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After Kahn and the group returned to No Man's Land, he had 4 objectives in mind.

One was the temporary asylum he desperately needed.

Two, he wanted to check up on people he cared about that he had to leave behind in the Rakos Empire.

He sent Ronin who could turn into a spirit form to cross the border undetected and complete the other two objectives.

Third objective was to contact Tobias and get all the resources they had amassed such as SS Rank Mana Cores and Ores since the time they left.

Kahn and the group didn't need money… they needed these resources to level up and become stronger.

Since they were forced to leave in a hurry and didn't want to leave a trace behind, Kahn didn't go back to the Oakenshield company building and bring all the resources they had siphoned in the name of managing Throk's company.

The ones they had on hand would deplete in a few months given how their demand for resources rose with every level up by a huge margin, especially for Kahn who needed twice the World Energy to rank up to the next stage.

Ronin then handed out 300 space rings to Kahn in a box.

"These are 100 million SS Rank mana cores and ores that Tobias managed to gather till now." informed Ronin.

"Good. These should be enough for all of us for at least another year." spoke Kahn with a pleased countenance.

As for the 4th main objective… it was all about Kassandra.

"Lady Kassandra is now a 2nd stage saint herself and recently revealed her rank to the Mikealson clan.

I have followed her for a few days. As for her personality… She has changed a lot.

She can be said to have become very… Conniving." he said.

"Well, even this recording is enough to show those changes in her. That was expected after what the Mikealson clan and her parents did to her.

She also promised me that she won't be the same naive girl as before who lived for the sake of her clan and its prestige." spoke Kahn as he gazed yearningly at Kassandra's face in the hologram.

Kassandra now seemed more jaded, focused and cunning. Her entire character was reformed and from a protected and devoted daughter… she seemed like an ambitious woman who was no different than a Queen in the making.

She was no longer the type who only lived by morals and codes instilled in her since childhood. She no longer cared about her clan or family and even the blood ties meant nothing to her.

"There's a struggle going on for the position of the clan heiress between Kassandra and Veronica.

After Lady Kassandra revealed her ability to use magic again, the clan higher-ups became conflicted.

Veronica Mikealson, her cousin also became a first stage saint 2 months ago. So there's a lot of internal struggle within the Mikealson Clan." said Ronin.

"I see. Once she received the treatment as the heiress, Veronica also changed.

She was one of the people who abandoned Kassandra back when they basically sold her to me for the Tablet of Arcana.

Well… That's her battle to fight. Even if I could… Kassandra would never accept my help in that matter." smirked Kahn, feeling a bit proud to hear about Kassandra's progress and the necessary changes in her personality.

For some reason, she seemed even more beautiful and divine to Kahn, just looking at her projection made his heart race a bit faster.

5 minutes later…

"Did you deliver them?" he asked his left-hand man.

"Yes, master.

After meeting Tobias, I gave them enough resources that would help them become at least 5th stage saints. The strongest one among them was already comparable to a 3rd stage saint.

They could later replenish the resources from Tobias again." spoke Ronin.

The mysterious people Ronin was talking about were none other than the new legendary rank subordinates Kahn created.

Before leaving the Vulcan empire, Kahn asked Havi to give him the bodies of the Hero's Party members who were killed by Kahn's subordinates.

And because all of them had their cores intact, Kahn decided to create new subordinates to increase his firepower.

Using the 7 bodies, he created 3 new legendary rank subordinates that had the abilities and skills of the saint from Axel's group.

Kahn named them, killed them and then after they met the Skill Impartation criteria, he gave them weapons and armors as well as all the skills he had that suited their respective classes, skills and bodies.

Two of them were males while one was a female.

Using Edna, the Succubus Enchantress and Mikeala, the Tengu Archer… he created Agatha; A variant Summoner class that could provide support in battle greatly while acting as a long-range DPS at the same time.

Using Volka, the Wolfkin archer and Rodan, the Wind Elemental Dark Elf mage… Kahn created Jarvis.

Jarvis was a variant Archer-class individual with wind elemental skills that greatly aided his attack skills, he was a terrifying opponent. Only Oliver from his generals could best this guy and that too only because of his bloodline advantage of the Godbeast Roc.

And lastly… Using Tamak, the Halfbreed Orc Berserker and Garakh, the black snakekin Tank and finally… Azerog, the 4th stage saint trident warrior; Kahn created Riolet.

Riolet was the strongest in that group, already comparable to a 3rd stage saint because he was created using 3 saints with their cores during the Synthesis process.

Riolet had a variant Trident user class named Inquisitor.

He could use both Fire and Ice elements while fighting and provide group defense skills as well as have his own buff and berserker skills. Riolet even had his own domain where all his allies received a 50% buff in all their stats and skills while the enemies lost 30% of their total strength.

To Kahn, Riolet was like mixing Blackwall and Jugram into one guy.

Although none of these new subordinates had any ancient Godbeast bloodlines or possessed the abilities of unique monsters… Kahn had given them the majority of the skills suitable for their class that he possessed.

These 3 new creations did not dwarf his generals in terms of skills… just that they didn't have any monster form or transformation techniques.

As for their main purpose…

It was to protect Kassandra.

When Ronin met Tobias and got the gist of things in Verlassen, he secretly departed to monitor Kassandra as Kahn had ordered.

Using his Phase Shift and Invisibility skills, infiltrating the Mikealson clan's castle was not a problem and he helped Agatha, Jarvis and Riolet to hide in Kassandra's shadow.

Although it looked like Kahn wasn't trusting Kassandra's abilities… he just couldn't help but worry about the only woman he had fallen in love with.

Kassandra's goals about exacting revenge on those within the Mikealson who sold her out like a cheap object were bound to make enemies way stronger than her while there was a risk of her being found out or facing danger any day.

Even with her transformed soul because of Kahn, it would take her a long time to become strong enough to achieve her revenge.

So Kahn sent these three new subordinates to guard Kassandra.

Besides, they were to show up only when she was in mortal danger and help her survive as well as escape.

Kahn cared about Kassandra but she also had her pride. So this was the only way he could ensure her safety while not being around her.

Also, if any of the three subordinates died, the System would alert him regardless of his location and he'd know that Kassandra was in danger.

She was on her own journey that Kahn couldn't accompany her on. But this way… he could also keep her safe without being near her.

While Kahn was lost in thoughts…


Omega entered the cave. The rest were on guard duty because Kahn and his 20 doppelgangers inside the Dimensional Domain were gathering enough space force to travel for a long journey.

"Master… it's time we leave." he said.

"Yes." replied Kahn solemnly.

Because of the matters in Rakos Empire, Kahn already waited for 7 days till Ronin was done with the job. And any further delay would risk their lives.

"Where are we going?" asked Omega in a curious tone.

Kahn had already decided which empire he'd go to the very moment he left the battlefield using the Dimensional Void in front of Havi and Venessa.

Kahn then replied in a tranquil voice as he determined their next safe haven.

"To somewhere they wouldn't expect us."