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Kahn brazenly announced his intentions of wanting all these people to join the new mercenary guild he was creating. This declaration came out unexpectedly so all the attendees were taken aback and many didn't believe their ears.

"Think about it. All your teams are currently struggling to make ends meet and most of you are already planning to disband your groups as soon as the mandatory period expires.

Some of you might as well be leaving this profession for good given how bad your luck has been so far." iterated Legolas as his enchanting red eyes gazed around the auditorium.

"Because you lot do not have any backing and no sources of large funds to keep carrying on, most cannot even get your weapon and armors repaired.

Although our work differs compared to the adventurers… fighting people and monsters is unavoidable.

The maintenance cost and your own expenses are hard to cover just with a few clients within a month.

On top of it… there's no guarantee of life and zero compensation is provided to your families if you die during a job.

Compared to adventurers… Mercenaries live in a harsher and cutthroat world." explained Kahn.

His words struck the nerve of everyone present because that was their truthful situation at the present moment.

Just then, some of the unhappy people who had the habit of complaining spoke in return.

"And what? All of our problems will be gone just because we join your guild?

So what if all of you are peak grandmasters? There are plenty of Mercenary Envoys in Alfheim with more than 10 grandmasters.

Yet, even they don't dare to form a guild. So who are you guys? Can you promise any safety for our future?

Why should we join just because you offered us some money to come here?" questioned a human among the crowd who seemed to be a peak master rank mage.

"Yeah! He's right! There's no profit or job security in it. Nothing has changed anyway." rebuked a violet tigerkin archer.

Legolas had already expected this rebuttal. There were always pessimistic people who would refuse any help because of their prior experiences.

Some people among the crowd showed their will to join the guild but then started bargaining for advantageous conditions. Most of them being aware that the group standing on the stage needed them more than they needed these grandmasters.

"Even a lone saint can only form a Mercenary Envoy at best.

So what if you're all peak grandmasters? It won't ensure any great future for us to join your guild." said an elven Thief class individual.

"And once a guild is formed, it cannot be disbanded for the next 6 months as per the rules.

What if you fail to provide for all of us with work?

We will have to accept only measly jobs and won't be able to feed our families let alone ourselves." stated a purple lamia knight with her tone filled with concern.

"All right then. I should rid you of all of your concerns." said Legolas with a confident smile.

The next moment, Loki aka Ceril formed a red patterned isolation barrier and encompassed the entire auditorium.

The magic class individuals were quickly shaken to their core because they sense the quality and rank of the spell instantly.



"Then what about now?" said Kahn with a charming and mischievous smirk.

Loud noises rang across the hall and everyone present finally found out the truth about why Legolas was so confident in his claims.

In front of all of these people… stood 8 Saints!

All these mercenaries present in the auditorium were already grasping at straws to make a living.

And now that there stood 8 saints in front of them, none could believe their eyes.

Many people were flabbergasted and no one dared to speak another word. Just a single person among these 8 saints was strong enough to kill them all with their saint pressure alone.

As far as guilds went… normally, even one saint was good enough to form a reputable mercenary envoy in Alfheim while two were more than enough to form a reputable Mercenary Guild.

But now there were 8 of them… and Raiden aka Omega also seemed to be a 3rd stage saint himself. This instantly changed their opinion about the proposition made by Legolas.

"I did my research. There are a total of 43 mercenary guilds in Alfheim.

But only 27 of them have a saint as their leader.

Only 8 of them have more than one saint in the guild.

And finally, there are only 3 guilds that have more than 5 saints." stated Legolas loudly.

"If we're added to the list and when the firepower is counted…

We would be the 2nd strongest guild in Alfheim." he stated in a stern voice.

"So think about it… once the news spreads…

It won't be us in the need for clients, rather people will come flocking towards us." he said nonchalantly and gave another semblance of hope to these people.

Just then, Raiden stepped forward and spoke in a rustic voice.

"We will take care of the big ones.

All of you can deal with small ones within your capabilities. This way, no one has to die while biting more than they can chew due to desperation and funding won't be an issue for the guild." he spoke while releasing his aura of a peak 3rd stage saint.

Another voice then resounded in the hall.

"And even if you do not participate in the work, we will give you other jobs such as running errands, protecting our assets, providing guard duty. As long as you're doing what's expected of you, everyone will receive small percentage of profits as monthly bonus regardless.

Which should be enough to feed yourself and your families." spoke Scorpion, a masked and hooded assassin saint who was actually Ronin.

"So… who wants to make money without risking your lives?" asked Dante aka Jugram in a stoic voice, sending a chill in their spine.

At this moment, Legolas had not only given them a ray of hope during dark times when they were struggling to afford a single meal a day but also promised them confirmed wages.

This lucrative offer was like a godsend opportunity for most who had been living with an obscure vision of their future.

So instead of getting pressured or feeling threatened, the majority of the attendees stood out with exhilarated expressions and shouted in unison.

"Count us in!"