood where this conversation was going.

"Why are we talking about faking my death? I literally saved your daughter's life. Can't you at least help me hide?" questioned Kahn.

"For that, I'm thankful to you.

But by killing the Hero of Fire even for the sake of saving my daughter… you have already put a target on your back and implicated 4 billion innocent people living in my empire." spoke Havi, his expression turning grim.

"How?" asked Kahn because he had no grasp of the situation. He understood why the first choice of hiding the truth was reasonable but leaving the Vulcan empire… didn't fit well with him.

"Listen… If the news of you killing Axel to save Venessa leaks out; the other Empires will use that as an excuse to attack us; saying that the Imperial family harbored the Hero of Darkness all along and betrayed God Hetrax.

That would give them enough cover to gang up and destroy the Vulcan empire in the name of a righteous cause.

That's why my daughter's involvement or the church's treason absolutely cannot be revealed to the world." replied the emperor in a serious tone.

"And that's not the end of it." spoke Havi and then, even his expression turned ugly and hateful as he spoke in an indignant voice…

"There is a certain group hunting you." he revealed in a grim voice.

"What?!" exclaimed Kahn as this was the first time he heard about it.

"A treaty was made after what happened 300 years ago with the previous generation of summoned heroes.

You were already the main target. And now that another hero has died by your hand… they will come for you. When they do, even I will have to comply because of the rules of the treaty.

That group is so strong that even an 8th stage saint like me would die for certain if I fought against them." revealed Havi.

Unbeknownst to Kahn, Havi was indeed trying to help him despite the precarious situation his action of killing Axel had put the emperor in.

Havi himself had averted many wars within the empire and even controlled the recent situation with Rogis, the Second Prince perfectly. He was more than capable of handling such situations and was a competent emperor.

But this situation would put him in a state where they'd be attacked by 4 to 5 neighboring empires all at once and those forces had Emperors and Empresses just as strong as him.

No empire had the strength to fight the full forces of 5 empires at once even if they were a behemoth.

On top of it… the mysterious group was supposedly comprised of people who would be able to overpower him if he fought them alone.

This level of war would be nothing but futile and terrifying bloodshed. Thus, avoiding this war when his own situation was their best way out.

"And you're already a known figure in this empire because of the Blacksmithing Duel. Taking any risks is a luxury I cannot afford as the emperor of the Vulcan empire.

At best, I can cover your tracks and give information that would divert them in the wrong direction." he spoke with an expression of helplessness.

"Who will be coming for me? Some empire's force?" asked Kahn.

"I took a blood-oath. I can't say their name or provide any direct information.

Just know this… They're a force exclusively made to hunt you down once your existence becomes known to the world.

Only the Dragon Empire and the Demon Empire can go against them at this point." iterated Havi. This was a situation that couldn't be avoided.

"In other words… If you want to live…" said Havi and continued in an authoritative tone as if he would not take a 'No' for an answer.

"Leave the Vulcan empire."


It had been close to 5 hours at this point ever since the Axel, the Hero's Party and the Church of Hetrax started their coup. But now, the situation was reversed. However… this also led to a big consequence that Kahn had to face no matter what.

After discussing and quarreling among themselves… Without having any other choice, Kahn decided to leave the Vulcan empire.

Because it wasn't just about himself but the fate of the entire Vulcan empire and billions of people living in it.

Without holding back, Havi told how things would go from here if Kahn was caught. And how he was going to take measures to protect Kahn's identity.

"You should go somewhere that even I have no idea of. That is the only way." clamored Havi.

The emperor was a scheming mastermind himself and had already thought about 20 steps ahead.

But as a result of this plan that would save Kahn's life; there was a price that he'd have to pay. Because after this incident, Kahn aka the Hero of Darkness was going to be turned into…

The enemy of the World.