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Author : Hello there. Welcome to our customary Epilogue chapter. Let's get to the main issue at hand first.

For the past 2 months, I have been suffering from a lot of health issues and at the end of August, I was hospitalized for an entire week. And even after being discharged, it took me close to 12 days to properly recover.

But during my recovery period, I wasn't even able to hold the phone properly or type on a laptop let alone write an entire chapter daily.

If I was at my peak form, this arc would've finished in August already.

And since I knew that I wouldn't be able to provide much and didn't want people to waste money on something they wouldn't receive...

All the chapters in September were completely free. So no money earned for me anyway.

I've mentioned my situation regarding the health issues in the previous arc from time to time but everyone keeps asking for more chapters, cursing and calling me names and shoving shit in my face as if I'm earning millions for the free work instead of taking the whole month off to recuperate.

On one side, I was struggling with my health both physically and mentally. But on the other hand, I'm being berated and receiving profanities for not writing chapters daily.

As if losing most of my earnings to piracy wasn't already enough…

These recent events made me think of dropping the novel for real. Like why the hell am I still doing this?

Turns out that I too am a human as well who possesses those mythical things we call 'emotions'.

As for why I decided to rethink and resume the novel?

I guess during the time of pain, suffering and depression when I was going through one of the worst stages of my life so far, I gave in to all the negativity and hatred instead of all the support and appreciation from the fans since the barking dogs often shout louder than the thankful and silent admirers.

I have to admit that for a while, I gave in to the barrage of hateful comments masked under the name of criticism instead of trusting the love and support of the loyal fans. So I wholeheartedly apologize to the loyal supporters who read on official website Webnovel and felt hurt by my previous decision.

And for those who have paragraphs and essays full of Criticism for the novel and me ready, I will address them in simple words.

If you don't like it, stop reading the novel. No need to complain about every single chapter everyday as if I killed your entire family.

Do better things than focusing so much time and energy on hating a novel if it doesn't meet your standards or expectations. Just move on and do what you love.

So much negativity is not good for your mind and overall health. Take this advice from someone born with Sickle Cell Anemia, who also has to work under stress daily.

I'm also fully aware of the majority of the complaints about chapters related to Kahn learning Blacksmithing Skills, his process and progress to become a Saint Blacksmith. Also the chapters regarding the details of all the new armors and weapons for the subordinates.

I could've just skipped them and simply made it about Kahn banging a hammer on a metal sheet and saying he became a saint blacksmith without mentioning the actual techniques, procedures and methods of this craft.

But then, these same people would say that it's just a mainstream novel with no effort put into research and has hollow world-building.

As for the battles being prolonged…

Giving time for all the subordinates in their individual battles as well as the skills of their armors and weapons, it's a necessary setup even if the readers didn't bother paying attention or care to remember their skills.

Details of Stats, armors, weapons, and their skill effects were important.

Otherwise, it would be just weapons clashing and characters getting power-ups without any explanation and winning against the Hero's Party members for absolutely no reason other than the advantage of belonging to the Protagonist's side.

I will certainly not apologize for any of those chapters and won't be recalling all those details or explanations in the future either. I have done my part, you have to do yours as readers too. Just don't ask questions later how did a certain attack or skill worked and what was its function or effect.

And the long battle with Axel Lobethrox aka Hero of Fire himself…

Remember, Kahn isn't the only Hero with cheat codes and Divine Abilities. He barely managed to kill Axel because of help from his subordinates, their individual abilities and specialties that proved useful in particular scenarios to counter Axel's divine abilities.

Armin, Ceril and Jugram got rid of Blood Monarch. Ronin got rid of Soul Eater by using his own unique skills.

Omega, Jugram and Oliver overpowered Axel with their Domains.

Blackwall took care of the Blood Titan.

And finally, Kahn and Rudra took down Kagutsuchi, the summoned Fire Deity by working together.

If Kahn fought Axel alone… there's no way he'd win and will have no other choice but to run for his life.

If only the Protagonist is allowed to be overpowered and gets to act all badass without skills or allies backing him and all the scenarios went in his favor without having to use his brains and finding ways to overcome the adversities… then there's no point in writing other Heroes in the story at all.

Plus the history of Vantrea is greatly influential in the story and has a lot of importance in the upcoming arcs as you have read in the chapters involving Argos Belmont and Havi Hos Sigfreed.

