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Meanwhile at the center of the Zivot Empire was a 250 kilometers vast city. This rich city filled with ancient elven architecture with the combination of enormous trees, giving it a complexion of white, gold and green was the biggest settlement as well as the capital of the elven empire called Eletnall.

Whether it was economic hubs, markets or trading posts, the population here was in tens of millions while thousands of flat hovercraft-like flying ships and ginormous monsters carrying hundreds of people on their backs like people sitting on a rollercoaster kept entering the premises through the sky.

On the ground, hundreds of pathways and roads built on different levels and leading to desirable locations as per your requirements came into sight. Once you chose a particular route, you will end up reaching your destination without wasting time or getting stuck in traffic via flying vehicles that were like bullet trains, just flying a few meters above the surface of the roads.

Compared to Rathna and Arkensan, the technological advancements were akin to a higher upgrade and not a single cloud of smoke or pollution could be seen.

This settlement was flourishing in every corner and exit gates while more than 100 million people were hurrying and going about their lives.

And at the very center of capital Eletnall was the residence of the Imperial Clan and the High Elves. All their lands collectively spanned 50 kilometers in radius as the top 1% of the Zivot Empire had their mansions, castles and garrisons located here.

Finally, a 10 kilometer radius property came into sight, filled with dozens of massive and tall towers with 8 palaces on different corners.

Among one of those palaces, was a particular property where one of the most important individuals in the world lived.

A fragrant and soothing scent of orange-colored tea spread across a teahouse in a lush garden filled with dozens of varying flowers and trees. The permeating scent from the flowers and the fragrant tea soothing every person sitting on the chairs across a long white marble table.

There were totally 13 individuals present, all of them belonging to the elven race.

However, only one amongst them had shorter ears than the others who seemed to be High Elves based on their attires and archaic elven tattoos made on their bodies and in some cases, their face or forehead.

Yet all of them displayed the utmost sense of respect towards this individual despite him being a halfbreed.

On the far end of this table, was their host who invited all these individuals to this little tea party.

A golden-brown haired elven girl adorning pristine white and turquoise colored attire let out a worried expression and asked in a pleasant yet sensual tone.

"For some reason, my heart is filled with worries, my lord.

I fear that someday, that vile and treacherous Hero of Darkness who ambushed and killed the Hero of Fire like a coward would target you as well.

I hope such fate may never befall you or any of your friends." said this young woman who seemed to be around 23-24 years of age based on her appearance.

"You shan't worry about such matters, your highness. No matter how devious or cunning he may be… coming to our empire would be no different than walking into an unending pit. Only death awaits such sinners." responded another female elf who seemed older than the former.

"Still… our information tells us that he has two 7th stage saints with him.

Lord Abbot said those two are from the ancient Cult of Darkborne and they killed the Pope of the Vulcan empire as well. This is something that shouldn't be looked down upon." she insistently forewarned with a worried expression.

"Ha! What can those people do? Even if there are two of them, Lord Abbot is alone enough to deal with them since a High Elf.

Those vile beings cannot be compared to someone like him or your majesty, the emperor.

Coming to our Zivot empire is akin to begging for their doom." spoke a middle-aged elven swordsman clad in white and purple armor.

Just then, the person on the other end of the table spoke.

"Princess Eleanor, I understand your worries but you shouldn't stress yourself over such matters. It's not good for your health.

It would worry me more if you're feeling uneasy over such useless affairs and fell ill again." spoke the white-haired half-elf on the other end of the table.

This person in gold, blue and white attire for a summoner class fighter with a radiantly glowing purple staff beside him was none other than the 10th summoned being by the God of Life and the current Hero of Life…

Ervalen Baslaark.

The summoner class Hero of Life had a gaze filled with affection and genuine worry towards the princess of the Zivot empire named Eleanor. Even those present here could sense their superfluous staring at each other.

Both Ervalen and Eleanor had their gazes transfixed at each other as if they were two bodies but one soul.



"Arhmm… if only would someone care about my well-being like that.

I'd be happy to embrace death." said an archer class elf.

"You bet! Given how clueless you are on a battlefield, you're likely to die before getting married anyway." scoffed the swordsman elf.

"Ha ha ha ha!

He's right! Plus, you are already past the age to get married. No lady would want you anyway."

A series of laughter resounded in the teahouse.

"Hey, I'm only 200 years old. There's no need to rush. Plus, I don't wish to get married until I'm at least a 5th stage saint." rebuked the elven archer clad in golden lightweight armor.

The host of this party was the princess of the empire who was actually 170 years old. But given her species as the High Elf, her appearance was that of a teenage girl.

As for the rest of the High Elves present here… they were the Hero's Party members.

Not a single one of these individuals was below 150 years of age, yet all of them looked like a standard isekai manga group of youngsters forming a party.

The only 2 people who looked like middle-aged men were already past 230 years of age and were the strongest of the group given how they were 5th stage saints.

The most common factor apart from them being High Elves was that all of them were the heirs or scions of the Elven Kings class of High Elves social structure. All of them being loyal only to the imperial family and their respective clans.

Among them, Princess Eleanor seemed to be an Enchantress class elf and carried a blue cube clipped to her waistband, similar to how Kassandra carried a yellow orb with her when she fought Kahn in the Emperor's Chosen competition.

And finally, the man of the hour spoke.

"Don't worry, princess. Even if he came looking for me… because of my divine abilities, he will never be able to kill me.

And I will find everything there is to know about him in due process." declared the 9th Hero of Life with a proud expression.

Ervalen was 80 years old in reality, yet his appearance made him look like 20 years old, at least 8 years younger than current Kahn.

"If our fates bring us to face each other one day, I shall show no mercy." spoke Ervalen with a confident smile.

"I will hunt and kill him myself."