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It hadn't been even 5 minutes and Argos Belmont already found out about his situation regarding the forceful bloodline transformation he used to get out of the Flamer Killer formation and kill the Pope along with the Holy Champions.

But now, he was suddenly talking about becoming allies with Havi and the Vulcan empire out of nowhere.

"You… how did you know that?" asked Havi, his mind even more alarmed and cautious of the vampire in front of him.

"Hey, I'm a vampire. We rise in our ranks using blood and world energy.

And even among the 4 Sovereigns…

I'm the most experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to bloodlines and characteristics of different species and monsters." replied the 9th stage saint while rolling his eyes as if he was tired of answering the same question again and again.

"Do you know why a fireborne like you doesn't live more than 200 years even if you become an 8th stage saint?

By logic, your kin should live longer than a thousand years at that rank compared to humans and many other species in the world.

But you people use your bloodline to advance too quickly in ranks.

Do you really think there wouldn't be a price to pay for this shortcut?" he stated as if he was a certified person of authority on this matter.

"Tell me honestly… How many decades did it take for you to become an 8th stage saint?"

Havi on the other end had been taken aback…

"Nearly 40 years." he replied.

This was indeed the case. Because of the situation and his eagerness for revenge, Havi greatly depended on his Imperial Fireborne bloodline to ascend in ranks and become strong enough to protect the Vulcan empire.

"Do you think that's easy to do? Even I took close to 250 years to become a 9th stage saint despite my unparalleled talent.

Even someone like the 8th Hero of Darkness took 150 years to become a 9th stage saint.

In the history of the world, people like the 6th Hero of Space, the 6th Heroine of Lightning needed more than 200 years to reach the pinnacle of their strength.

Compared to them…

You've already wasted your lifespan. And that backlash of forcefully using your bloodline has reduced your life by three times." he said, striking the nerve of the emperor.

Havi couldn't even respond because of the revelation because it was the ultimate truth.

"Even your descendants won't be able to rise high in rank in the next 2 decades. So your empire is already doomed when other Emperors and Empresses find out about your situation.

What do you think will happen to the Vulcan empire after your death?" he questioned, gripping Havi into another complicated situation.

But even so, Havi did not waver.

"Still… I won't give him up even if you blackmail me.

Because I really don't know where he is now." spoke Havi with a firm voice, his domineering stature seemingly unwavering.

"My my… only if others were just as honorable as you. Well, you won't give up to provocations or blackmail…

That's why…" said Argos and let out an evil grin.

"I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse."

Argos Belmont, one of the 4 sovereigns who was also titled Revenant Sovereign presented a proposition in front of Havi, the emperor of the Vulcan empire.

"Do you promise? That you'll look after my empire until my daughter becomes strong enough to become the Empress and protect it?" asked Havi with a cautious gaze.

"Want to make a Soul-Oath with me? Even a Peak Saint can't break or bypass it." said Argos nonchalantly as if it wasn't a big deal.

"No empire would dare touch this one as long as I declare my open support to your daughter.

Because many are still afraid since the past 50 years that I can just destroy or take over their own empire if they piss me off.

Do you know how hard it is just to contain myself in a small kingdom?

Provoking me would be just the very thing even my neighboring empires don't want to do." spoke Argos as his clothes fluttered.

"However… you have to include the Hero of Darkness in this deal as well.

You cover up for him and I will search for him using my own methods. You will also give me every detail about his minions and whatever there is to know about him.

I can manage the rest." he said in a stern voice.

"I have a condition…" responded Havi with a conflicted expression.

"After you find him… you're not allowed to harm, torture, imprison or kill him." he stated his terms.

"What the hell does that have to do with you? Why do you even care about the guy who put a target on your empire?" asked the vampire king.

Havi then told him the truth about the whole situation and what Kahn did to save Venessa despite having a choice to abandon her. And what kind of abilities and skills he used to fight against Axel.

"So what? He has a few exceptional skills that shouldn't be possible for someone of his rank; it doesn't make a difference.

He is already a lost cause because of the divine abilities he chose. I'm not sparing him just because you see him in a different light." retorted Argos.

The following moment, Havi told him the real reason why he felt like Kahn was worth protecting.

"That guy… he may not look like it, but he has potential. He even survived against a divine weapon and a deity despite being a 1st stage saint.

No summoned hero has been able to do that in the past 3000 years. Not even the 8th Hero of Darkness achieved that feat at that level of strength.

Besides… you may not know this.

But he has the Half-soul bound to his own via a soul-oath." iterated Havi, trying to add a plus point for why Kahn should be spared.

"You talk as if it's something new or important.

Many powerful beings in the past have left a remnant soul behind." replied the vampire, showing no interest.

"It's not about the soul… but the one it belonged to." said Havi.

"Who the hell that could be? Even if it's a chosen Hero from the past… it won't change my decision." declined Argos again.

"The one…" said Havi as he insinuated with a coy smile.

"Who stood at the pinnacle of strength."