Kahn is just someone caught in the crossfire.

All in all, Kahn at least has 2 strong allies in the world now.

[Congratulations to the Readers for reaching this part of the chapter. Hours of research went into finding these proper references and even twice the time to look for fitting Reference Arts that were used throughout the Arc 4.] notified the System.

I know many of you have gotten some of the references and meanings but I'm sure not all of them.

So here is the list of all the References related to Names, Characters, Locations and Mythology lore used in this arc :

Locations and Characters :

Vulcan Empire : Vulcan is the Roman God of Fire. The Vulcan Empire is addressed as the Fire Empire in the novel so I couldn't see any other better name for it.

Narnia Empire : Original name of the Vulcan empire before the Firebornes took over. Reference to the Narnia movies. (Only 90s kids will remember it.)

Nidavellir : In Norse Mythology, Nidavellir is one of the 9 Realms and home of the Dwarven race that specialized in Blacksmithing.

Nick and Judy : Characters from the animated movie Zootopia.

Throk Oakenshield : Reference to Thorin Oakenshield, the Dwarf King from The Hobbit books.

Arkensan : Reference to Arkenstone from The Hobbit books and movies.

Alex, Morty and Gloria : I like to move it, move it!

Dvalin : This is the city where the Dwarven Council has its main headquarters in the empire. Dvalin is the name of one of the first four Dwarfs to exist in Norse Mythology. Mainly associated with lore related to Yggdrasill aka the World Tree.

Master Ivaldi : Ivaldi was one of the most renowned and ancient Dwarven Blacksmiths in norse mythology.

Master Fili : Another character from the Hobbit (one of the nephews of Thorin Oakenshield.).

Demiurge Val Arhlem : The name Demiurge means a subordinate of a God or the Creator.

In this arc, Demiurge Val Arhlem is the Pope, a spokesperson of God Hetrax; one of the 13 Supreme Beings of the world of Vantrea. That's why I decided on that name.

Blacksmithing Deities Brokkr and Eitri :

In norse mythology, Brokkr and Eitri/Sindri are renowned Dwarven Blacksmith brothers and they're also the creators of Thor's hammer Mjolnir.

Demi-God Jotnar : Jotnar is how the Giants in norse mythology are addressed as a race.

Thamur Colosseum : Thamur was one of the giants of Jotunheim who played a big part during the war between the Aesir Gods and the Jotnar race.

Trial of Verdr : Norse word for Worthy.

Kahn was being tested to see if he is worthy to become the Apostle of the Blacksmithing Deities.

Mimir's Eyes : This is one of the gifts Kahn received from the Blacksmithing Deities.

In norse mythology, Mimir is renowned for being the wisest and having exceptional wisdom among the Aesir Gods.

Prometheus' Foresight : In Greek mythology, Prometheus is a Titan god of fire.

Prometheus is also known for defying Zeus by stealing fire from Olympian Gods and giving it to Humanity.

Havi Hos Sigfreed : In norse mythology, Havi (High One) is one of the names of Odin himself. Havi also uses a spear as his main weapon similar to Odin.

In Arc 4, Havi also loses his left eye. A reference to the lore about Odin sacrificing his eye to gain Wisdom and Knowledge from the World Tree.

Freyja : Havi's wife and Venessa's mother.

Freyja is the Nordic Goddess of fertility, beauty and war. She is also the wife of Odin and mother of Baldur.

Leonardo, Raphael & Donatello : The 3 Holy Champions and 7th stage saints. Reference to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle characters.

Pandora's Box : Pandora's box is an artifact in greek mythology. After being opened, it released physical and emotional curses upon mankind.

Simurgh : One of the 3 Primordial Creatures in the novel story.

Simurgh is portrayed as a benevolent, mythical bird in Persian mythology and literature.

Armors and Weapons references :

Kojin : Omega's new Katana forged by Throk Oakenshield.

Kojin, also known as Sambō-Kōjin or Sanbō-Kōjin, is the Japanese God of Fire. He is associated with Hearth and Kitchen fire, siding more with prosperity.

Atlan : The legendary Trident made by Throk Oakenshield.

Reference to DC character Aquaman. The first Atlantean king is named Atlan whose trident is now wielded by Aquaman.

Gungnir : Kahn's new spear. This is the spear wielded by Odin.

Beowulf : Kahn's new set of Gauntlets, Greaves and Shoulder Pads.

