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Kahn decided on the name 'Misthios' as their soon-to-be-founded mercenary guild. As for why did he choose to form a new guild instead of joining already existing ones in Alfheim?

Being a Mercenary, the risk of their identities getting revealed would far be less and they could choose whatever type of job they want.

From finding herbs in forests like a beginner RPG game to killing an army of monsters… the Mercenary trade could do whatever their clients demanded.

Also, this trade had much more money and fewer restrictions than Adventurers Associations that kept tabs on you and had means to know your whereabouts in the name of offering protection and following the rules of the institution.

Just like the Mobile phones on the earth, the Adventurer Association's IDs were like tracking devices and chips that could be used to find you by law enforcement and authorities.

Besides, working under rules and regulations while being monitored by someone from a position of authority… was simply beneath them at this point even if they had to lay low.

Kahn never liked to keep looking around his shoulder while doing things that would work in his favor. And during his short time in flavot city where he was an Adventurer… Kahn had no intentions to return to those rookie days.

He was simply too powerful and experienced to go through the same cycle again.

Although they would have to create a reputation for themselves first to make it big in this profession and could even make a few enemies in the name of competitors… Kahn and his group had never been the kind to abide by the rules.

Whether it was Rakos Empire where Kahn and the gang screwed over the 3 Noble factions who governed for over a century or Vulcan empire where they massacred the Hero's Party and thwarted the Church's coup.

Besides, Kahn didn't plan to implicate anyone innocent in his affairs this time and neither did he want to be responsible for the lives of millions of people again as he did in Verlassen.

Given how a group of powerful entities that even someone like Havi could not defeat were after him… Kahn wanted to be as secretive as he could.

As long as one paid them good as Mercenaries, they'd even go as far as taking out someone in power.

Kahn and Ronin alone had perfect skills for assassinations that couldn't be tracked in any way.

Thus, being mercenaries was more lucrative and well suited for their situation.

After a few hours of running through their plans, Kahn made another declaration.

"All of you also need to change your appearances and names before we create our new fake identities and create the guild."

Soon, all of them started changing their appearance since Kahn had already imparted the mythical rank metamorphosis bloodline to all of them long ago.

However, what happened was that none of them could remove the distinctive features that came from their original appearance.

For example, Omega still had the black right arm and silver hair while Blackwall still couldn't get rid of his two brown Ox-like horns from his head.

Although Ronin managed to remove the in-built mask on his face, his eyes still remained green.

Only Oliver somehow managed to remove his wings and eagle-like head but even he couldn't hide his beak and hawk-like eyes.

Armin couldn't erase the archaic vein-like green tattoos on his forehead and body while Ceril could only change his hair color to white.

"What's happening?" wondered Kahn.

[The system detects that apart from general Ceril, the original bloodlines of subordinates are repelling the metamorphosis bloodline.

Given how strong these bloodlines of the godbeasts are compared to the Jatvuarym's metamorphosis bloodline, removing their distinctive features of the base bloodline is not possible.] reported the system after thorough analysis.

"I see. Means no matter what bloodline I give them, they can't just transform into those beings completely since their own bloodlines would not allow those changes?" asked Kahn.

[Yes.] the system responded solemnly.

"Dammit… Well, nevermind.

Just tweak a few things here and there. Besides, no one knows about your ties to me in Vulcan empire. So they won't be looking into any of you either." said Kahn nonchalantly.

In the following moments, Omega's hair shortened by a bit but overall changes in their appearance didn't differ by much.

Oliver and Ronin only changed their hair color while both Jugram and Blackwall managed to reduce their size to only 2 meters in height instead of their previous 3 meter tall bodies.

But after a while, Kahn was left speechless…

Because whether intentionally or not, everyone except Omega and Blackwall had turned into familiar appearances.

"This is more fitting. I kind of missed this." said Ceril with a devilish smirk.

"This is comfortable as well as convenient." said Armin.

Because at this moment, these subordinates had assumed their old identities as…

The Sins.

The new appearance for everyone else except for Omega and Blackwall resembled their past as the heads of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Even Kahn gave up because that's the best they could do after their own bloodlines had evolved and they couldn't just transform completely like Kahn.

As for Oliver, he did remove the wings and now chose to hide his face behind an archer's mask and hood.

Jugram's hair turned bright red while Ceril's turned white.

"Alright then… looks like the world doesn't want you to get a completely new appearance.

And since you resemble your previous identities, let's go with those names too.

It's not like anyone outside of our organization knew your names or identities in Rakos Empire.

And even those identities as the Sins were fake." spoke Kahn as he gave them a go.

So the only thing now remained were the names.

Since Kahn chose to be an Ironborn and these were his supposed allies who came from the same place as him as per their background cover-up story… he had to think of suitable surnames.

Kahn then looked at them one by one and named their new personas.

"From now on, to outside people…

Omega is Raiden Hrodvitsson.

Oliver is Icarus Vedrfolnir.

Jugram is Dante Surtrsson.

Blackwall should be called Sigurd Suttungr.

Ceril will be Loki Vitkisson.

For Ronin, it's Scorpion Banamadr.

And lastly, Armin is named Darwin Groedari." finished Kahn in one go.

These were the names of the subordinates based on their identities as heads of Seven Deadly Sins. Kahn just added Nordic surnames for them using either their species or jobs.

None of them were Elves so their names could be from any other culture. This was a well-thought setup.

And since they couldn't use their armors made by Throk using the guardian Dragon's body in public, changing the appearance of the clothes made from the legendary Invimarak's skin made by Albestros was their best option.

"Alright then, let's go." commanded Kahn and the boys left like a group of bandits, ready to loot innocent travelers. Their next destination being a very important place.

The Mercenary Association.