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Havi appeared on the battlefield that was already turned to smithereens in just 20 minutes after this vampire secretly invaded the Vulcan empire.

"What the hell are you doing in my empire…

King Belmont." said Havi who floated 3 kilometers away high in the air as his bird-like flying ship made of flames disappeared.

"Oh, so you do know about me. I'm honored." replied the vampire with a benign smile.

"Who wouldn't? There are only four 9th stage saints in this entire world known as 4 Sovereigns.

Only one of them is a vampire titled as the Revenant Sovereign.

And my imperial family's records also mentioned your name…

King Argos Belmont." said Havi with a solemn voice.

"Then you should know about our arrangement since you're the reigning emperor.

I'm here to honor the pact I have with your Imperial family." said the vampire as his long silver hair waved in the air because of strong gusts of wind.

"The pact… as per my knowledge… it wouldn't apply if the situation put the Vulcan empire at risk.

As you may have already heard… the current situation isn't just about the Hero of Fire or the imperial family but the entire Vulcan empire." iterated Havi.

"I do not expect you to honor it to that great extent. I too would like to avoid bloodshed even if it's your empire.

Just tell me…" spoke Argos Belmont, one of the 4 sovereigns.

"Where is the Hero of Darkness?" he asked in a dreary voice while exerting his saint pressure.

"I don't know. He ambushed and killed our Hero of Fire as well as the Pope.

He was already gone before I appeared here." replied Havi without changing his expression.

The being in front of him was a 9th-stage saint who also had a hidden relationship with his family since 200 years ago.

"Tch! Spare me the nonsense.

I know you staged the battlefield.

That 6th stage fireborne saint… your Pope from the Church of Hetrax, I assume; didn't die here but somewhere else.

And if I'm not wrong, one of your scions was involved in this battle. He or she fought against the Hero's Party members instead of the Hero of Darkness and his minions.

I have already seen through it all." replied the vampire king.

Havi was instantly shocked but controlled his expression, not showing surprise in the slightest.

"Do you want me to reveal this information to the other empires… or particularly to them when they reach here?" asked Argos with a slight grin, trying to blackmail the emperor.

[Dammit!! Why did a 9th stage saint out of all the people come here?!] cursed Havi in his mind.

At this moment, Havi's mind was conflicted. Because this was a being even he couldn't get rid of. On top of it… Havi still hadn't fully recovered.

Ever since Kahn left, Havi had been creating a trail in different parts of his empire to cover his tracks and also suppress the people from the church after forcefully assuming command.

But just this morning, a 9th stage saint suddenly appeared out of nowhere and found out about the real situation in just minutes.

"Previously, the nearby empires failed to find him since that group wasn't assembled ever since its founding 300 years ago.

I assume you also know that the 9th Hero of Darkness can travel using the True Dimension and that's probably why no one was able to track him till now.

But now that a chosen Hero was killed by him, all those people who had been hiding since 3 centuries will come out and band together again.

Among that group… They have a 7th stage saint from the Erdve Empire.

Space Magic and Space Law is their specialty. They will be able to detect that he has the Dimensional Law divine ability.

Once that happens… he will never be able to hide properly." spoke the vampire as his majestic aura spread in the surrounding 50 kilometers.

Both Argos and Havi were trying to talk it out instead of fighting. Because both of them knew that their involvement would be revealed if they fought now.

"So tell me, Havi Hos Sigfreed… will you tell me the whereabouts of the new Hero or not?" he questioned again, this time he held a big leverage over the emperor.

"What do you plan to do with him?" asked Havi, gritting his teeth while having a constricted expression.

"That's none of your concern. Just feel lucky that I'm not exposing you.

I will also erase his tracks completely and leave a trail that couldn't be seen through.

Even that 7th stage saint from the Empire of Space won't be able to track him." said Argos nonchalantly.

However, Havi's countenance turned grim.

"I gave him my word that I will help to cover up for him.

So go and threaten someone else. I'm the kind who doesn't betray those I'm indebted to." said Havi in a firm tone.

His saint pressure also rose as Havi prepared himself to use his bloodline to fight.

But instead of responding to this challenge…

"Arrsshh… you're much ruder and hot-blooded than your grandmother. Looks like your entire family is filled with thick-skulled idiots." said Argos in an annoyed tone.

Havi also had a surprised expression after hearing this.

"You knew her?" he queried in a curious voice.

"Of course I did.

I trained her, you ignorant ingrate.

I have this pact with your imperial family because I groomed her to become the Empress and also solved the biggest drawback of your primordial bloodline." said Argos, the vampire king as if he was greatly wronged.

"How do you think your family knows about my existence when other empires had no clue about me until 50 years ago?" he rebuked Havi.

"Besides… Are you crazy?

Why do you want to hasten your death by fighting me in that condition?" he questioned in an overbearing voice.

"Wh.. What do you mean?" queried Havi with a somber voice.

"You know what I mean. The way your bloodline is burning itself… You'll die in 15 years." said the Vampire.

"So tell me, do you want to become my enemy or do you and the Vulcan empire want to become…" spoke Argos as he made a proposition.

"My biggest Ally."