Beowulf is the title of the earliest existing Anglo-Saxon epic. It tells the story of Beowulf, a Norse hero and warrior who fought and conquered several monsters that terrorized Denmark and Sweden.

Balrog : Jugram's Armor. It's a reference to Lord of the Rings. Balrog is a strong demonic creature associated with Hellfire, same as Jugram in this novel.

Ares : Jugram's Giantsword is named after the Greek God of War, Ares.

Shinigami Armor : Ronin's armor set translates to Death Reaper in Japanese.

Erebus Daggers : In greek religion, Erebus is the god of a dark region of the underworld and the personification of darkness. Ronin often travels and finishes his missions using shadows and darkness so this name fits perfectly.

Hades Set : Ceril's mage armor set. Hades is the Greek God of the Underworld and the ruler of the dead.

Anubis Scepter : Anubis is the Egyptian god of the dead who judges souls after their death and guides lost souls into the afterlife.

Atlas Armor : Blackwall's Armor set is named after Atlas, a greek mythology Titan condemned to hold up the heavens or sky over his shoulders for eternity.

Aegis Shield : The Aegis shield is carried primarily by Zeus in greek mythology, which he sometimes lent to Athena.

Heracles Battleaxe : Heracles was a divine hero in greek mythology, the son of Zeus and Alcmene.

Note : Greeks called him Heracles while Romans called him Hercules.

Nirvana Set : Armin's armor set is a reference to the Buddhist term Nirvana.

Nirvana is referred to as a state where one has let go of all the desires of life and transcends to a higher realm of existence.

Hermes Staff : Hermes is considered the herald of the Olympian gods. He is also considered the protector of human heralds.

Shu Armor : Oliver's armor is a reference to Shu, the Egyptian God of Air and Wind. Who is also one of the Primordial Gods in egyptian mythology.

Neith Bow : Reference to egyptian Goddess Neith who is the goddess of war, hunt, wisdom and creation.

Armor & Weapon Set Effects references :

The Twelve Labors effect for Blackwall : Reference to the 12 Labors of Hercules.

The Eminence in Shadow : Ronin's Shinigami Armor set effects.

Reference to a popular Japanese novel and manga The Eminence in Shadow.

No Time to Die : The new James Bond movie.

Feather of Maat : One of Ceril's Armor and Scepter effects.

Reference to the egyptian goddess Maat who is the personification of truth, justice, the cosmic order and also is the daughter of the sun god Ra.

Ammit's Judgement : In ancient egyptian religion and mythology, Ammit was a beast (some depict her as a god) associated with the time of judgment and she punishes/devours evil.

One for All : Armin's Hermes Staff effect. Reference to All Might from My Hero Academia.

Don't Fly Too Close To The Sun : Oliver's set effects.

Reference to the famous story of Icarus in greek mythology.

Pendragon Formation : Reference to King Arthur Pendragon and the Round Table.

Kagutsuchi : Japanese God of Fire, also called Homusabi. Unlike Kojin, Kagutsuchi is associated with destructive fire in the japanese culture.

Shura Mode : Kahn's new battle mode is named after the Buddhism Demi-God of War, Shura.

Amaterasu : Axel's Divine Weapon, the Eternal Flame.

Amaterasu is the Goddess of the Sun and Queen of all the gods since she is the strongest of them all in Japanese mythology.

Argos Belmont : The 9th stage saint and one of the most vital characters in upcoming arcs of the novel. He is a Vampire named Belmont.

Reference to the Castlevania franchise since Belmonts are the ones who usually hunt and kill the Vampires.

Important Notice : From now on, all arcs will be finished in under 100 chapters.

I'm also trying to improve and reinvent my writing as well as restructure the narration style after this arc. Changes will become visible with time.

No more politics or mind games. There won't be extra explaining behind someone's mindset or hidden motives since everyone hates that part itself and prefers quick progression.

You'll see more about the history of events from 300 years ago, the story behind 8th Hero of Darkness and his actions. Characters who were present in those times and other Heroes from the current generation as well as the impact of the previous different generations of heroes on Vantrea.

There are important characters to be introduced such as the Mysterious Group coming after Kahn and 3 major characters that are to play a much bigger and more important part in the core story of the novel will soon appear.

From now on, new and different species, their abilities and fan arts will be introduced in upcoming arcs. So you should look forward to it.

See you later and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

- CrimsonWolfAuthor