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A man sat inside a quiet diner and slowly enjoyed the delicious food of this new place he had come to. He sipped a fragrant and vibrant herbal tea concocted using different flowers and leaves that grew in this empire.

Exactly one month had passed ever since Kahn left the Vulcan Empire and entered this enemy empire of the former called as Zivot Empire also known as…

The Elven Empire.

There was a reason why Kahn decided to come to the empire which served the God of Life instead of running far away from the Vulcan empire and No Man's Land.

The Eastern Grasslands was a region that bordered 2 adjacent empires, one of whom was an ally of the Fire Empire while the other was an enemy just like the Zivot Empire.

But due to the location… the Mysterious Group that would come looking after Kahn would be conflicted and choose to either investigate one of the two empires or split themselves into 2 groups since those two were the closest escape routes and after Kahn supposedly 'ambushed' and killed the Hero of Fire, they'd be in a hurry to run away.

On top of it, was very less likely for them to realize that Kahn actually came back to No Man's Land which was on the other side of the Vulcan empire and went to their enemy empire.

Kahn also used this opportunity to cover his tracks because after the incident with Axel…

Because from now on… even those who hunted him would be looking for a 'Human' Hero of Darkness.

The last time when he came to Vulcan empire, Kahn had no choice but to stick to his original appearance because of the Legendary rank weapons and armors he wanted to be made by Throk.

Previously, Kahn didn't have the Dwarven bloodline to turn into a dwarf and neither did he plan to kill innocent people for it.

However this time…

Kahn planned to use his shape-shifting ability to the full extent.

His ability to morph into different species as long as he had their complete bloodline was a secret nobody aside from his subordinates including Rathnaar knew about.

Paired with his new Mythical Rank Metamorphosis bloodline he got from the legendary rank monster Jatvuarym back in Vulcan empire… not even a 7th stage saint would be able to see through it at this point.

So even if someone later forced Havi to give up on him… no one would be able to find Kahn unless he intentionally exposed himself as the Hero of Darkness.

Besides, Kahn didn't wish to make the same mistakes as he did in the past.

After silently infiltrating the Zivot Empire, Kahn made no stop at any major city or appeared in crowded places.

He only stopped at small villages and inns for a single night to get the general idea of the empire.

10 Days Later.

Kahn and the group stopped at a small town that had an adventurer's guild where they managed to create fake identities for themselves by bribing some people with a lot of gold, diamonds and jewels.

And to create a record to cement the background of these identities, their group masked themselves as Master Rank individuals and accepted a few dungeon hunting jobs and killed a few monsters as part of commissions.

This was the first step to creating a trail of their citizenship of this empire as Adventurers were often the people who had lax rules for registration since their profession risked their lives daily.

During this time, they made no commotion or created any enemies. After a few days, Kahn finally gathered all the important information he needed about the Zivot Empire.

After learning everything to know about the topography, religious aspects, social structure, laws, economy, different species and lifestyles of the people throughout various parts of the empire, Kahn finally had the general idea of how they could blend into this new home of theirs without attracting unnecessary attention.

The Zivot Empire served the God of Life named Gyvenimas. It was nearly 8 thousand years old and was one of the 3 ancient empires that still existed to this date.

Unlike Rakos and Vulcan… Zivot Empire was under the rule of a symbiotic Theocracy.

The Imperial Clan controlled both the Empire and the Monasteries who worshipped their god, unlike Vulcan where Imperial Clan, Fireborne Clans and the Church were separate entities.

The current Abbot was the younger brother of the emperor. The Emperor was an 8th stage Magician while the Abbot was a 7th stage Summoner saint.

As for the religious practices among the populace…

The people of the Elven empire believed in Monotheism. That their God of Life was the one true God who created the world and the rest were the False Gods.

They looked down upon other gods and those empires who served them.

Thanks to the All Languages Known to the War Deity blessing by Kravel, Kahn and the Group could read, speak and understand the ancient Elven language named Elashor.

Here, no coin system was used as the currency was Itikar, a form of the paper denomination which was marked with elven runes. The base material was the same but the runes rose the value of the currency.

Similar to how Dollars and Pound worked on Earth where the number on the note rose its value.

As for the social structure in this empire…

Here, the Elves stood at the pinnacle. Their distinction was mainly as High Elves and Elves.

High Elves were those who were the direct descendants of the first generation of people who founded the Zivot Empire.

This group of the TOP 1% included the Imperial clan and the High Nobles.

However, there were also ranks among the High Elves.

The one at the top known as the Imperial Family was the Elven Emperor class.

Below them was a group that directly served the Imperial family called High Kings.

Elven High-Kings were comparable to Dukes in the monarchy system.

They often held positions of power such as Leaders in the Military, Governors, Magistrate and many influential positions.

Below them were the High Nobles. These were composed of only elven clans with more than 2 thousand years of history.

No other species in the history of this empire had managed to overthrow the elves and that was because of the way they reigned over this ancient empire. And that was…